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6 Recursos LEGAIS do FIRE TV STICK que muita Gente no Conhece

Fire TV Stick Lite –

O hello everyone, all right in today’s video i’m going to bring you six very cool features of the fire tv stick that a lot of people don’t know about. to start i wanted to tell you that these features that i’m going to show here work on all models of fighter chic there will be chic light-normal 4k and 4k max beauty and if you are interested in acquiring any of these fancy

Fire tv i’ll leave the purchase link here in the video description because they have very good prices and the first feature i wanted to show you is the possibility i don’t know how to control your fancy fighter without using the remote control i’m going to leave the control here. you need to have some positives with alexia you can have, for example, ecodot an apple line

Device and how is the studio it’s this one i’m going to take that i alex mine is on mute and i’m going to i’m going to give you a voice command i’m going to put my tv on its side here to show you now i’m going to give you the voice command it’s for you to see how simple it is for you to use alexa watch obi-wan kenobi new disney plus and enjoying beyond that away from the disney plus provider

Alex the homepage so if you have any

Ecodot device normal eco or eco studio you will be able to control your website and let that be very useful the only thing you have to do is leave them connected on the same wi-fi network and also leave it in the same group in my case here i put echo studio here in the studio group i put my website leave 4k also in the studio group and that way i can completely control my

Father have chic with my eco device and the second really cool feature that you have is the fire tv app that you can control your dad have chic through jumping check it out guys this here is a fire tv app me and i’m using it here on android, but you also have it available for download, right on apple’s positives. clicking on it will make the connection it will give me

This number here on the screen just type the same number that appeared on the screen it will connect with my faro tv and here i can already control all the functions here through my smartphone, the little arrow down to the top works fine, the middle button is the ok button if i want to enter an application, okay, let’s go back here to the home page again, you can also use

Alex’s voice commands, just click here on the her icon in which the weather forecast for today the temperature is 19 degrees celsius with clear weather the forecast for tonight remains the same with a minimum of 11 degrees alright so you can control everything from here another cool thing too, you can get into this part here lunch here for you here look at this icon that

I’m showing with the arrow that you have access to all the apps that are here on your fire tv so you can come over here right there i decided to open them because i want to open youtube, you click here and it will open youtube for you, just look, it makes navigation through this application a lot easier. it’s really good. from your smartphone i’m going to put it here in

The search field to show you look just give an ok and now i click here on the little keyboard and type and then and look how much easier the navigation here look ah ok ok then a navigation is well included, that way using the smartphone you can also enter directly into the settings just click here on the settings button it already opens here for you not to be it’s really

Cool, it’s very simple for you to use the application, you have all the functions here in the palm of your hand and the third feature that i want to show you is about screen mirroring, which many people don’t know how to use on the fight let me show you how it works here on the fire tv stick to enable screen mirroring just press the home key on your controller and keep it

Pressed for a while this screen will appear here you go there in the mirroring option there it will enter this screen here waiting and now you go here on your smartphone look for the mirroring function of my case brazil is my fighter kinda fancy that i’m on is 4k i’m going to click on it and then start now and now that the screen is mirrored you can play your photos your

Vocal videos or you can enter a streaming service for example i’ll take youtuber that just to show you i’ll take one of the our videos here take this last video that we released and look if i turn the smartphone screen it turns all the way to the tv and it’s really cool i’m going to return to normal here so you have all the control here directly on your smartphone, right?

Photos have local videos you can also use it in addition to other streaming services as well and the fourth feature that i think is really cool in fighter chic is that you can control your smart home devices for example if you want to give a voice command, right? sometimes you do n’t have an ecodot it’s cochou ecostudio you can use your father’s alexa button here you have

Mexico look at just an example turn on the led and and look then everything i can do with an ecodot acochou ecostudio i can also do it through the alex button here on my website and let it be very cool it gives you turn on the light there you can open your gate there many other things all the automations that you have in your house that are comp ables with alexa you can

Control everything here another example if you have a camera in your house that is compatible with alexia you can access this camera and turn the image directly on the tv let’s take a look show me the camera in the living room look and these were just two examples of what you can do with alex here on the fire tv stick but you can do many other things everything you can

Do through an ecodot apple eco studio box through lexa you can also do it through your fire tv stick and the fifth feature i want to show you is how to watch tv channels through alexa take a look ok i’ll give you an example here live tv hello welcome back to tripler i would like to do just give this command voice, you know, she already opened this app, there aren’t that

Many channels, you already had more to watch sbt, there was also band, right now there are few channels, you can look here but it’s an option 10 always at v ezes changes these channels here it’s also the same as it has this massa network that has sbt not all the channels on this one work ok but there are several here that you will be able to use i’ll give you an example,

Not that it works very well that i’ll go to jovem pan news click here for you to see starting jovem pan news it ‘s good guys it’s like i told you there are many channels here but not all of them are working it has to be tested to see but you like jovem panyoung pan every time i enter here and it worked very well beauty and the sense the resource is parental control if you

Have small children this function will be very important for you to take a look at how it works if you activate it i will enter here for you to go to settings and profile settings it’s mine here it’s activated it already has a paint that i registered that no one can change the settings ok i ‘m going to enter here so you can see type the password ready that way only i’ll do

It nseguir enter in the settings of fire tv i will enter here also in the parental controls look who are you i have the parental controls activated ok i can not deactivate without having the password is protection against pink this protection is activated nobody can buy even one application the game without entering my pin other restrictions that one by entering here you

Can see you can restrict up to the age you want if you want to restrict everything leave only free content for you can also you have it here too is application startup if you leave it here activated your son or daughter will not be able to enter applications like netflix like youtube like prime video, you will always ask for this password and if you want you can also come

Here and change this pin too anytime you want ok ok guys i tried to gather the main features of fighter and chico but you can do many other things also the white one if you want to ad if you want the chic fighter v, i ‘ll leave the purchase link here in the description of the video, which is at a very good price. this tv line, both light and normal and 4k, is at a very

Good price. here on the channel if you are new here i invite you to subscribe and click on the bell so you don’t miss the news i really hope you enjoyed this video if you liked it don’t forget to leave your like a big hug to all of you who see you next video

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6 Recursos LEGAIS do FIRE TV STICK que muita Gente não Conhece By Master Tech Jr