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Mustang Mach-E owner crash into a police officer, bad Tesla Model 3 driver and a drunk driver wrecks three cars in this weeks episode of Dashcam Stories.

Want to see what happens when you start drinking at six in the morning keep watching matt was towing a trailer full of wooden fence posts when a ford explorer hopped a curb in reverse before plowing into his 2017 jeep wrangler the explorer driver claims he got his foot stuck under the brake pedal evidently with his other foot smashing the accelerator while in

Reverse the explorer bounced off a cadillac before jumping the curb destroying a section of wooden fence and finally slamming into matt’s jeep he continued flooring the gas for 30 seconds before finally turning off the car for his part matt had seen the out of control suv and had stopped but he had no time to back up especially considering that he was pulling

A trailer at the time matt says the guy was very apologetic and couldn’t figure out how his foot had gotten stuck like that but matt has a theory about that after the police arrived the explorer driver was arrested for driving under the influence matt sent his dash cam footage to the other driver’s insurance provider and they paid to have the jeep repaired after

Accepting responsibility matt says the guy’s wife was way more upset with him than he was we’re all just glad the explorer’s steering wheel was turned to the left and not to the right there was a kid’s birthday party happening in the park on the other side of the parking lot when this all went down was on his way home when he watched a dodge pickup truck hydroplane

And lose control the truck spun and collided with the median barrier before coming to rest in payton’s lane where he had no chance to stop even after slamming on his brakes the accident did 53 000 us dollars in damage to peyton’s two-month-old truck and the trailer he’d been pulling at first the other driver’s insurance provider refused to pay for the damage but

After he sent them the dash cam footage the process went a lot more smoothly doug was driving down the capital beltway in maryland when his subaru forester was pin maneuvered by a mercedes in his blind spot doug’s car spun and slid across two lanes and into the guard rail his airbags deployed and together with his seatbelt they protected him from any injuries the

Police responded and at first doug was so shaken up that he forgot he’d captured the accident on his dash cam the other driver admitted fault but their insurance provider told doug he’d have to work with his own insurance provider because they wouldn’t give him anything until they got in the claim for the guard rail fortunately doug’s insurance provider paid him

Promptly and he was able to buy a new subaru just a few days later this submitter was headed home after working his shift as a police officer when a mustang machi flew past him clipping his side mirror and being chased by a marked cop car since he was still in his police uniform the submitter followed the chase and helped the other officer make the arrest after

The mackey wrecked into the back of a truck the driver had just left a bar after spending the evening drinking with friends and the car he wrecked was brand new juanito was driving in chicago when the driver of a black gmc suv pulled into his lane he flashed his high beams at her but she didn’t budge so he just went around her evidently this outraged the

Gmc driver who proceeded to follow juanito prompting him to turn onto a side street to avoid a confrontation the gmc driver followed juanito anyway by reversing and turning down the same street then cut off and break checked him when he finally got around her before a traffic light she drove up onto the sidewalk to get next to him she proceeded to flip him

Off and yell at him which he couldn’t understand through his windows while another young woman in the back seat waved a baseball bat at him she then tossed a drink out of the window before driving off juanito ended up following her inadvertently since he was headed the same way and she break checked him one more time before he swerved around her and drove away he

Drove to a nearby police station and waited a few minutes in the parking lot before heading home just in case stephen was on his way to pick up an uber rider in kansas city missouri yes there is a kansas city in kansas and another different kansas city in missouri don’t at me suddenly a black pickup truck came flying into the road in front of him with police hot and

Pursued once he realized what was going on steven got out of the way fast he watched several more cop cars join the chase but he never did find out why the pickup driver was running stevens says he never misses an episode of wham bam tesla cam or wham bam dash cam thanks man kaylee was running errands when she followed another car through an intersection

After waiting for the light to turn green fortunately she left enough space between her car and the hyundai to allow another car to squeeze between them as it ran the red light thankfully no accident occurred this submitter wasn’t so lucky he was planning to turn left on his way to work but he turned right instead when he noticed a car that wasn’t stopping he

Got wham-bammed by a work van and he was sore for a month but otherwise uninjured three months later he’s still waiting for the other guy’s insurance provider to pay for his totaled nissan altima steve was driving on a belgian highway when he watched the driver of a van attempt to bypass traffic and get a taste of instant justice the driver claimed he was doing

This because his door was open yeah the cops didn’t get it either and they gave him a ticket for pulling this little stunt matthew had just crossed from california into oregon on his way to portland when he experienced not one but two close calls with oblivious drivers first a pickup driver nearly sideswiped him while changing lanes and then the driver of an

Suv did the same thing fortunately matthew was able to dodge them both back in houston this submitter watched an suv go flying by him at high speed as the vehicle rounded a bend it spun out before flipping over on its roof a teenager pretended to pass out as the submitter drove up he called 9-1-1 and responding police arrested the driver after determining that

She was intoxicated in texas driving drunk is a felony if you have a child for a passenger the driver who was the child’s mother wouldn’t tell the cops who the kid’s next of kin was so he was taken away by child protective services after being checked out by firefighters who determined that he was uninjured sam spotted a bad tesla driver while waiting at a red

Light watch this spot a model 3 cruised right through the red light forcing another driver to slam on their brakes wham bam come on man charlie’s also in canada a driver in a turn lane wasn’t paying attention and turned in front of another car with a green light charlie stopped and made sure everyone was okay before giving a copy of the dashcam footage to the

Victim both drivers were shaken but otherwise uninjured dusty was driving along when he passed a semi truck as they both approached an intersection he assumed the truck driver intended to turn left at the light instead he nearly sideswiped dusty’s peugeot forcing him to break dusty contacted the company that owns the truck and gave them the dash cam footage and

The driver’s information from the side of the truck to their credit they immediately fired the driver they even went so far as to report the incident to the police resulting in the driver losing his license for three years dusty is just glad he decided to invest in a 360 degree dash cam system raven was driving down a california road when a herd of wild donkeys

Decided it was a good time to cross the street that’s something you don’t see every day subscribe and i’ll see you next week do you have a dashcam video that you want to share with us please send the video together with a description of what happened using the link in the description below

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