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Today we unboxed wedding stuff, I show you my hair routine and how I got rid of my winter dry scalp, and we did some wax seal stamps on our invitations. I hope you like the new intro!

Morning guys my channel and this vlog i’m so so much to do today so let’s just get started first i just got a shower i need to do my hair so i wanted to share with you guys what’s been helping my dandruff in the winter because i have such bad dandruff this winter misha is wanting to be in the vlog means you me you so let’s just start with the hair and then i

Have so much to unbox that i want to share with you guys so let’s go okie-doke sexy okay first i want to share with you guys the the shampoo i’ve been using joko shampoo to revive the golden brown hair and it has like brown deposit that you let sit in your hair for like 3 minutes and it makes it a little bit browner and a nice color which if you know me i’m

Dealing with growing my hair out now truly so i have some like reddish ends from dying it oh the fact that that have that very good for conditioner it’s dirty but i’ve been using the lustre lock from joko and that’s super nice i just put it on my ends from like here to here for like 3 minutes or so i like shaved my legs or something and that’s been awesome

Another joko thing that i just loving joko lately is this is like lustre lock spray and it gives you shine so when my hair is wet i’ll spray this all over the ends only except i wanted to get like greasy or anything and then i’ll brush my hair out and it makes the brushing goes so smoothly it’s kind of like a leave-in conditioner but not its really for shine

So i love it ok and then this is like the holy grail that i just found out about it is i got a haircut the other week and it’s lanza scalp balancing balancing treatment and this has seriously like i’ve had it for a week and i’ve used so much of it already cuz i use it every time i wash my hair and it is taken all my dandruff away i’m not even kidding okay

So you could kind of see i have some now but literally when i spray this just like a little bit on the roots it goes away like i don’t know what it does then i kind of massage it in there so it gets all the roots i really don’t know why this product is the only one that’s worked for me i tried like coconut oil i’ve tried everything because i’ve had it so bad

This winter and it seriously worked so i’m gonna link everything down below but i’m like shocked i have so much to do i have like two things to shoot for brands i want to see my new nice guys my cousin gave birth and i just want to go see her i’ve seen her like twice it’s been like a week but i’ll probably see her today or tomorrow oh but i’m not sure if i’ll

Block it but she’s the cutest thing okay i’m gonna go eat breakfast hold my hair dry some more then i get to make a bun and do my errands so if you’re interested in like a full tutorial about how i do like my 5 minute makeup there’s a video on the channel i’ll try to link it up here here um but this just give me a time lapse this is literally the setup i

Have right now cuz i have to film this i liner thing you’ll see it in the next video how i’m using this one specific eyeliner it’s actually really cool so i’m excited to film it okay i changed it to right here so now comes helping me do some other video i just feel like i wanted to shoot a lot this weekend and i can’t do that during the week because i work so

Today i’m also doing like a comfy clothing haul so these are some items that i’m putting in a new video i mean she was biting my camera and he’s taking pictures of me and then i’ll do the halt on the video so i could just bang them out like each at the same time like i’ll put the outfit on put it on video and then i take photos so we can just bang it out and

Then i have all these to unbox so it’s coming it’s coming i’m doing it right after this time i’m so excited about this this i found off of amber phillips instagram i’m so excited so they’re little pictures of from your instagram and these 4×4 how cute are these so i just got like a bunch of photos printed on these 4×4 things from my instagram because no one

Prints anymore so i just got all these printed basically a wall cullen and i of course because otherwise it’d be all selfies or fashion photos of me but like this positano one for my instagram this one i love i honestly want to put them like in a frame and like my wall this i already opened up a little bit these are waxing sticks so if you see it on facebook

Like the really nice waxing seal stamps on envelopes i’m trying to do them on my own for my wedding so i got these i’ll link them all down below i’m gonna try this out today actually i’m really excited we have some other save-the-dates to zoom out and then i just got like the letter b so this is the stem this is b and then i got a d for demean for colin’s last

Name and do for bow back obviously this is might be the whole kit so this is the kit so this is the candle underneath that lights up you put the wax in here and it melts and then you use a little spoon the spoon is like this little spoon right you can dip it into the wax and then seal it on your envelope oh i want to try this like right now i’m so excited yeah

We’re gonna try it and add i’ll try to link where i got these two i think for 24 images i only paid like $12 okay we’re about to do a little campaign thing misha is here i’m like tired now because i’ve done like four youtube videos today like i’m just my head is hurting but here’s the time-lapse though i lied i can’t do a time lapse cleaning my camera in

The picture i think afterwards we might try to see my cousin and her baby or just take a chill pill and relax so thanks for watching this video i hope it was entertaining probably wasn’t but um don’t forget to like comment and subscribe and stay tuned for all the ones i filmed today cuz they’re coming

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