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2022 Best Toothbrushes !!

Let’s Find Out What’s The Best Toothbrush For You 2022 Edition! I Went Over My Favorite Toothbrushes To Help You Discover What Toothbrush Is The Best For Stained Teeth, Cavities, Gum Diseases, Braces, Sensitivity!!!!

Let’s find out what’s the best toothbrush of 2022 i’ve used hundreds of toothbrushes some that were straight doo-doo but there were some others that straight-up blew my mind so let’s crown the top ten toothbrushes that i’ve used so far it’s this closing time up first is the best toothbrush under 15 first on the list is the oral b let’s check them before i love

That satisfying oh those are something but now i turn this into this on my youtube channel okay side note i know i just said how i turned this into this and that was my gold play button but in reality i use the oral b clicks handle as a design for what to use and you know what i had to design after some existing toothbrush i went with the oral b click handle this

Is an easy to use and satisfying replaceable bristle head option and let’s keep watching because it’s got some great bristles what do you guys think of those bag gloves and the fat glove toothbrush turn 24 karat gold toothpaste gold toothpaste it’s mostly expensive hotel hands so if i had like this like floral kind of fruity vibes honestly it smelled really good

But i don’t think it really tasted good at the time anyways let’s keep watching to see how well this orbee toothbrush actually cleans thank you guys so much for all the love this toothbrush wouldn’t be possible without you so true you guys are awesome and we just hit 8 million i did this video back when we had one million and now we have eight million subscribers

So thank you guys so much absolutely incredible journey and we’re just getting started and those after results for the win actually absolutely now you can clearly see why this manual toothbrush for under 15 is a great value on to the next toothbrush on this list is the cure packs 546. this toothbrush is super bright and super fun just like your guys’s smile and

Has some super soft bristles and that’s why i really love this i’ve been using this exact toothbrush for the past month or two and honestly it looks super stylish and cleans really well let’s find out with two special toothpastes from space with my face this is an ancient video but yes i really did send a toothbrush to space you guys haven’t seen it already it was

A pretty epic journal what toothpaste should i send to space it was a cure it’s not any sort of cure it was a 24 karat gold cure problem some do do before look at that gorgeous cure products falling from the sky oh impact do you see how beautiful those bristles are let me get some slow motion cure practice has some elite soft bristles so if you’re looking for

Soft bristles search no further cure procs is the answer honestly it tastes like burnt plastic oh it tastes like burgers maybe the bristles got melted nobody did it they definitely did not get melted on re-entry so let’s see how well it cleaned let’s check that after results oh yeah super unfortunately sending a toothbrush into space doesn’t help the cleaning

Experience but nothing suddenly anything in his face is not going to help the cleaning experience obviously but regardless this toothbrush was awesome and i can recommend it for the price point and finally the best kids toothbrush under 15 is this colgate electric tooth and of course it’s the minion edition so let’s see how well it cleans let’s start the journey

To find out what’s the best electric toothbrush under 50 it’s this closing time it’s this closing time let’s go oh my goodness cool gate minion toothbrush pretty weak boxing big fan of these bristles but the vibrating motor is just a little too weak just a little bit but honestly it’s perfect for kids the toothpaste is not as bad as i remember let’s check that

Toothpaste was nasty those are some great results so let’s head on to the next category there’s not much you can buy under 15 dollars you can buy is fat glob disclosing tablets which will be dropping really soon so make sure to head over to and check them out before they’re all gone the next category is the best toothbrush under 150 first on the list

Is this 30 triple bristle electric toothbrush this thing is wild a user manual a wireless charging dock the handle which has three cleaning modes clean sensitive and massage and two spare bracelets with three sides of bristles this toothbrush is guaranteed to blast away the plaque with three times three times you’ll never miss a spot i mean look how crazy this

Design is it’s an absolutely crazy design but it serves a purpose it hugs your teeth and cleans all surfaces of your teeth at one minus in between your teeth you still got a floss watermelon slushy toothpick watermelon slushy toothpaste fat gloss this is dental digest let’s get brushing let’s see how well it cleans this toothbrush really does hug your teeth it’s

A crazy cleaning experience let’s check that after results absolutely incredible results this toothbrush is great for those that have manual dexterity issues and find it hard to hold a toothbrush and clean all your teeth moving on to the next toothbrush on this list is burst oil care coming in at 69 this toothbrush is incredible this toothbrush has got a super

Powerful but gentle motor some of the best bristles on the market oh the call of duty limited edition camo oh quickscope you see how fancy those bristles work let’s keep rushing yo why was i so cringe in this video yo i was getting into this video this is a fun video who is mike what do i do oh my goodness yo that was the mp5 let’s see them come on there’s some

Incredible cleaning reasons that’s why this toothbrush has earned a spot on this list and now for my final recommendation for the best toothbrush under 150 this is phillips sonicare 6500 it’s disclosing time let’s check the before results those are fast dudes run deep clean plus deep clean plus fat glow this is dental digest let’s get brushing this toothbrush has

Some power let’s go and you can feel closer to collaborations deep cleaning your teeth overall i really like using this toothbrush let’s check the after results oh come on satisfying results sonicare never lets me down honestly i recommend this toothbrush just so many people including my mother so i’d recommend it to you guys it’s a great value at this price point

And you have some super pearly white teeth so you can’t go wrong with this toothbrush and now finally on to the last category the best toothbrush under fifteen hundred dollars let’s check out the last three toothbrushes a person coming in at 400 is the phillips sonicare prestige 9900 versus a beast has so many different features and functions and honestly results

In one of the best cleaning experiences on the market and that’s why i had this toothbrush as number one on this side model also comes with the most luxurious traveling case so you feel like a true prince or queen whenever you travel with this toothbrush and lastly this toothbrush comes with my favorite bracelet you can currently buy on the market but let’s see

How well it cleans your dumb house it’s disgusting this closing time oh never gets old so satisfying this little guy just let’s get brushing this toothbrush is crazy awesome crazy awesome it’s powerful but gentle at the same time i love when i brush in fast motion and look at those gorgeous after results incredible you really do get what you paid for but let’s

Move on to the next toothbrush coming in at 299 is the oral b io series nine this thing is the top of the line or will be toothbrush so let’s see how well it cleans it’s disgusting let’s check the before results let’s see what it comes with see how purple those teeth were hello a magnetic charging base nice a traveling case cool of course it also comes with three

Bristles three one two three oscillating this is a great distinction between this oral io and this sonic it’s honestly personal preference but if you like round bristle heads that are going to be rotating and vibrating go for an oral b but if you like something that’s going to be vibrating side to side reach for a sonicare it’s personal preference everyone has

Their own likes and wants the last toothbrush on this list is the evo wearable one this toothbrush comes in at 199. that’s some of the coolest features i’ve ever seen built into a toothbrush it tells you if you missed a certain spot in your mouth after brushing the world’s largest kitkat that thing looks delicious it’s a ford this is the evil warehouse gorgeous

A wireless charging dock comes with some pretty cool stuff let’s check out the mag motors hyphen this thing was intense that motor was incredibly strong this is a built-in tv tv to help you prevent oral health problems did you see how cool that lcd screen was it’s an eight that means my mouth is protected from cavities guys this toothbrush not only cleaned

Fantastic and prevented cavities but it felt super incredible it’s got some insane technology i really like this too if this video gets ten thousand comments i will get braces on every single one of my teeth to help us figure out what’s the best toothbrush for braces thank you back lovers for watching we’ll see you guys in the next one and as always smile on ciao

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