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10 Parenting Hacks for Toddler Moms: These will make you MORE Productive

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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel my name is nicole if you are new here i am a mom of an almost two-year-old a two-year-old i cannot believe this day is almost here and i thought what better way to celebrate than share my mom’s survival guide to life with a toddler it has been a roller coaster toddlers are busy

They are scary they are wild and honestly a lot of fun so don’t worry don’t worry but in today’s video i’m going to be sharing some of my top tips to navigating the crazy world of toddlerhood also before we hop in i want to give a huge thank you to branch basics for sponsoring this video more about them later let’s

Hop right in there is something that happens when your little baby turns one year old they officially enter the toddler world and it just it feels like it just happens overnight i mean it does one day they’re a baby the next day they are a toddler and the toddler years are basically from like one to three and

When you’re deep in it it feels like they’re never gonna end but also they are a lot of fun and i think we need to remind ourselves elves it is a phase it will end and we’re going to survive it tip number one roll over leftovers if you didn’t figure out already toddlers like to waste a lot of food and that could mean

Food on the floor they didn’t eat what’s on their plate and that is like hard work that you spend making that meal money buying those groceries so instead of just like throwing it in the compost i actually like to roll it over to the next snack or meal i mean it depends like what you’re serving them but

A lot of times for breakfast sage doesn’t eat a ton for breakfast because she does get milk in the morning so usually there’s definitely leftovers for breakfast so what i do is i roll it over to her morning snack and if it’s something like toast or strawberries i put it in her snack cup maybe she eats it on our walk

Or she eats it while she’s like playing and it gets eaten and it’s stuff that would have been thrown out and i would have made a new snack but she eats it and she doesn’t even know that was leftovers from breakfast and it’s a win on my part one thing i’ve noticed is how quickly they pick up on habits so my next

Tip is to be consistent and really create a routine around whether it’s meal time play time or just how you react in different situations in my case i don’t want sage eating all her meals in the living room watching despicable me if i even do that a couple times she is now accustomed to wanting to eat all her meals in

The living room she hands us the remote and i get it it’s a it’s a good vibe like netflix and chill i’m all about it but it’s hard to tell a toddler that that’s a sometimes thing so i think it’s really important to be mindful of different situations and habits around routines whether meal time bedtime maybe

It’s no watching tv right before bed or like i said not bringing snacks every single time to the living room and it doesn’t mean that they can’t be sometimes but i think it’s important to be like we eat our meals at the kitchen table or i’ll give sage the option she can eat at the counter on her learning tower or she can

Eat in the playroom on her table and chairs you need to be consistent on how you react to different situations and different routines throughout the day and set like the presidents of how you want your day to go i know it’s hard in the beginning and tv just to like make everyone happy but i really do think

Putting the effort in in the beginning will be helpful in the long run let them help toddlers love to mimic mom and dad and you can turn everyday household activities into toddler play time especially if you’re getting sick of you know pretend play and tea time get them to help you do household chores this can mean

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Alright this is a controversial topic but be strategic with screen time i’m not anti-screen time we watch our fair share of disney movies on the couch i love that time with sage but also i’m very mindful about how often i bring it up we have one of those toddler tablets and they are so handy especially for things like

Travel but i really try to be strategic with when i busted out i use it for dirty diaper changes like the really bad ones that you need them to lay flat and they just want to like roll over and like not sit still i use them for when i’m doing sage’s hair if we’re at a restaurant after she’s done eating her food

And if we need it and if we’re trying to finish our meal and enjoy our time then we will bring it out long car rides if it’s already been a while and you know they’re kind of hitting that breaking point that’s usually when we bust it out i try not to have that be the first thing we introduce but when when i was gonna

Say when in doubt when needed as the last resort that is when we bring in the screen time and because of that it really does work as opposed to just always bringing it out i feel like it dilutes the effect of the screen and we also just create boundaries over you know i don’t have sage holding our phones

Or even holding the tablet up to her she treats it like a tv and that way it’s just not like it’s connected to her all the time and i get it the screen time thing is so hard it this is not meant to judge any parents out there i get it i just think it’s important to create boundaries and routines around it especially

If you know we try not to do a screen time in the morning that way she can just be mindful and play independently but if we do we try to put something more educational like miss rachel which she’s really been liking instead of just you know something that’s at pure entertainment and not necessarily educational

My mom told me and i’ll tell you guys as well snack snack snacks snack snacks that is like our favorite word in this house and basically it means always have snacks in the house when you leave the house never be without snacks toddlers are always snacking they’re always hungry even if they don’t eat their main meals

They seem to always you want to like be mindful and not over do it with the snacks otherwise they’re not going to eat those like nourishing meals that you’ve prepared for them but it is important and just take this one to if you only take this from this video i learned it very early on is yeah never leave

The house without snacks if you’re going grocery shopping if you’re you know just doing anything that involves being out in public bring the snacks with you don’t think oh we’ll be fine it’s only an hour no no no even if they just had lunch within five minutes of leaving the house they’re gonna ask snack and you’re

Gonna be like i should have listened to nicole and brought the snacks we have a dedicated snack cabinet just for sage and it always is stocked up ready to go and then we also have some fresh stuff like berries cucumber and hummus cheese and crackers that she likes as well and if you need some more homemade

Health and cookbook i have things like cookies and muffins and super nourishing delicious meals all the ones that i started feeding sage from six months and up and i will have that link down below lots of ideas there i don’t care if you’re not a nature junkie get outside it’s gonna be good for you it’s gonna be good for

Your little ones they so many things to explore rocks sticks leaves like there’s just wonderland world outside and it’s free you can just go outside out in your backyard if you don’t have a backyard go out on the sidewalk let them walk around don’t always bring the stroller out you know just holding their

Hand walking them around is not only going to help teach them you know to stay on the sidewalk for an awesome energy but they get to like just explore for the world outside we make a habit every single day to make sure that we all get fresh air and outdoor time so this could be a morning walk this could mean going

Out in the forest with our dog cashew if you follow me on instagram you’ll see that we are always out for nature walks and it’s one of our favorite things to do as a family but for good reason it tires us out all out especially our daughter and she sleeps well she is calmer in her behavior and she honestly just has so

Much fun and it’s just like a nice fun free activity to do as a family no matter what the season we get ourselves outside you’ve probably heard it before but toy rotation and honestly this works i don’t do it all the time i have to admit but when i do it does make a big difference a lot of times parents will

Feel like my kids are bored of all their toys i’m gonna buy them new stuff and then they quickly become bored of those new toys so instead of buying new toys less is more hide some toys and do a toy rotation i have this awesome place shelf that actually has like a hidden section in the back and you can just like

Put half after the toys in the back and have the other half displayed and this is going to allow them just to see everything in a more clear neat and organized manner so they can actually go in and play with things i feel like when everything is like all chaotic in the playroom it’s hard to really pick out what they want

To play with and when things are laid out nicely and there’s new brand new fresh things for them to see they’re going to be more engaged more interested even if it’s an old toy they haven’t seen for a while because it’s been at the bottom of the toy box by displaying it it’s going to get them re-interested

And you’re not gonna have to go out to the toy store and keep spending money on new toys all the time let them make choices toddlers have very little control in what goes on in their life which is probably what makes them so angry they can’t fully communicate you’re not letting them do what they want to do they have zero

Control so letting them make small choices can help empower them and just let them express their opinions and give them just like a small sense of control in their life and that could be as simple as which shoes do they want to wear today what outfit do they want to put it on what book do they want to read what snack

Do they want to eat you know you’re still controlling the options but they feel like they have made the decision for them and they have a little bit of a sense of control in their life and maybe we’ll reduce some of the tantrums if they’re the ones that picked that activity also it’s just really cute to see their

Personality develop and for them to have preferences of one over the other this is one i kind of started doing naturally without really thinking about why i was doing it and it’s seeing everything and it might sound a little weird or like maybe you’re like yeah i’m already doing that but sing around certain like

For your little ones to cope with that could be brushing their teeth getting ready for bed washing hands these are all things that we struggle with in our everyday life when you bring music into a scenario it can not only help lighten the mood but also help them focus and practice self-expression it can also be a cue

For something that is going little bit better like bedtime i honestly feel teeth by singing the we brush your teeth it and it can make something that may be more fun especially bath time we have our bath time songs and honestly it’s a lot of fun to do once you get into the rhythm of it so you can

Have your go-to songs maybe a go-to playlist learn the lyrics make up your own songs you know we use twinkle twinkle little star for bedtime we do like the baby shark song but for washing hands you like it could be like rock and roll i don’t know but see if it works with your kids but it has been a really great little

Tip that we’ve done with sage and it’s gone a long way so interesting invoices ready and they won’t judge and it may be one of my favorites and it is toddler stations creating ergonomic montessori style toddler stations throughout the house this helping your toddler feel more comfortable in the home that

They live in this can be setting up a hand washing station with a stool we have sage isn’t really able to do the pump thing we have a faucet extender so the water can come up to her we have a table and chairs it’s for her height in the playroom that she can eat at colora we have one of those learning towers so

It can bring her up to the counter level if she wants to see what i’m doing maybe bake or have a snack while mommy’s cooking dinner most people focus on the safety aspect of it making sure your house is baby proof but also just making sure that it is toddler friendly so that they can feel comfortable and really enjoy

The spaces throughout the house having hooks that are down to their level having a shoe rack so they can have their shoes can just go a long way and i’m learning we’re setting up stations as we go and i’ve already seen sage really appreciate those areas that we’ve been creating i’m just going to throw this in as

A bonus because i think us as parents you know it can be very overwhelming to be absorbing all of their emotions that they really knowing how to communicate them to you and my biggest thing is don’t overreact we want to be the role model and the example that we want them to learn from so if we are constantly

Overreacting over small things like spilling a drink coloring on the wall there are bigger things that we want to be like no don’t do that that is a safety issue like you know running with scissors running across the road or doing something that’s actually dangerous versus you’re making a mess or you’re not supposed to

Do that instead i try to redirect sage it takes a lot of effort don’t get me wrong i’m always having this like internal dialogue but i really think it’s important to practice patience and kindness with your little ones they are learning they’re not trying to do bad things they are just discovering the world

And we’re here to guide them keep them safe and be the good example we want them to be and let them learn from your behavior honestly this video was so much fun for me to create and put together all honestly i just we’re growing together i’m learning how to communicate with eight-year-old that can’t communicate back and

To hopefully try to reduce those those big feelings also thanks again to branch basics for sponsoring this video use my code healthnet to receive 15 off all of their starter kits you will honestly love them i cannot recommend them enough to like my friends and family my house just feels so fresh and clean

With none of the nasty harsh chemicals i do not want living in my house check out the links down below thank you so much for watching and leave me a comment down below letting me know what other toddler family mom life hack videos you would like to see on my channel next bye guys foreign

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