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Unboxing e Primeiras Impresses da ALEXA ECHO DOT 3 e 4 GERAO

Echo Dot 3ª Geração:

Hey guys, beauty, i’m going to book again, another order arrived for us. this time, one alex arrived here. look what arrived for us alex excel third generation ecodot right this one i sent it to me configured with my amazon account ok anything i’ll leave the link there in the description if you’re interested and i also bought this kit here look ah but not from alexa,

Right ecodot of the fourth generation this one is much more complete, it’s already updated i bought two models because i think it’s interesting and i’m going to make a box in the two models here for you alright so let’s go to the video and now we’re going to do it the unboxing here of this alexa amazon 3rd generation this is the ecodot third generation okay let’s do an

Unboxing of it here look as you can see the little seal on the box she has it here too i suppose rte to amazon music apple music spotify and other services here right destination with it you can control your home right with lighting air conditioning here we can also see that it connects to the device you to your wi-fi right it can also serve as an auxiliary audio output

If you have a home theater or anything else there are those are the benefits of it ok let’s make a here then and taking it off here with this puba cake sign that’s good, so at first glance hi alex, the electricity itself can be left here on campus, there’s more that comes here in the box, it comes here with a manual, right, with manual assets, it needs to be used, we have

It here too, but neighborhood 1 and the socket are not gone. even if it’s the control of the box, very minimalist, very simple, it’s quiet and that’s it, it’s a 15-watt charger, right, the good charger. everything right she already has the sound box in the back she has a p2 phone input, you have to take it out here in the plastic too to make a boxing it ‘s good we have the

Volume buttons here the same volume + and later i’m going to test these two buttons that i haven’t researched yet but i believe it must be about the led lighting effect and here to cut the microphone but at the back we have here the power connector that the p2 connector okay but that’s it down here with all the explanations of its serial number here it is around it is like an

Upholstery of the acoustic box of the speaker i don’t know now let’s turn it on for us with it working just connected a device is ready to configure the application and follow the instructions and now let’s leave the attached application for us to configure it, it ‘s good, we’ve already logged in here with the amazon account and we’re going to follow the step-by-step that

Is to download the application from alexa to configure her who is asking here would like to configure the device we select yes hi select ecodot and it will start looking for the wi-fi and look there and here we will be able to choose which if to connect type ok now we’re connecting right here, wait for the connection, okay, it seems a little ready, it appeared here that

It’s already connected and now it’s just us saying the commands, let’s see in configuring our language here. hello here who are you right settings and then right put the settings here the new message and pendant with figure what is the temperature outside and attached play music hi alex turn off the lights alexa put milk on my shopping list and now the profile of voice was

Created here as you can see just click on next and here we put our address i am even leaving the configuration like this to configure later on good morning c the configuration is already completed arthur cannot be configuring our alexa to do several other things that are useful for us and hey guys so we tested some commands here with alex a and it is a very cool command that

We were learning here with her we can play music we can make calls, including calling alexa from your own phone, for example, you can be in another place through the application that we put here from amazon alex itself, we can make calls and call directly to ecodot itself stay here look ecodot and you are going to make a call directly to this wake up here look the call from

João marques there for us to answer we say what alex answer call and that’s it there was already a call here between the two devices alex finished and ready to we were able to make a call through alexa, that is, we made a call through the internet, this is something really useful. l for when you are with a person at your house or a family member and that person does not

Have a phone available and then you call alexa through your cell phone that the person will understand for him and you will be able to talk about this one here some of the commands that we can put the music also for alex to play several other things, like for example i’m going to ask her to play music lexa plays a song and here’s a station that you might like called platinum both on amazon music

Pretty cool, right? more about alexa i’ll leave the link still

Description about third and fourth generation alex for you are buying directly from the amazon website that arrives very quickly the one i bought on the 24th arrived on the 27th so it was already there for three days beauty anything leave your like comment and below share with friends and with someone who is interested and there will be more videos about this one here on

The channel beauty we are together and it’s just the beginning andthen

Transcribed from video
Unboxing e Primeiras Impressões da ALEXA ECHO DOT 3ª e 4ª GERAÇÃO By João Marques