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Unboxing Dumbbell set 20 kg / Dumbell harga terjangkau


At the ancestor’s house it was called assalamualaikum warahmatullah barakatuh watch this on the under18 channel now friends today we want to unboxing dambalo double marvel set for a thin body full of emaciation so here we are please boxing for a video at the same time barbuk, the police evidence is really fried, it’s lacking, so here are the terms and conditions for returning

Goods, not accepting complaints without video. so now, let’s open it first, hurry up and get straight to the point, what’s in it, it’s double what we get, it has to match the product description. kg here it says 2 kg 12 kg others hi, i don’t have this 1.5 kg it says the contents are really small, one and a half kilos this is one and a half kilos hajj 1.25 kg this is even

Smaller, this 1.25 kg i want it. this is for the screws to get hai im 1.5 kg of chicken hi 1.5 kg of chicken m2 kg of ht the girls are singing two songs avenged sevenfold which turns out to contain e-learning gloves special gloves are over and then sent so what you get is one yes for this connector, the following cave, which weighs 1.25 kilos, can get 4,1234 of which is

1.5 kg, the place for 2 kilos can also be changed, the number is in accordance with 444. please pray for me to use it hi, it’s complicated to struggle for life which g-speed are the gloves on ah so you don’t know how to use it at the lounge hi, just text it hi, this item is in accordance with what i got now, we just have to try the active test hi, so on every date at the

Bottom there is something like this in the middle, its function is so that he can experience it because if he speeds up, this attraction will cry like this so he doesn’t move to hi, at the bottom it happens flat with garlic. deni hi then now with you we try to raft one first we can roughly enter here including the middle here hi continue let’s use smells hi vibrate hi hi hi

Hi hi in parliament long live far amen for beginners beginners, it’s easy, is n’t it easy to use how come it’s just like this later for the weight the weight of the picture can be adjusted according to the needs of how much it is needed here we are again experimenting 1.25 and 1.25 hi so the total is two and a half kg not including means handle + ring or how many we don’t

Have this digital scale we don’t measure how much the total weight doesn’t remember estilo assembling hi it’s useless try facebook first on inter the net is quite long, hi, hi, it’s stuck, i’m sleepy, bro, make sure what other oil is it hi, so for a lot of it, turn it parallel so that, for example, if we put it here at the bottom it’s the same, so take care of grinding,

You can shut it down because otherwise the other part isn’t the part the bottom is rounded when the mouth is looking everywhere, so it really functions as not rolling earlier, it’s been quiet, around the answer, paint or around the bridge, paint it again, then we’ll try to use this extension connector, actually the first extension first, we end up keeping our mouth closed,

But don’t forget it smells er hi wow it took me quite a while to buy it for friends exercising at home it’s delicious like this hi hi hi hi take care of your health especially in this season you have to be diligent in exercising eating healthy and nutritious food for prevention so that you don’t get sick easily hey hey hey this is the bottom part this should be the same

Athaya ng i don’t get bored. what’s the same? right at the bottom, the type of roll that runs everywhere, but it’s different. here, this one will run everywhere, so at the bottom, this one has heirloom circles parallel. at the bottom lately i haven’t typed anything in chess now we want to test the extension niken second album and then we try to connect it hi hai hai

Hai hai oh yes it fits down too, ok ciputra hi this is about easy yes i mean don’t just talk until it gets stuck, nah anyway, now everything doesn’t promise the ice will come again soon hi hi hi ho sign in the hai this is the result so if you extend it to an extension iron connection yes the tea has the effect of spanish sound judging the length of touching like this the

Result is lying hi it’s beautiful, it just can be adjusted for the needs of the robot i’m heavy hi according to the needs of the training hi it’s easy we want to try the test adding more you just have to open it this part can also depend on how we manage it. falling down like this , only those who are sick are dangerous. hi, i meet again, i’m a beginner, i’m facing him,

Buy this tool, number set of friends. that’s how you do it. i hope there’s space for you to just tick again on hi, the types of tools it works with good hi, strong and sturdy, that is, hi, this one doesn’t pull to either side of the roof, it’s in a good position. we shopped at tokopedia, the price was around 279,000 rupiah, the total weight was described as 20 kg. so,

We shopped for it at the jx international store, so for the link where we shop, a set of pictures later, as usual, we’ll give it in the description, so to make it easier for friends who want to buy this you don’t have to bother looking for more places in the description, just leave the tokopedia link right, we’ll be right back. ok review, just like that, friends,

Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Transcribed from video
Unboxing Dumbbell set 20 kg / Dumbell harga terjangkau By adri _shop88