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0 Miracle 5 MINUTE Eye Cream TESTED! | TightEye | PopLuxe

Thumbs up for tight skin babayyy! 🙂 | Swatchy Time: 2:09 | Find Tight Eye HERE:

Hello everyone its nadine today we’re testing out this miracle 5-minute eye cream as you go just people know this is about the product not the people behind it any tip you may have with them please gas it away because this is a channel of positive energy okay thank you i got this product directly from science serum for free thank you baby but just like any of my

Sponsored videos anything that i say about it is totally my own i will always be 100% honest with you but i will admit i am really freaking excited to test this out because i’m getting to that age where my under eyes are starting to show a little bit of wrinkling i’m not totally against botox but one in is really expensive and there’s some ant on my camera anyway

Like i was saying botox is really expensive and i don’t really like the idea of putting something toxic under my skin so this is definitely a more affordable option and it’s probably as close to natural as well.get but let’s sit over to the website and check it out a little bit more all right so this is ty ty from science serum it’s $70 and it looks like it has

5 stars pretty damn good to me scrolling down the description says ty ty firms and tightens the area around the eye to decrease the fine lines wrinkles and crows feet in just 5 minutes ty ty also brightens and smooths the skin making it the perfect product to use a pre makeup and let’s see how does tight i work upon application ty ty is heated to your body’s

Natural temperature triggering the absorption of key anti-aging ingredients by your skin at the same time you’ll feel ty ty contract on the surface of your skin providing you with immediate tightness ooh okay so you do feel it that’s kind of fun this leaves you with results you can see and feel in five minutes after your treatment gently wipe with a damp cloth

They say the product is 100% safe non-toxic fragrance free and paraben free you fancy this says down here that the treatment may take up to 10 minutes just as long as you do not wipe it off of your skin until it’s dried looking at the ingredients it says there’s hyaluronic acid vitamin c bio-peptides a green caveat extract you caffeine and um i have no idea what

That is they do not test on animals which i love and it says tie-dye is safe for every skin type and not that packaging is really important at all in this case but this packaging is sexy as hell and it has its little tabby thing to make sure that nobody’s used it before you have like i said i am so excited to try this let’s go ahead and swatch this little baby

You guys know the song are you ready it’s watson time hahaha like i said i’m fortunate enough to not have any superduper deep wrinkles on my eyes yet but we will go ahead and test it on this eye and then i won’t put anything on this eye and we can kind of compare according to the directions on the back you’re supposed to apply a dime size under each eye but we’ll

Only be doing one eye and you’re supposed to rub it in not dab it so here we go oh that’s good okay that’s about a dime size oh it’s quite runny it doesn’t have too strong of a smell it’s almost like alcohol ii but i’m not certain if that’s really what it is all right here we go oh wow it’s really really thick okay so we’re supposed to rub it around and we’re

Supposed to wait for it to dry the worst of my wrinkled edge is right here on the inner corner where i squint and oh right on the outer corner so i’ll be sure to put the most right there it is on and i don’t really feel anything yet it’s just kind of chillin on the surface of my skin for some reason i thought it was gonna be like sinking into my skin but it was

Really thick and it’s just sitting on top of there hey siri set a timer for five minutes okay we are now two minutes in and i can feel it tightening my skin it almost feels like one of those clay masks that you put on your face and it becomes difficult for your face to move but it’s on my eye like it’s not uncomfortable at all it kind of feels good all right we

Are at the five-minute mark stop timer and this is so frickin tight it feels like somebody put tape under there and just like pulled my eye back but it is still a little bit wet so i’m gonna go ahead and give it another 5 minutes just to see what happens nope never mind i lied it’s actually been seven minutes and i can feel that it’s totally dry all the way but

It’s starting to like crinkle and crack off a little bit so i might as well just wipe it off i guess okay we’ll gently wipe this off huh itself feels really freakin tight but there’s nothing there anymore like my skin just feels like to my face oh and those little crow feets i had going on they’re gone now – damn from what i can see i can’t really tell if

This site is necessarily brighter than this side but i can definitely see that this site is tighter and this side is just kind of more loose my skin does feel tighter it’s not like an uncomfortable tight it just feels like my skin is being pulled back a little bit for me on camera the difference is more on the subtle side but outside of my magical lights that

I have set up here i can definitely see a difference like right here it looks so much better and healthier than on this side i know it’s $70 but i actually really do like this stuff and you use so little of it that this would last you are really long time again i’m not saying i love this because it’s sponsored if i hated it you would be the first to know but

I really do freaking like this stuff we are now at the 6 hour mark of me wearing this and it’s not as tight but it’s still a lot tighter than this side and it still looks pretty damn good i’m quite impressed i can’t really tell if i’ve just gotten used to the tight feeling or if it actually isn’t as tight but to meet it looks the same as when i first applied it

I’m definitely gonna be trying this on other parts of my face like i’ve got some wrinkles going on on my forehead and i will update you on snapchat so make sure you follow me on there but there you go don’t forget my latest single one last night is available everywhere online that music is sold thank you so much to everyone who’s supporting it come and tell me

Lo let me know what you thought of this video don’t forget to like and subscribe you can follow me on snapchat instagram and twitter and official ad unique follow me online at the popplets a calm thank you so much for watching i love you all and i will see you again soon bye you

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$70 Miracle 5 MINUTE Eye Cream TESTED! | TightEye | PopLuxe By PopLuxe