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13 IMPORTADOS Que NO PODEM Faltar no Enxoval do Beb

Uma amiga me pediu umas dicas do que comprar aqui nos EUA para o enxoval de bebê . Pensei no tanto de pessoas que também não se beneficiariam com essa informação. Eu sei que minha vida seria muito mais facilitada se alguém me desse esta listinha enquanto eu fazia o meu, então… aí está! Espero que gostem e que ajude muitas mamães. Compartilhem!

Hi here it is and today i’m here to talk to you about imported goods that don’t rain showers on your baby the transfer of breastfeeding there the defense was getting very uncomfortable that it was giving a lot of money with our president directly discarded and i i found the one that comes with 500 mb in 6 passes and the beauty of it is that when you had the bag in the

Sequence because the machine and there with detergent you learn you don’t have to pay, there are infinite amounts of money the good pity egg indicates that you are this outlet in line with the brand ana end of squid she during breastfeeding mainly at the beginning that she sleeps is a zone if you have that pain that gives you a sudden headache of so many you have a game

To think that the ideal would be to use nothing but let’s agree to win in the end it helps a lot it is the most recommended which is the number recommended by the lactation consultant here in the united states i used it not many and when necessary it helped me a lot recomme giving you is for the baby’s colic long pause for those who were soon achieved and that in this

Theoretical framework for five months five months is a long time and with her being a victim was our choice because it was my courtyard and an option a little further back is another one little to do is to be around 20 minutes to half an hour but he does it it is possible to see with the cna the cup i strongly recommend 4 the room in which i will stay for you makes you

Want to cry in the military front in almost 1 404 the room it’s this year you ask me what this strange thing they want cable and a business i ‘m scared just looking is this with me and eating this here go talk to the farm i’ll stop saying i have the presidency but at times using them that i made here in the new scene basically takes one more day to watch the nose race i

Like this one because it’s more in his way it ‘s practical and it works that way it can’t be fooled in a kayak in journalism rio not t in holy things it has a thread so you can change it will not be that the cancer another as you use it very necessary there are no children in sexual there are many mothers who cannot conceive the idea the ground on one side and if thought

Maria cecília also gets i had prejudice when you need to try anything but if you still can’t conceive since it’s in the mouth when i teach you theorizations of electrical appliances for making it clear that for you here male under the little motor and he makes the selection is a little more expensive for sure more intensity gave us kidnappings on the way and tactical

And simão is facts the judge 5 still in the registration in the ii coriza when leaving you i bring you the newest addition of r 3 of the same the river is this one from here all i have here is the my most recent account was indicated by the mother it serves to remove the cone from the nose you drink it and it is my baby’s and if it says here it is very good you would be

Impressed with the size of things the ones that certainly have even more in the department ari antônio minari of houses all ages he’s the one who will help you use the new trainer it won’t be anyway you take a look at the sector wait one two three minutes and it’s the daughter of a suspect the all the difference in dry days that the airlines start in sin was this one here you can take revenge

It also comes another little house if the

Perpart with the little faces knows i just know that having a little more control that is born in the company but the fifa plans to try to catch tori’s daughter would go in said place is the temporal temperature lighter at the party is a thermometer if internal because it’s simple and easy that with the new gm you can’t if you’re going to stay in my bed always worried me if

The 0 increasing the function not all very well because you can insert your baby’s grade with him bruninho teaching the arms not involving me 60 because there are times when she realizes at night i stay in my anticipation da simas will pass so you don’t want to erase this practice was more incisive through the forehead near the field water sex doing only button 36o quiet

Areas didn’t need this information the question is no need to accuse teach your children things i need to have solved it rather than pacifier thermometer we don’t change it cheaper but it’s up to me to take it because of the ease of discomfort universal rotterdam when you’re going to take your child’s temperature temperature faster to get that but for me it was the first

Pain and it’s essential not to have been bothered energy unnecessary i strongly recommend it others 8 836 it’s not important but it’s so important to me that i didn’t want to make it clear in the following this one is a bath water thermometer a thesis and five on top of the wing voice is a mercury thermometer that have a right was found in brazil is descending from which

It gives rogou hair and on the head i like this one particularly because that he understood very early on but most are but i recommend that i think it’s very important to reach the temperature of 12 months ending in bath opening and drinking is very easy that’s why i think it’s very important that you are potentiated regionally it’s not the only minor in aceh from this

Team is always better known as the city, this one is such a hard ointment when the situation is really very important this one here, brazilian, it is the most economical version you don’t use it every day you only use the saints you really want to pull very efficient maria pena you need to be more difficult to help the fmi hunting fire of the brand a slow expansion for

You to take the pacifier is not entered the number of times that we have already had the injury and as you have to score the goal and after the samsung is worse than you ten people so i’m his father i don’t know which champion that’s where the same benefits happy ingredients come in totally started writing the same line geninho expects expense is a great option presence

Always space to take her analysis perfect you and we need and strongly recommend obs is item number 11 still in the cleaning category andré has is a brand of laundry detergent to live without losing in stages but this is the line cira morning it rained very important to carry a bag for me i think i ran here it was where such a spirit here at the time wraps when i got home

It is done however even themes very good very efficient its use is very large size star and like this and this best one not even that in terms of references is from here from my bag that was in exile has been saving the clothes until you dig it can’t somehow affectionately it’s approved docs is next and it’s also one of the things that entered the last our life in this

Upper class basketball it multi-use cover i go looking for that cover that is useful for a lot of things you put here and you uses is increasing in serves to cover this type of comfort when the scene when i entered seriously you cover the seat of the market cart and lastly when the sackers are armed and so i can try to reach the neck and it serves a lot of things that the

Ceiling of the vehicle near the cars falling on the corner of processes in progress in public without major problems approved and last but not least in fact one of the things that made the most and makes a difference in our lives safe the drum and in which it saved it saves and will continue to save the wow we use it with our daughter since she is very into drawing and

She grew up getting used to it she loves it when like this is absolutely everything wrong and increasing is impressive and i really wish for the fire in the heart that all mothers of all events have this last solution to all the problems that are 11 in our life without many mequita what to say i don’t like it doesn’t usually work really had a very different personality

Ferentes but if one way you can fix your baby is to put the event in 1936 year and i recommend it and i couldn’t recommend it more strongly actually neighbor another embezzlement you already asked me i got a little different it’s pre- assembled it doesn’t have that that all for me it was simpler to use besides being very useful it brings a very wonderful experience of

Connection with your so laughed a few more we say there weren’t many prams for each one if it’s aimed at me the snipe is the best option replacement for dogs if you carry it around your neck vaz is small it is portable so send it then have these were the 13 imported items this success and arrived at the ccbb sure you liked the rich important i know you talking to there

It is cool 13 imported essentials and rainy ones exercising a smooth passage but who doesn’t have any kind of agreement with him any kind of partnership much but it’s an indication summoning the cars the and from people who already nice said that it really works you buy something that is in my current performance of the arrival if it helps great at 17 16 times ago

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13 IMPORTADOS Que NÃO PODEM Faltar no Enxoval do Bebê By The Tomazelis