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10 must have gadgets under 20$

Hello gadget lovers! Would you like to see some amazing gadgets under 20? Watch this full video to see some awesome gadgets.

From the minute we first open our eyes in the morning until we finally drift off to sleep at night we go through hundreds of tasks every day if we have the right gadget at hand this would be much easier so here’s a rundown of such gadgets that cost under twenty dollars stay tuned and don’t forget to like and subscribe to our channel number 10 dash dmw001aq mini

Maker for individual waffles you can make your favorite breakfast dishes with this gadget or you can get creative and make waffled hash browns cookies or even biscuit pizzas any batter can be waffled into portions for one person this is a must-have for your apartment a small kitchen a college dorm or a camper or rv it has a four inch non-stick cooking surface

And fits easily in a kitchen cabinet or drawer since it is small and easy to carry it makes a good gift the waffle maker is easy to use all you have to do is plug it in and start cooking dual non-stick surfaces make sure that the waffles cook evenly and come out golden and delicious every time it’s non-sticky surface makes it easy to clean up this waffle maker

Comes with one mini waffle maker and a recipe book so you can start cooking right away its price is only 12.63 number nine energizer rechargeable led book light this rechargeable reading light can be turned down to just the right level of brightness for reading the led light starts on a low setting so as not to bother other people with the warm cool and combined

Modes you can change the color temperature from cool task lighting to warm reading light the brightness varies from 10 to 100 lumens the light can be turned on and off with a flexible neck and the even beam is wide enough to light up even large pages when fully charged this reading light works for five and a half hours and it takes four hours to fully charge the

Base stands on its own and the clip makes sure it stays in place this energizer led flashlight is great for traveling because it is small and easy to put in a bag and it is only nine dollars and sixteen cents with the deal number eight amazon basics emergency seat belt cutter and window hammer tool this emergency gadget for escaping contains a window hammer and a

Seat belt cutter in one handy package it is packaged in a set of two its tungsten metal hard hammer has two heads each of which is capable of instantly shattering the window of a vehicle door seat belts can be easily cut through and the bright orange plastic handle makes it simple to have a firm grip on the tool it was designed to assist people in escape from an

Overturn burning sinking or crashed vehicle a protective bracket is supplied so that the item may be stored safely you have the option of putting it either in the door pocket on the driver’s side or the center console it was only ten dollars and three cents and it comes with an amazon basics one year limited guarantee number seven oxo good grips sweep and swipe

Laptop cleaner this device has two sides and costs only 11.95 it deep cleans laptops tablets and phones it’s microfiber pad clean screens and other surfaces by getting rid of fingerprints and smudges the dust and dirt are swept away by a soft brush it’s so light that it weighs only 1.59 ounces the storage cover and retractable brush keep both ends safe when they

Are not in use oxo has started with the idea that products should be made so that as many people as possible could use them this is called universal design today oxo has more than one thousand products for the home all of which were made with this idea in mind the company is known all over the world as an example of how a well-executed universal design philosophy

Can not only make products that help end users but also be a good way to run a business number six international adapter this travel adapter has four different plugs for different countries it can be purchased for 14.99 it covers more than 150 countries with us eu uk and au plugs but you can’t use this adapter in south africa india switzerland or italy it is an

All-in-one adapter with fuse protection built-in safety shutters and led power indicator and dual usb ports this charger adapter plug only changes the power outlet it does not change the voltage and current of the electrical output perfect for iphone ipad samsung tab ipod smart clones 5v tablets bluetooth speakers headsets etc its rated power is 110 volts to 650

Watts 220 volts to 1300 watts the power output 100 to 240 volts 50 to 60 hertz 6a max when traveling you can only use small electric appliances with low power like cell phones digital products or a computer with low power the travel adapter doesn’t work with high power devices like a hair straightener flat iron hair curler hair dryer steam iron water heater coffee

Maker etc number five true plasma lighter this gadget is a portable ruggedized and rechargeable plastic black lighter with a high visibility blue cover that is resistant to water dust and impact and does away with the need for lighter fluid the lighter is tiny and it can be recharged by micro usb there is no longer any need for lighter fluid and the highly visible

Blue lid makes it simple to locate the lighter the the plasma lighter is resistant to water dust and impact and its windproof arc offers protection to the user while they are lighting their device the micro usb lighter is capable of being charged so it will always be ready to use in an emergency they are tools that serve several purposes and are tailored to your

Budget and way of life number four coast dx126 1.2 inch stainless steel razor blade pocket knife the dx126 pro razor knife was made to be safe and valuable it has a double-sided razor blade a clip and a hole for a lanyard using coast’s liner lock and double lock technology anyone can work with confidence when the knife is used normally the liner lock locks the

Blade open on its own but if you need to make more rough cuts push the double lock switch forward this will stop the liner lock from disengaging and letting the blade close on your hand if the liner lock comes loose the easy replace system makes it easy to switch out the blades while you you are working it’s easy and quick to change out dull blades the lock on

The razor blade is released by a small lever on the side of the blade housing this makes it easy to change the blade the handle of the knife is made by fiberglass filled nylon and is shaped so perfectly that it fits nicely in your hand it costs only 11.99 number three conair fabric shaver this fabric shaver is powered by batteries and removes fuzz lint and pills

From your favorite materials such as socks and couches safely and efficiently it is compatible with the majority of the fabrics that you have in your house because it is powered by batteries it is both simple and portable to operate this fuzz remover is simple to operate and features a pleasant ergonomic handle as well as three different depth settings that allow

It to remove fuzz pilling and lint from sweaters clothes and furniture the lint catcher can be removed so it is simple to dispose of after use this fabric shaver may be altered to operate with a variety of fabrics it features a big shaving head that is two inches in diameter for effective use and a lint collector that can be removed for simple and quick cleaning

To function properly it requires two double a batteries it is simple to organize and put away in a drawer a suitcase or a closet following a reduction of seven percent the price has been reduced to 13.99 number two two pack mini bag sealers portable heat vacuum sealers plastic sealer the tiny bag sealer is composed of abs making it temperature resistant this heat

Sealer lets you reuse the bags keep your foods fresher for longer and waste less food if your family likes snacks you can get a mini heat sealer plus side heat seals heat it for three to five seconds then slide it along the bag minus side cuts plastic bags when you attach the hook it turns off automatically slide it along any bag’s edge to air tighten it this

Little plastic sealer is portable and it is pocket or bag friendly you may use it in the kitchen living room or camping the mini bag sealer requires two double a batteries insufficient battery power makes the seal less effective make sure to remove the battery while not in use number one gvus mil usb leather charging braided bracelets you can wear this charger

Like a bracelet it can also be used like a keychain or a bag decoration item this gadget has a spare charging cord in case of emergency it could be a unique gift that helps charge quickly the body is made of black braided pu leather which is light soft durable won’t fade and won’t get dirty its woven leather protects and extends the life of the wire and its zinc

Alloy joints don’t rust or fall apart easily this model fits wrists that are 6 to 7.2 inches around measure the wrist before you order to avoid sizing issues it’s only ten dollars and comes with a great gift bag that’s perfect for personalized birthday christmas or new valentine’s day gifts which one did you like the most let us know in the comment box that’s all

For today hope to see you in our next episodes till then goodbye and take care

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