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Unboxing e Primeiras Impresses – Tablet Amazon Fire HD 8 – bom mesmo?

Melhor custo x benefício? Vale a pena? O Gabriel fez um unboxing e nos falou suas primeiras impressões desse tablet da Amazon.

Hello everyone, welcome, welcome to this action boats and today there will be a different review because gabriel here who i’ve met a few times here on the channel bought a faya 8 the reason and will do a review is a boxing in skill and the first the first contact right the first impressions of tv the same great because only a special participation is because we promise to

Make the video we do it so we got my tablet marcos already did the review saw barra but his kindle and i bought one amazon tablet let’s do a metal boxing and i already thought about this front box and the very good things and this is this one from here we the the father hd 8 on the tablet tab i bought the 32 gb version which is a version that i prefer more space and for

What it is a tablet to use it is average right it has a great configuration that has an 8 inch hd screen its display a 256 gb sd card slot has color talent front and rear cameras and an audio system from ado be that i love the don’t be system because they say it has great great quality we’re going to open it up to see what our first impressions are with the un system they

Say android or five that wasn’t something i liked very much but as it is with the system modified by amazon they say it is very good hi guys this business is difficult hum once you toast the business it will also open well right box here i liked the box a lot we think good quality simple but of good quality oh my god what a dream look at the big and beautiful tablet look

At the first thing maybe they already had a little business here that we will have one of the first to see what we have is that maybe today i broke everything before we have one name that i fire tablet do more with your fire tablet – the car usb cable and a charger that i dropped efe names law will have a brazilian one that i full of t so it doesn’t work and we have the

Tablet here i’ll call to see what it happens with it it’s big this is the tablet i ‘m just in the settings than stopping a little bit more people are back so that’s what japan in the settings apologies now while there are the tablet settings i found the model very resistant at first and hard plastic but only that it looks very very resistant i really liked that sd card

Slot little camera here we have the volume button the language button and usb input and the headphone farm which unfortunately has an sd card slot a screen very good here really make a good quality i’m continuing here and i liked it i liked it a lot i liked it on the screen i liked it all well it’s another thing that needs to be said a lot test milk the tablet has a very

Good speed from what i’m seeing here in this boxing it’s beyond of a very good speed i liked the datel itself everything in that toast camera of thing that i thought better it has a nice size 8 inches the edges they are thick but for a tablet of this value i think it’s really cool this is the interface in the interface ofaié if i think i liked it a lot because even though

It’s android relatively old based on android and 5 right it has it is very very very good because i think it’s very fluid, so here’s the home screen, it already comes with apps like an apple itself, and as it’s a tablet it’s made for amazon consumers, it already has all its its products products amazon since on these sides here so you just go to the side you can already

Check on the home screen the books you can buy lydio games buy and apps here there is music too it’s not a music anymore right but then i downloaded it and play i’m and the place toró you see, it’s not slow but it’s not fast either it’s the extremely fast type but it’s not slow at all i think a tablet that for the cost it has it brings some in penha and a lot very very

Reasonable performance very sincere you know when you can download it by applying it to google places you can have all the assets you want for example i downloaded google chrome from google chrome it runs very well i’m going to enter the top line here look at the internet it’s not fast and it enters fine by the way the visualization is great it ‘s not at the best brightness

I’ll put you in the best brightness i have here there’s not much difference the pan i turned on a wrong thing here and it’s better brightness here it’s not a brightness to the but even so, people, i think it’s super super good to take the opportunity to read a little bit of love here. i loved this brand’s abadá, for example, games run well. games run well. it runs very

Well it takes a while because the internet is slow we leave flamengo only its size for me is great my cell phone is 44 and a half of affiliates that are 8 inches in these i images here are great too i think it’s great the only bad point but that’s to be expected are the cameras here we have a camera at another point that i don’t like very much either right after or when

We start using it is that it marks a lot of fingers on the children are seeing a lot of fingers here look at the game they are super fluid the graphics are at their best it’s super cool super cool really knows how to get out here cool quiet quiet very quiet people so the tablet i thought it was very robust even i liked its design it’s plastic but it’s heavy, it’s nice to

Pick it up here and mark it with the mark but i don’t think it’s just a problem with the screen which is a bit of a problem because if you have a greater need you’ll be a little bothered by these finger marks but if you don’t have a lot of light you have a darker environment that you won’t even notice these finger marks so the camera is not the best thing there is, but the

Camera we can you shouldn’t even worry i took some pictures here i downloaded the pictures because i like people it’s a low cost tablet short let’s say reasonably good i liked its personality use the motto these things studies in for me it’s great for you who need to join more for medium use to do everyday things even flickers for many games from what i’ve seen from the

Review i’ve seen a staff already says it’s too much for games and everything and it’s too much and it reads very well the battery that can handle seeing with 76% battery at the right time it has already rained 67 above is all in portuguese i haven’t seen any problems so far and i liked it a lot people so if you need a low cost intermediate tablet with better value for money

You may have lost it cost 4 a little bit with 32 gb of memory the guy has to be the fire hd 8 so this was a box in by mine review right laughed preview of the beans i can do keep watching the videos here today see you like this in se sign up and it will appear here in addition to signing up if you can, it’s very short and to share if you want to show people a tablet or

Resolution with few benefits 45 reais and there are cheaper versions the person does it in 300 reais more or less you can you remember that i bought it at the r market it arrived it was to arrive in ten days it arrived 15 it arrived very fast and i liked it i liked it a lot and i loved the boxing i loved it on the program so these people thank you very much rafael for you thanks for the dialogue

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