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5 MUST HAVE HomePod mini Accessories!

Here are 5 must have Accessories for the HomePod mini! These accessories make the HomePod more useful, makes your HomePod portable, how a tiny little device can control your HomePod, and more.

The homepod mini is one of my favorite apple devices and in this video i’m going to show you five must-have accessories for your homepod mini these accessories make the homepod mini more useful gives you features like being able to make your homepod portable how this tiny little device can control your homepod and much more and as always i will leave links to

Everything down in the description below so you can check these out the first must have accessory on this list is a wall mount the homepod mini is a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom to play music set timers or ask the weather but having this extra cord on the counter doesn’t really look clean plus it can easily be knocked over or drinks or other liquids

Could be accidentally split on your homepod while cooking which i have almost done too many times now a wall mount or a shelf not only keeps wires off the counter but also protects the homepod from liquids and from getting knocked off and doesn’t impact or change the sound quality there are many different options on amazon but none of them are really as good or as

Unique as this 3d printed wall mount on etsy from derek at princeton fire designs he sent this mount out for this video and wow this thing is incredible this wall mount replaces your existing faceplate and has a perfect cutout for not only the outlets and the light switch but also a perfect spot on top for the homepod to rest on just remove your existing faceplate

Then run the home parts power cord through the hole on the top and then through the back wind up the cord inside the cord compartment under where the homepod sits then run the usbc plug through the front and screw in the faceplate then plug in the homepod’s power adapter and then the cable now what really caught my attention with the jag’s wall mounts is that his

Face plates come in all different styles of face plates this way you can really find a mount that matches your face plate style like gfci or decora or even a toggle switch and not only that but he also sells a single gang outlet that’s perfect for a bathroom in either portrait or landscape orientation derek from print spire designs also makes accessories for other

Smart devices like lutron the apple tv and more derek really does it all and i’ll leave a link down below so you can check all the these out now you may know that the homepod mini can act as a homekit hub for all home kit compatible smart devices this includes smart balls smart plugs etc a home github is needed to view the status of smart devices remotely control

Them from anywhere in the world and for automations to run like when a door is open then a light can turn on but what’s really cool about the homepod mini is that it has thread built in and that leads us to must-have accessory number two a thread enabled smart device if you’re not familiar with what thread is basically thread is a newer spot home standard designed

For smart devices thread offers faster response times a more reliable connection between other thread devices and longer battery life on devices that use batteries like contact or motion sensors when compared to wi-fi or bluetooth thread devices create their own mesh network by using a required border router which is a homepod mini or the new apple tv 4k and does

Not require a third-party bridge plus thread is part of the new universal smart home standard matter meaning you can buy any smart device whether it’s a smart board with smart plug and it will work with any smart home assistant amazon google or homekit so buy and thread enabled devices are a great way to future proof your smart home it’s important to note that if

Your thread border router is down like if your homepod mini is offline then all the thread enabled devices will default to the slower connection of bluetooth nanoleaf makes a very affordable light bulb at only 20 bucks as well as their light strips and their shapes line up eve is one of the big names that sells a wide variety of thread enabled devices like smart

Plugs switches contact sensors and more new thread enabled products are slowly being released like air purifiers and devices from acara those are some accessories that you can use indoors but what about outdoors how do you use your homepod mini outdoors if there are no electrical outlets that leads us to probably the most unique accessory in this video which is

A must-have accessory number three a battery base by mission that allows your homepod mini to be portable and use it anywhere now mission did send this battery based out to me for this video but my thoughts are completely on my own and one of my favorite ways to use this is just chill outside drinking coffee and reading the book it’s so nice to not have to worry

About plugging in the homepod and running a wire and worry about if it’s going to be long enough you can just carry this thing wherever you go it’s also much easier than carrying around a bluetooth speaker that you have to pair and reconnect each time and that’s not very fun whereas your phone is already connected to your homepod and that will give you access to

Siri this way you’re able to use a siri outside to control your smart home play songs all without having to have your phone so how does this battery base actually work well it’s just a little case for the homepod on the top is where the homepod sits nice and snug and there’s soft padded on the inside to protect the homepod and the homepod does not fall out if it gets

Tips upside down and on the back is two usbc ports and label it for what they do on the left is the output for the homepod mini to plug into and the right is the input to charge the internal battery of the base on the front is the power button to turn it on and off with a battery life indicator this battery base is great if you don’t want or have multiple home body

Menus all throughout the rooms throughout your home let’s say in a room that might not be worth it to put it in like a bathroom the battery base is about two pounds with the homepod mini so it’s really not that heavy to carry around the battery inside is 2 000 milliamps designed to last up to nine hours on audio playback and up to 20 hours on standby time there is

A couple things to keep in mind when you’re using this battery base the homepod mini was not designed to be used outdoors only indoors plug into the wall and connected to your wi-fi so if you take the homepod off of your network say like if you want to use it at a park or a friend’s house then you can still play music or other audio to the homepod with airplay but

Siri won’t work since it’s not connected to the internet when the battery base is turned off you will see a no response message in the home app since the homepod is not being powered and technically offline now most importantly if your homepod mini is your main homekit hub and you take it off of your network then the devices in your smart home won’t work with the

Home app or be able to be controlled remotely or automations to run they’ll still work manually but not from your phone or remotely so keep that in mind if there are other people in your home that want to control your devices either from voice or via the home app but other than those few quirks this is a great must-have accessory for your homepod mini the battery

Base costs about 40 bucks and comes in black and white so you can mix and match the colors with the color of your homepod and the charging cable is color matched to the color of the battery base which is a nice touch another must-have accessory one that i actually use every single day is number four the acara wireless mini switch this is essentially a tiny little

Button that can control your home kit devices and run scenes that you’ve created just from the press of a button the economy switch is about 20 bucks and connects over zigbee meaning it does require a hub and in this case it’s an acara hub that is required to get this device into the home app in the apple home app the mini switch has three different triggers that

Are exposed a single press double press and a press and hold and each trigger can be set up to control different devices or run different scenes so a single press could turn off all the devices in your house a double press could run a movie scene that turns off the lights to help set the mood and in preston hold could play music in the morning on your homepod

Like a specific playlist that you like at a certain volume if you’re feeling extra adventurous then you could have the homepod play a specific playlist based on the time of day so maybe in the morning between like 5 a.m and 8 am when you press the button the homepod could play some upbeat songs and change the color of lights to help you wake up but if you press

The button at night till like between 7 pm and 10 p.m then the lights could be a damn warm white and smooth jazz can play to help you relax for the night i made a whole video on how to set this up with nfc tags and unique automations that you can also create but the concept is the same with the akar wireless mini switch and i’ll leave that down in the description

Below to check that out now this whole setup and a car wireless administ switch and a car hub costs about 50 bucks on the low end but a cheaper alternative are nfc tags which costs about 10 bucks for a pack of 10. nfc tags are these tiny little stickers that can be placed almost anywhere and can also be used to control your smart home devices by just tapping your

Iphone on the tag however nfc tags can be finicky because you have to find the sweet spot on your phone to talk to the tag usually near the top it’s cool when it works but it can take a couple tries for the phone to talk to the tags nfc tags require your phone to run whereas the economy switch does not so i’ve personally found that car wireless mini switch to be

A bit more practical for everyday use for my wife and i i made a video on how this button completely overhauled and changed how i used my entire smart home that i’ll leave link down in the description below next up is this wooden tripod stand by balalo which is accessory number five that takes your homepod to a new level now i did receive this tripod stand from

Malala for this video but this is my honest thoughts it’s handmade in germany with 100 real oak wood and sealed with natural oils and waxes there’s these cork pads on the bottom to help keep the home pod from sliding around and protects the surface of a table or a desk from the dreaded homepod rings on a table the homepod mini sits perfectly on the stand and it

Looks amazing not only does this look incredible but it also makes the homepods sound even better you may know that the homepod mini has a 360 degree sound and having the homepod mini elevated on the tripod allows you to hear more sound and you can truly experience the 360 degree sound the bilalo tripod stand costs about 35 bucks a piece it comes in a black or

American walnut color or a white slash oak so you can mix and match different colors of the homepod mini plus it’s handmade out of high quality wood and speaking of high quality if there’s anything that you should not skip out on that’s a high quality wallet and extra who is sponsoring today’s video makes the most high quality wallet i have ever seen with features

That just blows my mind not only does it have a quick release button that fans out all your cards to make it easy to find the one that you need but some of their wallets also have support for an air tag so if you lose your wallet then you can find it with a find my app if the air tech wallet is a bit too thick for you then don’t worry because extra makes their own

Tracker powered by chipolo technology that is ultra thin and you can see on a map where your wallet is though it does not support apple’s find mine extra wallets are made out of high quality leather space crate aluminum and carbon fiber and can hold up to 15 cards and what’s even better is they all have an rfid blocking layer that protects your credit card details

While you’re out shopping for all your christmas gifts meaning that you can take advantage of their black friday sale from now until the end of the month and get up to 40 off your own extra wallet just use code adam’s techlife or go to adamstechlive to automatically receive your discount and a huge thanks to extra for sponsoring today’s video these

Are some must-have accessories for your apple tv and here are some hidden features that your homepod mini can do thank you for watching and i’ll see you all in the next video

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5 MUST HAVE HomePod mini Accessories! By Adam’s Tech Life