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6 Months with the Fitbit Charge 5 – Worth it?

After 6 months, the Fitbit Charge 5 is still my favorite fitness tracker. Take a look and see if it can help you reach your goals.

Six months later and the fitbit charge five is still my favorite out of all the devices i’ve used to date this review is going to go over my experience with the device i’m not going to break down every little feature of it if you want to see that head over to my unboxing video but i want to give an update after using it for six months what i think about this overall

So with that i bought the fitbit charge 5 back on september 2nd of 2021 i actually pre-ordered this right off of the website when i got it i received the following items first and most important is the fitbit charge 5 device itself in order to charge it you will also get a usb based charging cable that will magnetize onto the back of the fitbit charge

Five and also you’ll receive two different size wristbands that you connect to it which are a large and small band now i use the large at around a seven inch wrist so if you’re around the same wrist size as me that’s what you’d probably use i didn’t want to wait around at all in this review so let’s take a look at my pros and cons list starting off with the pros

First off i did do another gps test where i did two bike rides back to back same exact distance to see what i get so first off we’ll talk about the distance as that’s probably the most important when it comes to gps tracking on the fitbit the first one i had my phone on me as well as it will actually use the phone to pick up your gps with a device that way you

Can save on battery um but then the second one i actually put my phone in my garage when biking and came back and i got the exact same results at 2.76 miles total now what’s good to see is i actually had improved gps performance based on my 30 day review so in the old review um there’s a part where you kind of come off the road on the sidewalk so it’s not right

On the road the sidewalk comes a little off it and the fitbit actually picked this up both times so i’m not sure if they improve the gps software or firmware but in this testing that i did both times it actually picked up the correct location based on where the sidewalk was some of the gps in my limited test here did pass so again i don’t use it all that much i

Really only cared about the gps back in the day with the old devices doing things like the spartan race where i could get one and it didn’t require my phone to run around with now i don’t really use that much i actually don’t do that much outside cardio if i do any it’s on my indoor spin bike the renfo bike so just know that i don’t use it that much it is on when

I do my walks each day with my dogs but other than that it’s not really something i use that much next we have our step testing so each day i do wake up with around a 50 to 100 steps taken right off the bat so again for me this margin of error is actually pretty good i don’t care that’s like 50 to 100 it’s not going to change my results that much if i’ve waken up

With 50 to 100 extra steps for me that’s i think perfectly fine maybe you want to come up with exactly zero each day but i don’t think any device is really going to do that so just know i think 50 to 100 steps starting your day is perfectly acceptable um especially since it’s really not going to actually affect your results in the long run so moving on we do have

How comfortable the fitbit charge 5 is and as before this is still the most comfortable of all of the fitbit charges i’ve used i really really love the wrist strap and the feel of this device again it kind of like loops in underneath the wrist strap itself so you kind of latch it over and go underneath and i found this works very very well and is very comfortable

I hardly ever take it off so just know this thing is pretty much on me 24 7 unless i have it charging my next pro is that the color display on this thing is absolutely amazing on the fitbit charge 4 when i used it sometimes in the light when i turned towards me i actually couldn’t see it because of the glare this one while it still has glare on it and it is one

Of the cons i can still see all of the numbers perfectly fine so does not stop me from using this no matter what the glare issue is or time of day whatever it might be i can always see what time it is or whatever data i’m looking at is on the device itself and now for a controversial one because i’ve seen many people comment on my last videos and seen this in the

Reviews online and that comes to the battery life for me this falls in the range they provide online of five to seven days depending on if i’ve used gps or not or how active i’ve been walking my dogs around outside so if i have not really done anything that’s kind of sitting around for the week i’ll last all seven days every single time if i’m taking my dogs out

For a lot of walks or maybe i did like a bike ride or something did an event then it will drop to that five day mark if i’m using gps and note if you have your phone on you or not this can actually change the results as well because from my understanding it does switch to the phone’s gps if you do have that on you so just know that for me i have had it always last

At least five days never less than that in my personal usage now have other people express that this is not the case yes and again i’ve gotten many comments saying that to not buy this device because it’s only lasting like a day or two before the battery dies that is not what i’ve had in my experience but again other devices could be showing that so just be aware

That it could be an issue with yours this is a pre-order device i’d be surprised if the new ones did that but you never know so my next pro is that the device has never once crashed on me so again some of my older devices like the fitbit charge 4 would every once in a while just not wake up or just crash and restart so for me again i don’t know if i just got a

Really lucky device but i’ve never ever had it actually crashed during the day yes i’ve had it run out of battery where i had to like plug it in and restart it because i just didn’t realize it was so low on battery but other than that i’ve never had it actually crash based on software or even hardware and then lastly i’ve used this device both swimming and in the

Shower i’ve never had a break or anything like that works perfectly fine there is a limit i think of 50m on the website so just know there is a limit as to how much this can be in the water but i’ve used it just going in lakes and stuff for a long period of time and never had any issues with it never really cared i’m not like diving really deep or anything either

Or taking really long swims i’ll just sit in the water or be in the shower and that’s about it all right that’s it for the pros of the device so far so now let’s take a look at the cons again i am just covering my experience with this after six months not really diving too deep into the software or hardware of it but really just giving you a kind of an update on

What i’ve actually experienced when using it for some time but that leads me into my first con which is the price of this so again i paid around 180 to buy this do i think it’s worth that not really i mean the device is again good it’s my favorite of all of them but i think this is more around the 100 120 mark there are much better i think smart watches out there

That could do this and more so i really don’t think 180 was worth it but again i do actually have it on all the time so maybe it actually is worth it because i actually have it on and i’m using it i i don’t like look at stats all the time but it is something i’m regularly wearing and then reviewing quite often so i guess maybe depending on how often you use it

Like me it could be the 180 price tag but i still feel like it falls somewhere more in the 120 to i say actually 100 to 120 range now the six month premium membership i got for buying this device has ended and do i care absolutely not i’m not paying for this anymore again i’m not someone who likes memberships for the most part when it comes to anything fitness

Related that’s why i work out at home pretty much everything i have is non-membership except for maybe like what i buy for food but outside of that i really do not pay memberships for the things i own and use so i don’t care that it’s ending the only thing i even looked at was the daily writing to score as part of the premium subscription i didn’t go to any of the

Classes anything like that size don’t use them i think they’re all a waste of time so honestly i wouldn’t even care to buy the premium if there’s something in there you really want sure go ahead and get it but i really found no personal use or getting any additional results while having it with the fitbit the next con is the glare so for this one there is quite a

Bit of glare on the screen especially with like direct sunlight or if you have like overhead there will be glare on the screen maybe you could buy something to put over it that could help it but for me i just have the device itself but again it really doesn’t matter because the visual or colors that come through with the numbering on the face of the fitbit charge

5 itself is excellent i really don’t even care that there’s glare there i can still read and view everything without any issues so the glare is not enough to really be a hindrance therefore i think it passes pretty easily but just know there is glare that’s the only reason i put it in the cons list and now something i’ve really won lately especially as we’re moving

Into the summer heat of texas is that i wish the weather option on the device or the app on there was not removed i really want this to come back i haven’t seen it yet but i’m hoping that they bring this back for the fitbit charge 5 because i can actually use it and see how hot it really is while i’m walking my dogs around outside so you’re like me someone in their

Early 30s who just wants a simple wearable tracker and tells the time gives you like decent stats every once in a while that you want to look at i think the fitbit charge 5 is amazing again it does everything i needed to do and more but if you’re someone who like is really stickler about this kind of stuff you’re looking for all these features you need a ton of

Stuff like a smart watch can provide you i would not go with this go with something like an actual smart watch maybe the versa or something like that this is really just to get like simple stats and information with a comfortable device that can go everywhere with you and does gps track without the phone itself so again for me this fits everything i needed to do

And really more there’s like ecg and other things like that again just features i just don’t care about because again they don’t really help me with anything additional in my training i still get great results even if i didn’t have this i could still get great results it’s just another thing i can kind of use and review every once in a while to kind of see how

I’m doing but i hope you enjoyed this review if you did make sure you check out the unboxing to see more of the actual features you get right out of the box or what i got out of the box with my device but with that remember to be fit and game on

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6 Months with the Fitbit Charge 5 – Worth it? By GamerBody