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5 Exercises The Rock Says Will Get You HUGE!


That’s right there’s a whole video dedicated to his chest that you can find right now on the internet i think men’s health has got it with the rocks trainer basically saying you know when it was time for naked chest day sorry motherboard ajo here thank you very much for joining me as always happy monday if you’re watching this on day one and today we’re going to

Talk about the rock trainer because obviously black adam is doing the rounds right now it’s been very very successful so everyone’s looking at dwayne johnson going how the hell has he got such a good body and given the rocks trainer is also the trainer for henry cavill who’s also in that movie spoiler but let’s face it the rocket henry cavill i’m trying to keep

That secret so i’m not going to try and keep it a secret either it’s the classic pr round and you get a bunch of articles about the rock and how he trained and how he did this and there’s one particularly interesting story out there how you know because obviously movies take a long old while to film but you don’t do it in the sort of the correct order you just would

Do scene one then we’ll do scene 32 then we’ll come back to scene 14. so essentially the rock for say four weeks i’m making that number up but for a period of time had to keep his physique looking exactly the same including his chest that’s right there’s a whole video dedicated to his chest that you can find right now on the internet i think men’s health has got

It with the rocks trainer basically saying you know when it was time for naked chest day i would be on set usually we were just working remotely and i’d say eat this don’t eat this reduce your sodium intake etc etc but when it was time for naked chest day thing we had to do for the first shirtless scene we had to do for the second about six weeks later remember

There’s no padding in the suit that’s his physique and that physique we had to hold the entire film we absolutely had me on set making sure his chest looked the same the whole time now somebody eventually asked him oh what five exercise would you recommend to anybody to get in superhero shape now the reason i like to talk about these articles is because they have

A type of mainstream articles that do get seen by a lot of people that are either just starting out at the gym for the first time or those who have just hit a plateau and they’re like well i don’t know what to do well if the rock does this and henry cavill does this and this amazing trainer says i should do this maybe i should do it and sometimes you can overdo

Them or you can ignore other exercises that actually would be more beneficial so we’re going to go through all five i’ll tell you the pros i’ll tell you the cons and i’ll remind you that if you’re listening to me right now thinking i don’t listen to that bald idiot you shouldn’t find the people you trust and stick with them so his name is dave rienzi i should stop

Calling him uh the rocks trainer you know you shouldn’t reduce him to such a thing i quite enjoy interestingly the very first one that he throws in there is the barbell hip thrust then we have some how to do it lie with your upper back resting on a bench and your feet flat on the floor in front of you rest the barbell on the crease of your hips and raise your hips

Until your body forms a straight line from your shoulders to your knees hold for a count and then slowly return to the starting position but as rienzi says it’s such an effective exercise isolating the glutes the glutes perform such a key role in athletic performance minimizing the risk for injury and reducing the risk of knee pain and lower back pain so i would

Put the hip thrust at the top of the glute posterior chain exercises now that is why it’s quite interesting because not a lot of people when they first go to the gym i’ll be going to doing hip thrust in fact you probably don’t even care about your ass if some magical muscle genie appeared and say hey do you want a muscly ass you’d be like no can i have massive

Triceps instead but this is an interesting way to look at it now i don’t think you should throw all other exercises out and just focus on barbell hip thrust i do think you should bring them into your routine at some point but what the main takeaway of what he just said there should be that you need everything to be working in conjunction with everything else and

You need to make sure you build one muscle so another muscle another body heart or a joint is stabilized because too many times what happens most is people don’t train their legs right they don’t train their lower part of their body they train their upper body so they’re completely out of sync with everything and then they get injured and they can’t figure out

Why they injured it’s like well because you’ve got a massive back and you’ve got massive arms you’ve got a massive chest but when it comes to your hips your glutes your quads your hamstrings your calves and who knows what else you haven’t built up the necessary well protection i suppose and that’s what you’ve got to remember too we’re not just going to the gym to

Train we’re not just going to the gym to build muscle or get ripped we’re building for stability and we are building for perseverance because you want to be doing this when you’re 35 45 55 65 why the hell wouldn’t you you don’t just want to get to old age you go oh you can’t do this thing you really like anymore so absolutely bring them in do them a couple of

Times a week treat them like any other exercise too don’t buy into this bizarre thing oh well it’s a exclusive muscle group and therefore you should train them different to all other muscle groups no train muscles in exactly the same way just try and ironically kick your own ass which moves on to my favorite one at number two which is lunges now i’ve talked about

Lunges a lot on this channel because on the one hand they suck and i hate them but on the other they are so damn good and they’ll absolutely build your legs and he says stand upright with your hands at your side palms facing your body lunge forward as far as you can with your right leg bending your trailing knee so it almost brushes the floor using the heel of your

Right foot to push your ollie back up to starting position repeat with the opposite leg you can perform this exercise holding dumbbells to make it more challenging you can do farmers walks as well actually they’re called farmers walks walking lungs will call them to keep it nice and easily but as rienzi says for legs i’m a big fan of lunges i love the unilateral

Movement so i love the challenge of it it’s an exercise where you get a really nice deep stretch and it really isolates the legs very well it’s definitely my favorite leg exercise and an exercise that i found has gotten me the most results bingo there’s the sentence ask what’s important yes squats are a overall mass builder they’re going to help you core they’re

Going to help your strength but if you’re just trying to add some size onto your legs and you’re not doing lunges i think you’re doing yourself a disservice the reason people like myself idiots don’t like them is because they hurt like hell and because they’re hard work and they’re challenging and sometimes you don’t just want to do that also when you are done

You’ve done them properly oh my gosh your face will just go like that because again the pain and the lactic acid is so uh so crazy but that’s about how you know they’re good because that’s the kind of punishment they’re doing to your legs and don’t forget when we are in the gym and we are training we are causing punishment we are trying to break the muscle down so

That we can inhale it with food and nutrition and protein and who knows what else so if you are only going to pick one we’ll do a little game throughout this again you should do all of them but if you’re only going to pick one pick lunges honestly as good as barbell hip thrusts are lunges are so damn good and i cannot sell them enough which brings us on to number

Three and everybody will be happy because it’s the dumbbell bench press liner fat bench holding two dumbbells over your chest with an overhand grip push up until your arms are straight then lower under control i would actually argue dog right in your arms i think you want to have a bit of give in your mouth bow i just think it helps with injuries but as rienzia

Said for chess i have to go with a dumbbell bench press a good old flat dumbbell bench press i love the movement i love the stability of it interestingly enough and you’ll see it in our black adam workout i like doing high rep stuff with the flat bench press doing 20 reps of a moderate to moderate heavy weight is extremely challenging and it really gets a lot of

Blood pumping into the muscle so i mean that’s gonna pertain to what you’re trying to do this idea that you have to be doing four to six reps unless you’re trying for like a strong man competition or something or you’re a power lifter i always think getting up there in rep ranges is going to be better for someone that wants a more aesthetically looking body you’re

Talking 12 to 14 reps he was talking about 20 reps but yeah with a dumbbell bench press just remember push yourself find that intensity and make sure you are getting into that higher rep range on those last few reps you’re really pushing it and it really hurts the cool thing about dumbbell bench press as opposed to a barbell bench press is when you get stuck in

A barbell brent’s press you have to roll it down you and it has to go over your penis or your groin or region and that hurts whereas if you’re doing at the dumber one you can just drop them on the floor like you shouldn’t do that it’s not great gym etiquette but it’s better than dying in the fitness pal as a love which brings us on to our penultimate one which is

Tea bar rose and boy howdy do i love a t-barrow load one side of a barbell with weight and secure the other end in the corner of the gym straddle the bar and grip it at the weighted end pull the bar towards your chest keeping your elbows tight to your body and squeezing your shoulder blades together at the top lower to the starting position and repeat t-bar rose

Are one of my favorite exercises there’s just something about the exercise it really really targets the lats and hits the lats hard when you go up at the top and pause and hold that peak contraction you really feel the muscles working it’s just a great over exercise to build size on the lats can’t argue with that at all i think the t-bar row seems to be a forgotten

Back exercise again uh normal barbaros awesome uh deadlifts awesome lap pull down awesome these are the ones that people can kind of gravitate towards but even if you don’t have a t-bar row in your gym you can just take a bar and kind of stick it in a corner although some gyms don’t like that anymore but once you get that formed down and a lot of people don’t have

The form they kind of throw it around but they’re trying to wrestle with a fish be slow with it start ice and light add weight procedurally as you get more used to it and as you get more confident and remember it’s meant to be a nice fluid motion like i said you bring it up to the chest you give it a big of a squeeze and you bring it back down if you’re trying to

Pull it and you’re getting no range of motion then there’s no point because other areas of your back particularly your lower back are going to kick in and then you’re going to injure yourself and you don’t want to do that so once more absolutely throw these into your back routine but don’t worry if you’re just starting off with 20 kilograms who cares if anyone’s

Looking at you go oh that guy is such a loser believe you me you ain’t the loser it’s them which ends with a very interesting one the dumbbell lateral raise pick a couple of dumbbells and stand with them by your sides palms facing your body keeping your upper body still that means no swinging lift the dumbbells out to your side with a slight bend at your elbows

Lift until your arms are parallel to the floor then slowly lower to start the position and as the rock’s trainer says for shoulders i love dumbbell side lateral raises they really get that cap of the shoulder well i do a lot of techniques with that where i alternate them from a static cold so you’re really maximizing the tension on the side dead tool it’s also a

Very crazy burn when done properly and there’s the key again as i accidentally pressed the wrong button but that is the key when done properly now i don’t mind if you’re going to swing them towards the last few uh few repetitions that you are going to do but of course be careful because you’re going to put your body under potential unnecessary strain but you got

To do them i don’t want to say slowly but you’ve got to do them methodically so if you have a couple of dumbbells here don’t be throwing them around again go all the way up hold it all the way down now it’s going to be really hard to hold it if you go too heavy of a weight because gravity will kick your ass right as soon as my arm is up like this i can feel the

Muscle kick into gear because gravity is pushing it down so it’s going to be doubly true when i have a weight in my hand so always go lightweight with a lateral raise there’s nothing wrong with that and lightweight doesn’t mean three kilograms lightweight is going to be relative to whatever the hell you can lift but so many people and again there’s nothing wrong

With doing this if you’re just finishing your shoulders off but so many people go in there and they grab i don’t know 22s they’re doing this and that’s fine to a certain extent you’re not gonna be seeing the same benefit as if you just throw your ego out the door it’s not about ego it’s about training your body correctly and just ensuring you get that range of

Motion in that timeline the tension if you really want that time of tension at the top of the uh the exercise you have to be using a weight that you can handle so do not go nuts and yes there are variations of this you can go up like that you can kind of tuck your elbows in and do that like you may have seen on plenty of lateral raised machines so actually i think

They’re five pretty good exercises i don’t like this idea again because if you go to the headline it says black adam and superman trevor darienzi shares five exercises to get you in superhero shape that’s not going to get you in superhero shape it’s gonna make you and allow you to build a great base but you need more of that you need some isolation stuff you need

A few more compound stuffs but i mean look these are good things that you should incorporate and i’ll argue at least three out of the five are ones that people don’t necessarily use in 2022 and i don’t know why but remember all information is good all exercises are good don’t change your routine too much and certainly don’t throw the baby out the bath water just

Because you see something like this but always be willing to change and always keep an eye on it always feel like when you’re going to always know when you’re going to hit a plateau and make sure you start making the changes then and you will continue to fly until yeah like i say hopefully you’re an old man you’re an old woman and you’re still allowed to go to the

Fitness palace of love so don’t be stupid so be smart remember this is a marathon it’s not a sprint now please do leave a comment below and let me know any exercises that maybe you think are underutilized that people should do like the video show the video and subscribe give the bell ding ding so you know other videos going live notification squad there will be a

Video on the screen please do give it a click otherwise forward slash simon you just go to time and get 10 off these are the supplements i use hence why i’m on board with them they are super good and i absolutely vouch for them i think they are great or so you can buy my new fitness powers of life shirt in conjunction with samsung athletics there’s

Links for all of this in the description below add simon316 on instagram and twitter patreon.com316 if you want to support me that way i’m on cameo if you want to shout out and that’s everything these days take care of yourself see you soon

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