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5 Hands-Free Can Openers Compared!

In this video I’m comparing five hands-free can openers, ranging in price from $11-$30. Which one will come out on top?

Now if you like what you see in this video, now today i’ve got five automatic hands-free in order from cheapest to most expensive, ironically, it allows you to open up cans well it’s already easier to open so i give them credit for that one. i think they all have no batteries included so i’m not picking on the toucan. alright it seems a little bit smaller than the

First two i opened. glancing over these instructions, i don’t i’ll have to figure that out when i crack it open. i wonder if that sets it apart from the others because it’s shrink wrapped. handy can opener, toucan, tornado f4, instecho, and the kitchen mama. but i’ll put up here i’ll put a time on how long it actually took for the can to be opened. otherwise

It would be about a 45-minute video some of you may remember my manual can opener you might want to check that out if you haven’t seen it yet. let’s see how much of a difference there really is. now as with my manual can opener comparison, let’s get started with the smallest of these cans, some jalapenos. and the edge is smooth so i think first test we’re off

To a good start here. well the magnet did a pretty good job of grabbing this one is pretty easy to align on there, i will say that. alright the magnet didn’t pick this one i think that the $10.62 handy can, it’s go with a standard-size can of some green beans right here. the cheap ones are bringing their a-game to this comparison. ok well i would say this one is

Quieter than the other two. these weren’t sent to me by amazon vendors trying to pump their products. so you can get the best one without having not that i want any of them to fail, but it but then you factor in the cost and you might have something. alright well all i’ve got to say is that i have a lot of food to eat later. seems like it’s a little bit grindy

On the motor, too. that took a long time but let’s see if it worked. alright well i think that the tornado f4 was… and slower than the others and this one was 20 bucks. the other $20 offering is the instecho automatic can opener. yeah it keeps… it likes to keep going, but alright i think that, you know, we’ll just keep moving. so let’s see if the $30 price

Tag makes this one shimmys also like the others do but it sounds more powerful. all these can openers by the way have the smooth… so i guess they’re not smooth edge can openers anyway. only about half the time these magnets worked it seems like. the lid kind of gets wedged in there, but i don’t think i’ve ever had a comparison video where all the products worked

For everything. the good news is that i just opened 20 cans and i didn’t have any failures. but i think i’ve got a pretty good order alright so how do i rank these because they i’ll start by saying that this is the first but if i have to rank them, here’s the reason the auto-stop worked pretty well but this some reason it seemed like it was struggling so i worry

About the motor on this one lasting through batteries as well, so i think the this one, it was 20 bucks, the auto-stop was a little bit iffy. like a lot of the cans i was getting juice instecho is certainly toward the bottom of the list. and it’s the bulkiest of them so i just it worked pretty well actually i could tell effective, however it didn’t always auto-stop

And that leaves the shocking under-my-radar the magnet worked on a few of the cans, the i just think that for the price, the handy can is probably the best deal. please follow my social profiles for progress pictures, videos as i go. from me, james white, with freakin’ reviews.

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5 Hands-Free Can Openers Compared! By Freakin’ Reviews