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4 Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Purifier

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So diwali is here and so is the air pollution in delhi and aliens here now some of you may want to buy an air purifier but then again since air purifier are still relatively new there isn’t much clarity available compared to smartphone and tech gadgets of course there are a lot of other bits worth floating around like cadr hepa filter etc and to make it even worse

There are few gimmicks like pm 2.5 rating on most of the air purifier doesn’t work after a limit and some people suggest using and plants as an air purifier look the point is there is a lot of misinformation and confusion when it comes to buying an air purifier so the question that has to be asked is what are the things that you need to consider before buying an

Air purifier well this is minor from and here are four things that you should consider before buying an air purifier also if you’re new here make sure to subscribe to techwizer to stay wiser and with that said let’s begin okay so the first thing you should look for in any air purifier is that it should have a true hepa filter now a hepa filter stands

For high efficiency particulate air but to understand it simply an air purifier is basically a big plastic box with two major parts a hepa filter and a fan now the fan usually sits on the top of the hepa filter that passes the air through it thus taking in the polluted air and the pollutant get traps in the filter and the fan releases the purified air and if you

Take a closer look at any hepa filter it’s basically a fiberglass with very tiny holes in it which can trap a pm 2.5 pollutant to give your perspective the pm 2.5 pollutant is 30 times smaller than your hair that’s the same reason a plant can’t fix air pollution sure they will give you some fresh air but the effect is negligible compared to the pollutant suspended

In the air now which hepa filter is used in an air purifier is also important there’s the eppa filter which is the most basic one and the one you should avoid and then you have h14 h13 etc the higher you go in the hepa grade the better cleaning it does now some companies like philips and sharp advertise the hepa filter on their website for instance they use h13

Which is good but i wasn’t able to find the hepa filter grade used in me air purifier a little bit of digging on their website and turns out they use a apa filter which isn’t a true hepa filter and should be avoided so yeah before you buy an air purifier make sure it has true hepa filter and also check for the grade of the hepa filter h13 and h14 hepa filters are

Usually better than the apo filters next thing you should look for in an air purifier is a cadr value short for clean air delivery rate in simple words just like you have to buy a different ton of ac based on the different size of a room the air purifier also have different cadr value if you have a bigger room you need a air purifier with higher cadr such as 350

To 400 cdr for a master bedroom well if you have a smaller room a typical 250 to 300 cadr will also work now how cadr value is calculated is also important for example if you take a look at the screenshot of philips air purifier description the ceiling height is considered to be 8 feet now this is quite unrealistic because most of the indian homes has a ceiling

Height of at least 10 or 12 feet now both the me and phillips air purifier claims the cad are suitable for a master bedroom however while testing it in the master bedroom the me air purifier which started at 5 34 and after 30 minutes it was able to bring the pollution level to 90 which is good but then again it stayed at 90 no matter what similarly the philips

2087 which started at 5.5 was able to bring down the pollution level to 58 much better than the air 3 but still not below 50. however even after that it remained constant at 50 never came below 50. the point is although both of them claims to be suitable for a bigger room in our testing they were ineffective to bring the pollution level below 50 since the room

Was too big for them the third thing to keep in mind before buying an air purifier is to not get over influenced by the smart feature of an air purifier now there are some a purifier out there which has app integration work with elixir etc etc and these are all good things but the primary job of an air purifier is to effectively clean the air if they are able to

Do that well and good and only after then you have to factor in the extra smart feature the me air purifier also had smart features such as scheduling connect to wife etc and these are all good features to have but in my experience there was a power failure and the me home app automatically disconnected from the app and i wasn’t able to remotely control it over

Wi-fi without resetting it again similarly if you’re buying an air purifier just because it has a display that’s also not wise for example the philips air purifier can only show reading up to 280 and the mi air purifier only goes to 600 and if the pollution is more than that you can’t expect the readings to be accurate look the point is features like display smart

App connectivity are useful but often gimmicky and that’s why they should never be the primary reason to buy an air purifier rather you should look for values like cadr or even a true hepa filter in an air purifier and the final thing to look for before buying an air purifier is to ask yourself which room are you gonna use it when are you going to use it in

A properly insulated room or are you planning to use it in a hall here in the closed room where the air purifier is running the pm 2.5 level is below 50 which is good but if i open the door or if i go to the hall with higher circulation the pollution goes to 400 highly unsafe and if i go all the way outside it’s 700 of course if i go back to the insulated room

It brings the pollution level below 50. quite safe also a lot of people attach their air purifier to the ball the right way to use it is to leave at least one feet of gap in all the four sides for proper air circulation in simple words using an air purifier is not similar to using an ac you need a proper insulated room for it to work well now i know this isn’t

Going to be practical for most of us so one way to fix this problem is to use air purifier at night since this is the time i’m less likely to move in and out of my bedroom also during the day the pollution level is quite less in a typical morning in delhi ncr the pm 2.5 collision is usually goes to 600 or 700 around afternoon it falls to 750 and when the sun is

At the peak the pollution is lowest and at night the position start rising again to 600 or even 700. you can also find the similar data for your city online and how position level changes throughout the day now this is not just helpful for air purifiers but if you’re someone who goes out for a run in early morning or late nights then you’re better off going a

Little bit late when the sun is up overall to sum it up when you are buying in air purifier you should look for these four things number one hepa filter usually s13 and 14 is good to go second look for cdr usually 350 is a good cdr for most of the bedrooms third don’t fall for the gimmicks like smart features and app compatibility and four use it in a properly

Insulated room so now that you know what to look for in an air purifier the next question is which one should you buy well we have done a dedicated video on most of the air purifiers starting with philips 2887 the me air 3 honeywell etc etc links to that will be in the description of this video as well as in the youtube cards as always it’s been now signing off

And remember just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean you’re breathing clean air give it a thought and i will see in the next one you

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4 Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Purifier By TechWiser