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425. I took BCAA and Desiccated Beef Liver 60 days Heres what happened Muscle building supplement

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What is up youtube it’s good malone you’re coming at you with another exciting video okay so these are this is a video and a series of videos that i’m talking about of cooter malloy approved supplements that i do take that i am noticing a difference right in pre-workout nighttime stuff testosterone building anyways you get the idea i’ve already done a few of these

We’re going to tackle these two next in a minute but for now we’re just focusing on bcaa and grass-fed desiccated beef liver okay so it’s an old time trick it’s an old time 70s probably even 60s bodybuilder trick where they would just eat massive amounts of desiccated liver tablets i think they were lord knows how many tablets that we’re taking i’m pretty sure

The stuff now is more concentrated it’s probably better it’s probably better quality you get the idea the grass-fed desiccated beef liver basically aids in helping to synthesize protein that’s basically what it does it’s a short answer that’s basically what it does this is an old arnold schwarzenegger golden era bodybuilder trick they would take these i think

Zayn was one of the the chemist he was one of these big advocates of taking this stuff i think franco colombo talked about it a few times in a few of the videos that i’ve seen him talking about it but basically it just helps to synthesize the protein so they would take this with their meals right pre-workout meal post-workout meal especially most effective in

The post-workout meal and on the recovery days would definitely help to help to synthesize the protein bcaa basically branched chain amino acids it’s the same thing you’re just you’re just microlyzing or you’re basically trying to make it as easy for the body as possible to digest and process and build and synthesize protein muscle right building muscle so i do

Take these two together every single day whether i’m working out or not because on a workout day it just gets shuttled into the muscles quicker so that it’s there and it’s available to help synthesize the muscle during the repair and the recovery and the building cycle and then also on the days that i don’t work out i still take it anyways just to be there as

Bio available as possible so that’s that’s what that is so they’re both in neutral cost i will put links down below in the description section make sure to check that out hit the like button hit the subscribe button as well if you like what you’re seeing hit the notification bell if you want to be notified of when these videos do come out let’s talk about this

One first bcaa here’s your ingredient list right you can screenshot that it’s two one one matrix i guess or whatever you want to call that the ratio l leucine l isoleucine l valine is what’s in there this brand this company has been the purest i could possibly find i think the reputable they’re trustworthy i think it just seems to be working the best when do i

Take this usually kind of like before a meal i try to take it because i don’t want this stuff to latch on to whatever i’m eating i’d rather eat it or drink it like on an empty stomach maybe you know like some kind of fruit juice or something in there the the simple sugars in the fruit juice help to shuttle this with the aid of insulin into the muscles to kind of

Do their thing that’s at least the theory anyways there’s a suggested use dietaryism makes one scoop daily and that’s usually what i take is about one scoot sometimes i’ll put this in a post-workout protein shake just depends you know i’m trying to mixing it up seeing what works best but i definitely notice my muscle gains by taking this product okay the grass-fed

Desiccated beef liver here’s your ingredient list pretty simple it’s just grass-fed desiccated beef liver right other ingredients is the actual gelatin capsule itself you don’t chew them you just swallow them that’s pretty much what it is there’s your suggested use right there ditro so i’m going to take four capsules daily with eight two ounces of water i’ve been

Taking three sometimes what i’ll do is i’ll do three in the morning and three at night so i’m doing six total it just kind of depends but it definitely works i think right now i’m on my second or my third bottle i have to reorder this which speaking of which down there in the description there down below there are some links to these products as long as many other

Products are down there in the description section make sure to check that out hit the like button hit the subscribe button if you like what you’re seeing hit the notification bell if you want to be notified when these new videos come out and i will catch you all on the next exciting video the short answer is yes i do take both of these they are cooter malloy

Approved supplements and i am continuing to take them they are they i’ve noticed significant improvements in my muscle building process by taking both of these two products that’s the short sweet answer so there you go cooter molloy catch you on the next exciting video

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425. I took BCAA and Desiccated Beef Liver 60 days Here's what happened Muscle building supplement By Cooter Malloy