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3 BEST Tips for using a Beard Straightener Heat Brush

Cheapest Brush:

How you doing what’s up guys spit my gum out let’s get down to it now i did a video on this beard straightening brush and i’m going to link this down below but i’m gonna put a few separate links because last time i linked this brush it was at 20 bucks and they raised it to like 40 bucks just because everybody was buying it so well provided like three or four links

For like the exact same brush they’re literally just like brushes made in china with different branding on them and maybe a different style button but they’re all very very similar hey i’m head around okay so i’ve been doing a little bit of research a little bit of google and as they say and i found out a few things about using these brushes i’m gonna give you

Three tips plus one little cool hack that i’ve figured out myself as far as using these brushes and number one most important something a lot of people brought up in the comments that any means think about at the time was the heat like how you’re damaging your hair if i’m gonna blow dry my beard or how i used to do it before i found these i would take something

Like this this argan oil heat shield and that would protect the hair from being damaged and the reason it’s argan oil is because argan oil has a very very high smoke point or whatever they call it like burn point so you can’t you don’t want to just use a regular like beard oil on your beard and get it beard oiled up and then you do it you want to use something

Like this with argan oil or just use straight argan oil i believe because it has a very high smoke point or burn point and the thing is when an oil is in your beard and then you burn it it damages everything so you don’t want that so the burn point of argan oil is like four hundred and something degrees i don’t know exactly but it’s pretty high up there it’s one

Of the higher of the essential oils and so when i’m turning this on let’s turn it on alright it’s on it’s at four four is a fourteen down to 450 now it’s a 303 something 340 and 380 is like the middle ground right pretty much use it i’m gonna link this down below this it came with this set of like a beard wash and conditioner they used to use a lot it’s actually

Really good stuff but it comes with this thermal stuff but you can buy it by itself and i’ll link it down below literally just comes out as a spray like that makes it easy to put in probably one hour evenly distributed a little bit like that through the beard and it’s heated up okay so now there is there is a somewhat scary aspect to using this and you’ll hear it

When i put this through my beard you hear that it’s scary but all it is is because there’s moisture coming into contact with heat really of course i want to let it sit there and roast there we go and we’re just going straight down the sides not spending too long lingering anywhere and now this brings me to my second tip which is you don’t want to overuse this thing

You don’t want it to become a crutch to where you need it although you feel like you need it all the time in an ideal situation your beard routine is just a little bit waking up and putting some oiler balm in your beard and it’s good to go that happens a lot more frequently if you’re using co-wash and conditioning washing your beard like every day with the scotch

Porter that’s in my shower like stuff like that which is what i use also if you look you can see the pictures of guys with beards that are like really straight and it’s like unnatural looking you don’t want it to become like a regular like a girls strand of hair on your face you wanted to have some depth and texture to your beard i mean just in my opinion i think

This looks pretty good but if i go yves but if i go farther with it and make him really really straight then it looks a little bit unreal like a little bit weird i only use a straining brush if i’m in a super hurry or if the beer is just a little bit messed up and it can use a little touch i just heated up real quick takes like 10 seconds and i just brush it out

Real quick and it’s good i don’t make a habit of using it all the time and number three i think i messed up in the beginning i said three tips in one hack i’m giving you two tips and one hacked i mean it’s all tips but one is this cool little idea i had and it worked pretty well i don’t know kind of work now that i’ve done this but if you look there’s you can see

Like little indents and curls in the beard like you know how you get under your jawline you get that the first time i use this i didn’t get that the first time when i use it on video last video i didn’t get that it just the hair went straight but now i’ve realized that it does it a little bit more often too similar to the hairdryer if you’re brushing it out too

Much it it divots in at the end of the at the end of the jaw so cool technique i’ve learned to get rid of that little curl is what you do instead of going down with it like this you take it and you’re gonna brush against your holding your beard under here like this and you’re brushing through it like this hopefully it’ll work after i’ve already done the straightening

That way i don’t know usually i just do it this way in the beginning to begin with what i do i take it and i just brush it that way backwards like that and what it’s doing is it’s still straightening the beard but it doesn’t give you that pro point at the end of your jaw because you’re not brushing down into it and it’s in the nca right here you then then just

Kind of shake it out and you’re like that and that pretty much took those trolls out but it also went out a little bit further so something you can do to counteract that is just take a can’t comb like this coleman didn’t like that and kind of wrangle the beard in like that and that’s pretty good right there i don’t see that i don’t really see the curls so that’s my

Little hack on how to use it you need to trim this damn beard it’s getting too long guys hit thumbs up right now take a second to hit thumbs up i appreciate you coming to watching the video hit thumbs up right now to show me that you love me and you really care about me and my beard and my family and my life and everything that is involved with me leave a comment

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