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Unboxing configurao inicial da Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3

Confira o unboxing, configuração inicial e um breve review sobre o Assistente Virtual Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3.

O hello, i’m fernando piti and welcome to another video of one box initial configuration and a brief review of this device that is certainly on the list of the most desired this christmas and easter mother’s day children’s day father’s day birthdays after all, any day, i’m talking the same as i’m talking here, amazon alexa, this is exactly from the voice assistant virtual

Assistant, amazon alexa, in this case, it’s echo. become more common and it’s even one of the most purchased here exactly for the price one day on amazon day black friday another special promotion it can reach up to 189 reais almost fifty percent of the original value right so it’s one of the most affordable right and i i would say that for sure it is also one of the most

Popular and its sound quality and voice recognition is perfect. i’m having dinner and he has the ability to understand your voice and hear your voice even speaking very softly and he even if you’re very far away but good to leave it here for horrible right i’m already advancing his review so you can be go it’s sealed it’s still here, let’s get closer to the camera, you’re

Going to be there, it’s sealed, so we’re going to his box year, which is what interests us in the initial configuration. here third generation where you can integrate several devices in your smart home and activate them by voice command communicate also with other ecodot devices install several skills already configured in the for you to have music news weather forecast

After all you want here there is what today for practically everything so let’s go now to his boxing what’s in the box open the seal here and you’re closed even though that one it had never been used ready it will have broken open the box here it is for the third generation echo is here and it is very firm right so a very easy device to configure you will observe now and

Also discussed very nice and very discreet i really like this model here and it has a good quality i would say a very good sound quality plus a part of the review already in the opening i talked about here the understanding it has in the it has a microphone very sensitive yeah but it here oh perfect, then the tea bag that comes in the box is the ecodot manual for us to take

Everything out here the clothes box box empty box it marks thecharger the e manual ready this is what comes in the box nothing more plug it into the socket and let’s go to the initial configuration ethen g1 ethen and it will be this one here now the lot with 4 buttons for you to activate its command if you want activate it right not to mention a magic word to see the brand

Configured here is usually echo or alexa right here to increase the volume decrease the volume and this little button here is the privacy button when you click on it it will stop listening now there is a video here on the channel also talking about privacy, right, how to activate and how to manage privacy on your devices eco showbox we also posted here two inputs,

One for energy and the other one for gp2 if you want to connect it directly there is also another box the sound is also here at the entrance so i already plugged it in and now we’re going to do it here so the connection i put it here we’re going to configure the sky and this process can take a little while, so he’ll be looking for it let’s go step by step here o hello is

The device is ready for setup download the alexa app and follow the instructions putting your device online wait a moment ok then do here it is now with the orange light, right so it means that it is ready for configuration and ready in a few moments ready configured simple right now it was you must be wondering fernando you said you were going to show us how to do the

Original configuration yes i was going to but what happens as i already have other alex devices installed here at my house and i bought them with my account it is already configured it is already ready to use so amazon itself already sends it configured now i will open my alexa application and you will see that it is already there in the application now open my application

Alex han and look up here and already taufich setup so where am i going to finish configuring it right or clicking on it i will choose what is the language then here hello page down well so we get to english portuguese right here now working both languages ​​ok continue to change the language like this and it will stay in the room you want to continue i can also

Configure another place, right if i want and the address where it will be, address also residence because when i make a request for example weather forecast temperature it will give me the answer based on that address here ok start with alex ok now he’s already configured right alexa if you’re already configured it ‘s pretty fun including this one more and more fun so much

Positive ready and configured now you must be wondering fernando you said you were going to teach us how to configure the application when it arrives well, i said that teaching and i taught it happens that since i already have other ecodot eco show devices installed here at home, it came ready-made from amazon itself because it already searches for all the information it

Has about us including the network you they saw that i didn’t do anything, right, the person also has nothing just whatever in the socket he said he was ready to configure and somehow at times when that orange screen right after that they are just configured i didn’t need to enter a password, you don’t need to do anything now if you want to configure it from the beginning i

Have a card here that i show you how to configure or reconfigure it, including showing how you can change the guide your device is curl dots for the case, right then you will press the button here of activation right of command will hold for a while i’m showing in the other video how you do it i also invite you to know the other video here look here on the card it’s where

I show you how to manage privacy on your amazon devices, be it the show so check it out there too, right because it’s very important good and to finish this video now let’s talk so soon see how i said i’ll do the unboxing you saw a box becomes a configuration that was automatic because i already have the device so amazon already sent it configured so here is

The first point of the river if you go i give as a gift is that the show for someone make sure you are sending it there as a gift because if you just buy in your name it will see configured for you will see configured in your account do not go in an account of the other one is not so make sure you are talking about a gift the same thing happens for anyone who

Walked the same thing happens for fire had if you are going to buy a device on your account it is to give it to someone so make sure you tell amazon that you are giving away that device and it will come ready to be configured and it will no longer come configured from the factory for you now you might be wondering but how does amazon know that this device arrived for me

Simple here this one there is the serial number here its serial number is the same thing this serial number also with the ones it is here on the packaging i will show the number here but here this number so when doing the scan o says the serial number x is going to the customer y amazon itself already does the configuration so when recognizing the network here it already

Has it ready the father this is how it works so be careful first part of the relief if you go there as a gift amazon device you are buying on your account be sure to let them know but what is a good gift another part of the review i also said at the opening and it is worth repeating here is culote is one of the cheapest the best is the cheaper here we have in brazil we

Have arco.of third generation than this one here and we have eco.of fourth generation and i particularly prefer arco.of third generation it is very easy to work with it is very discreet it is pretty so that the little button of privacy it still said on and off very easy you can leave it here in a very simple way make it clear that if you leave it on when i bought it from

The city it will turn red, so it will stay in a state where it is without hearing go nothing on that one got it alexa alexa let’s talk freely about will not continue i’ll release alexa and that’s it okay listening let’s call it back here so it’s very discreet it’s very firm it has a very good sound quality it’s also not as much as fourth generation that’s true but

It’s enough for the cost and suits me perfectly she listens very well and very well even if you can speak softly you can speak far from her and she’ll listen very well and most importantly i have a box here too from the smart home playlist it integrates there easily with most devices the smart house including devices from tuia or from other brands and uses here the smart

Life application from the tulha to make this integration works perfectly i can’t create scenes to be triggered by voice command everything works integrates easily with the absolute majority of and want to know if i recommend alexa i recommend which one which one i have marco show five now, with this one, there are two culottes to wait at home and be able to integrate

Here with the devices and i will definitely buy other ones soon of course, on sale, right? do you have alex at home do you already have third fourth generation is that the show writes here in the comments you already have it if you like it if you don’t like it what do you like most about your device amazon alexa what you like the least want to know the people may

Be making other videos as well based on your comments. it is relevant and more, it will distribute our video to other people like you and interact here by also leaving your like by subscribing and activating the bell s and you are not yet subscribed to the channel and if you do not have an alex then you want to buy one right now check out the card that i leave here also

The link that i leave in the description of the episode buy from our links sérgio from the channel too ok this is very good for us, i thank you immensely for this and i also invite you to consider leaving a break here in the video. here ok i’m counting on you a big hug and until the next video so

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Unboxing configuração inicial da Amazon Alexa Echo Dot 3 By Educação e Tecnologia com Fernando Pitt