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3 Simple Drinks For Glowing Skin ,Skin Lightening and Anti ageing Effects

3 Simple Drinks For Glowing Skin , Healthy and Better Skin

Hi this is dr vivek and in this video i am going to share with you recipe of three drinks or smoothies you can say that are going to be very very effective for your skin health if you want glowing shiny beautiful skin then these drinks can help you first drink is gonna help you with dark circles or puffy eyes in these things second drink is gonna help you in improving

The skin complex and the third drink is gonna be for clear and glowing skin sounds interesting for me it is but these drinks are not going to be only effective for your skin but they’ll be also helpful in increasing the hemoglobin the iron in your body yes this is gonna improve the overall health of your body this is the beauty of applying ayurveda always medical

Science natural stuff in your life so now let’s move forward to our first drink for this we’ll be using half cup of carrot half cup of beetroot plus eight slices of cucumber and in this you’ll be also adding two tablespoon of lemon or lime juice why we are adding lemon or lime juice over here because lemon or lime juice is gonna help in the absorption of the

Vitamins minerals and the iron from these vegetables that’s why i said that these remedies are going to help you in improving the level of iron and hemoglobin in your body and plus we’ll be adding one cup of water to this and then we will blend all this together and this is your drink ready drink it just once in a day any time of the day as you are comfortable you

Can drink it as in breakfast you can drink it between your lunch and dinner so as you are comfortable you can drink this if you don’t like the taste and you’re not comfortable then take this smoothie and filter it through the cloth or as you’re comfortable and take out the juice of all these things that we have blended and this you can drink but i will say it’s

Better to use smoothie than the juice because in smoothie you are going to get lots and lots of fibers and much more vitamins and minerals than in the juice so this is my opinion and then see how you are comfortable because drinking the juice is at least better than doing nothing so as you are comfortable use it but give it a try and this can be helpful how long

It can be used for three months you can use it and then you can discontinue for a month and then again you can use it now let’s move towards our second recipe that is the turmeric tea yes turmeric is a boon for our skin it is antibacterial antiviral antiseptic i just love turmeric and turmeric is very good for your skin it is one of the best spices for the skin

So drinking turmeric tea can help you in improving the complex of your skin so how to make this turmeric tea very simple just take 2 cup of water add half teaspoon of turmeric to it 1 4 teaspoon of black pepper plus 2-3 pinches of cinnamon powder to it if you have cinnamon stick real one add those it’s also good and take two inch of ginger peel out the skin and

Just crush it and add to this water after adding all this mix it well and then boil it boil it for about five minutes why we are boiling because we want the flavor the effect of all these spices that we have used in it the main component of turmeric curcumin will be well absorbed by adding the black pepper that’s why we are adding black pepper over here and black

Pepper doesn’t help only with curcumin but it will help with cinnamon also it will help with ginger also black pepper enhances the effect of all the spices that we are using that’s why we are using black pepper over here so after boiling our tea we’ll just wait for few minutes as it cools down a bit we are ready to go we can drink this tea best time will be after

Food try to avoid empty stomach why because many people can have problems with these spices taken empty stomach that’s why try to take it off to your meal or between your meal try to avoid it taking empty stomach how many times in a day we can drink it one to two time it’s more than enough even one time will be sufficient so drink this and how long to drink this

Two months will be more than sufficient then discontinue it for a month and then again you can continue now let’s move towards the third recipe that is for clear and glowing skin for this recipe we need spinach yes we are going to use spinach in this how much spinach we are going to use about one cup of spinach and not boiled one so we will take spinach so why we

Are using we all know spinach is so healthy for our body for iron for fred then for digestion for everything spinach is very good spinach is the thing that we should consider and if you’ll be healthy from inside then only you will have glow outside on your skin if you’ll have good hemoglobin iron levels in your body then only your skin will look healthier that’s

Why we are using spinach over here one cup plus we’ll be adding 10 slices of cucumber why i am adding cucumber again first cucumber hydrates our body and that’s very important for us can secondly it is gonna help us in detoxification of our intestine to improve metabolism to clean our intestine and without having good digestion without having good intestine forget

About having good skin that’s why i’m adding cucumber over here again third ingredient is gonna be ginger why ginger because it is going to help in boosting our metabolism in digestion of spinach and cucumber that’s why we are adding one inch of ginger and plus we’ll be adding little bit of black pepper according to the taste it can be two pinches one pinches five

Pinches as you are comfortable added because we want more absorption of the vitamins minerals and the iron from this mixture that’s why we are adding ginger plus black pepper little bit according to the taste and at last we are going to add 2 tbsp of lime or lemon juice for the same reason as i have explained you in the start of the video plus add one cup of water

Now blend this all mixture well and your smoothie is ready again the same concept try to consume the smoothie rather than extracting the juice but if you don’t like smoothie at all then you can go for extracting the juice from this smoothie you can drink this smoothie in your breakfast you can drink it in the daytime anytime as you are comfortable but start using

This now the question will be we should drink all these three together or some of them see i have told you the effect that this spinach one is going to clear your skin and is going to give glow to your skin turmeric is going to improve the complex of your skin and that with the carrot is gonna help you with dark circle or puffy eyes in all these stuff so choose

What you want and if you want all three effects then consume turmeric tea and any one of the smoothie not together but like in the morning breakfast you took the smoothie and in the daytime you are drinking the turmeric tea for two months and then switch to another smoothie that is in this video so in this way you can drink as you are comfortable but these things

Are going to help you only if throughout the day you are eating well you are hydrating your body you are doing exercises you are not in lots of mental stress you are sleeping good because this home remedy is going to help you only if you are having good sleep if you are not having good sleep and then you won’t remove the dark circles from your eyes sorry this is

Not going to happen these things can help you a bit only if you are eating good you are eating right only if you are trying to live in healthy lifestyle i am not claiming that this is a magic and your skin is gonna be super after drinking this it will be super it will be beautiful only if throughout the day you’ll be eating right you’ll be doing exercises you will

Be hydrating well i hope we all have this much sense you are beautiful doing these small things will make you look more beautiful smile more stay happy stay healthy

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3 Simple Drinks For Glowing Skin ,Skin Lightening and Anti ageing Effects By Dr. Vivek Joshi