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130+ CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Hi guys! Here is my 2022 Holiday Gift Guide! Trendy & unique gift ideas + my personal Christmas wishlist 🙂

Thank you what’s up you guys welcome or welcome back to my channel my name is haley if you’re new here and it is that time of year again which i know can be really really stressful each year i feel like the holidays just keep coming quicker and quicker and all of a sudden it’s a week before christmas and i’m still scrambling to get people gifts so i wanted to

Get this video out semi-early this is my annual christmas or holiday gift guide last year i actually did two videos i did a men’s gift guide and then like a women’s teens gift guide today’s video is going to be a little bit more focused on like women and teens again but don’t get me wrong there is definitely something for everyone on today’s list and i have over

130 ideas to get through so i am going to jump into today’s video super quick i’ll have everything that i mentioned in today’s video down below as well as some coupon codes for you guys and links to last year’s videos as well so let’s get into this so i’m going to start off with beauty and i have 17 ideas in the beauty category and each one is pretty specific

Last year i did more like general gift ideas so starting with number one a summer friday’s lip balm set i love the summer friday’s lip balms and they look so aesthetic and beautiful and this little gift set would fit perfectly in a stocking same thing with a rare beauty blush gift set this is like the perfect little stocking stuffer size and these are the best

Blushes ever i’m wearing one today lineage mini lip mask set this is just the cutest it has all kinds of different scents soul de janeiro bum bum gift set one of my all-time favorite scents and these products work incredible the urban outfitters hair and body mist these are like a really nice size they smell so good and there are so many scents silk scrunchie is

Another amazing stocking stuffer is touchland hand sanitizer set these are my favorite hand sanitizers they look really sleek really aesthetic you can also buy like a little keychain cover and i have one clipped to my keys super handy perfect for the times that we’re living in a necessary gift set this is always like one of my number one recommendations because

I love these products they’re just such an easy one to give to pretty much anyone in your life the t3 airbrush blow dry brush this is my favorite thing ever i have had mine for a little bit over a year now and it is amazing it comes with two different brush heads a round brush and then like just a flat brush sheet masks are always a good stocking stuffer there

Are so many different like sets of sheet masks but i found these hello kitty holiday ones and i thought that these were so so cute going along with that a skin care fridge urban outfitters has like a lot of really cute patterned ones that i have been eyeballing but this is just such a good gift for like all of the skincare lovers in your life dior lip gloss or

To your lip oil this is always on my wish list i love the dior plumping lip glosses it feels special because it’s dior but it’s also just like a really great like stocking stuffer or an add-on to a gift the gucci flora perfume the packaging is so stunning this feels like such a gorgeous gift personally my favorite perfume right now is actually by charlie demilio

It is her born dreamer perfume and this is such an amazing scent i also really really love the bottle lancome juicy tubes such a throwback also a great stocking stuffer a lot of these beauty items tend to be because they’re a little bit smaller the sephora mini wellness gift set this has so many amazing essentials in here including a gouache and lastly the cosas

Lip oil set this is another favorite of mine i love these lip oils moving into shoes you wouldn’t know it but i am a huge fan of shoes so i do have a few recommendations for all of the other shoe lovers or sneaker heads in your life first one being the reebok club c these are the double revenge so they have a little bit of a platform to them these shoes go with

Everything i love the look of them just like a perfect everyday sneaker of course the birkenstock boston clogs but i gotta be honest this has been so so hard to track down i cannot find them anywhere so i actually had ended up getting these from white mountain i will of course have this dupe link down below but this was about 60 bucks looks pretty similar feels

Super comfy and i love them ugg taz slippers so this is the tasmanian slipper i think this one does not have a platform it’s just like a flat slipper so freaking comfy looks so good with everything the taz slipper has a little bit more of a platform to it so just personal preference also the ugg fuzz sugar slides i have been eyeballing this since last year i

Want these so bad they’re so cute as well as of course the ugg mini boots these are just such a staple new balance 550s these are on my personal wish list i want them so so bad also the new balance ct 302s this is the colorway that i own but they have so many i’m currently eyeballing the green ones i think they are stunning sage green checkered bands a twist on

A classic adidas sambas i know so many people have different mixed opinions on these personally i love that the doc martens loafers these ones are another one on my personal wish list also the doc martin jaden boots crocs we all know someone that loves their crocs going hand in hand with this one gibbets such a good gift platform converse another essential hoka

Running shoes these are probably the number one running shoes nike platform blazers another staple and these steve madden platform boots so stunning moving into some home items i think this was my largest category one because they’re all like pretty specific items but also because i feel like a lot of us are home bodies these days the number one being a nespresso

Machine if you have someone in your life that already has one and they’re obsessed with it then you can always get them the pods or some accessories handmade ceramic coffee mugs etsy is a gold mine for like the coolest little like handmade one-of-a-kind ceramic mugs i always find so many fun ones on there these milk mugs from urban outfit scooters i have the

Oat milk one but there’s also soy no milk and almond milk so cute i think we all know someone that has like a very specific milk preference these high ball glasses are the cutest things i’ve ever seen personally i love the strawberry ones but they’re all adorable also these morgan wine glass sets there’s a few different colors they just look so chic growing

Noodle bowl sets from urban outfitters they come with the bowl the chopsticks and then like a rest for your chopsticks i think these are so cute because each one of the rest is a little bit different they have like flowers a frog it’s really really adorable tinted glass mugs these are similar to the wine glasses come in a few different colors but for somebody

That enjoys coffee or tea more than alcohol but for those coffee lovers in your life the chamberlain coffee sets are one a really great deal two super aesthetic and three so so tasty i’m literally drinking my chamberlain coffee cold brew right now and it is a delight chamberlain coffee also makes fantastic matcha they have a few different flavors the original

Vanilla and i think mango going along with that a matcha whisk and accessory set these punch needle coffee coasters i know it feels a little bit random but they were just so so cute the frigidaire retro blender this is for all the smoothie girls the clean girls i think it just looks so chic the checkered blanket that has gone absolutely viral on tick tock this

Comes in a few different colors but if you want something a little bit different than what everyone else has this multi-colored checkered one is also absolutely adorable in general i think blankets throw blankets are such a good gift and this one from urban outfitters this little sherpa blanket comes in so many different patterns and colors i love these this

Little mushroom glass from urban outfitters i have this one they also have a strawberry one as well a mini waffle maker a mini projector so cool the seasoned oil diffuser this is truly the most aesthetic oil diffuser ever i love how this looks i got mine in green i currently have their essential oil in autumn it smells so good i just recently got this new cover

For it so i can kind of swap it out to swap it out you literally just take the cover off and pop the new one right on like you have a brand new diffuser so cool i’m obsessed with these and i also have a coupon code for you guys that i will leave down below this bluetooth speaker flower pillow i think this is so cool it’s such a fun idea a flower subscription

Service i love having fresh flowers around the house i think this is such a sweet gift it just kind of keeps on giving year-round this checkered cutting board this is honestly on my list great for all the hostesses in your life that love a charcuterie board a stanley tumbler color bars skate decks these are really really cool i’ve seen a lot of people decorating

Like their walls with skate decks and these have such cool prints on them this boba tea tumbler precious pastel crates you can find these pretty much everywhere now urban outfitters amazon hay crates they’re everywhere it’s mushroom dish is this not the cutest thing ever a mini zodiac neon light a strawberry planter it’s mushroom spoon rest i’m realizing i have

A lot of mushroom items on here i don’t know why i’m very into them right now our place always pan this is one that i personally own i’ve gifted it to my mom this is such a good gift it looks beautiful like just out displayed on your stovetop and it also works amazing it like replaces like 13 different pots and pans they also just came out with their perfect pot

So another great gift if you’ve already gifted someone the always pan replica candles oh my gosh these are so delicious a little bit more of a bougie candle so a little bit more on the expensive side this little cowboy boot matchstick holder i’ve seen this all over the place it’s been hard to find the pink one but there’s like black terracotta really really cute

This is another candle i thought was really cool these are the enneagram i don’t know how to say it but personality candles really really fun for your friend that is really into that stuff i also love this paddy wax checkered candle you can reuse this once you are done using all the wax you can use it as like a little mini planter like a makeup brush holder

Really cute these yin yang candles a rilakkuma light so cute and finally silk pillowcases moving into lifestyle products this really goes hand in hand with home but it’s more like games and like i don’t know you’ll see what i mean in a minute the cutest hello kitty monopoly i’m obsessed a book of the month subscription service i freaking love getting book of

The month every month i always recommend this to all of my friends so good for a book lover in your life this ticket stub diary i am like a very sentimental person so i always keep all of my ticket subs and i thought this was the coolest thing to keep everything in bubble tea making kit turntables cheese board adorable a bagu puffy laptop sleeve child bookends i

Have these in the green tiles so cute just like such a statement piece on my shelf i also really like these bus bookings and we all know a harry styles fan this hairstyles book is so cool and just like the cover it just makes for a perfect art piece in your home anime chef cookbook i think this is so cool a pizza making kit a britney spears oracle deck way too

Cute the better everyday journal this one is another one on my personal wish list i think this is really cool this big thrift energy coffee table book i i feel that quote book the konitzico reading journal they have two different versions one is a smaller one and one is the avid reader journal which i personally own in ping again an amazing gift for book lovers

I do also have a coupon code for this one for 10 off that i will have down below as well the five minute journal such a good journal to give as a gift i also really really like this self-care planner bala ankle weights these come in so many different colors they’re not really strangers card game if you have like friends that you do a lot of game nights with i

Think this is a really really cool gift and it’s such like i don’t want to say an intimate game but kind of it’s a little bit more of like a deeper game this one’s a little bit random these aesthetic highlighters i have so many different colors of these they work amazing would make a really good stocking stuffer this photo journal and this flip in stack photo

Frame finally getting into like clothing and bags tote bags in general i always feel like are such a good gift because who doesn’t love a tote bag but specific critically the bagu tote bags john galt or brandy melville faux leather shoulder bag such a perfect staple in a ritzya hoodie i also adore twin flames crewnecks i think this would be fun to give to your

Best friend because it does have like the twin flames embroidered on the sleeve this urban outfitters flower knit scarves there are a bunch of other patterns as well but the flowers just spoke to me a boy’s lie beanie these also come in a ton of colors this bubble letter initial necklace i think that this is so cute bubble bar bracelets this one in particular i

Really really love but there are so many that you can customize so another good one for your sister or your best friend i also love the little words project bracelets these freaking shirts i don’t even know what you would really call these graphic tees i have this one of timothy chalamet on my wishes i think these are so funny and you can find them for literally

Any celeb axon has been on the strawberry shortcake grind for a while but they have so many adorable strawberry shortcake crewnecks i have a few fear god essentials these are so so nice i think an essential hoodie would be an amazing gift i have a few of these you can find them on cents on nordstrom pacsun sometimes they used to be a lot harder to get a hold

Of but now you can find them pretty easy for like a high beast brand i feel like they’re a little bit more affordable scrunch socks you can find these pretty much anywhere as well but specifically the aritzia sunday best the most comfortable the cutest i am obsessed with them skims fold over yoga pants such a throwback also insanely insanely comfortable this all

Saints toe again definitely a splurge item but so nice also owl yoga socks and lastly the lululemon mini backpack i also am very partial to the belt bag so moving into some techie i items these are definitely going to be a little bit more of a splurge first one of course being the apple airpod mac you do not understand how badly i want these specifically in green

I think they are so cute they look amazing on everyone but my goodness they are so expensive also really cool but also really really expensive the colorful imax the bose quiet comfort noise canceling headphones these are a little bit cheaper than the apple airpod max these also look really nice really cheap the kindle paper white i also have this one it works

Amazing if you have someone that prefers like an e-reader to a traditional book this is such a good gift the series 7 apple watch a film camera this crosley bluetooth speaker radio the canon g7x3 i have this vlog camera i love this camera the instac mini film camera always a good go-to a record player or if they already have one then new vinyl records mini record

Bluetooth speaker it’s so cute a little charging hub i actually gifted this to my boyfriend a few years ago and i think it’s so cool lastly in tech the kodak instant printer and the very last category i have is pets pets starting with this custom pet portrait necklace this is so cute i could cry i also found these custom pet portrait hats the wild one walk kit

Let me tell you i have this for both my dogs i have the green and the lavender they look amazing they seem really comfortable and i just i swear by these this pet sling carrier i swear if my dogs were little i would just scoop them up carry them all around with me this is so cute the strawberry fields pet bed custom pet bowls i have three of them linked down

Below a watercolor pet portrait such a cute little art piece this cozy pet couch are you kidding me i want one and lastly a custom pet pillow that is my 2022 holiday gift guide i hope that you guys enjoyed this found it helpful like i said i will have every single thing that i mentioned down below all linked for you guys as well as all the coupon codes that i

Could gather thank you guys so much for watching and i will see you soon bye

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130+ CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS ❄️ Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2022 By Hailie Barber