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7 MEN !?

どうも!「7 MEN 侍」です。

Super trainer rinne i’ve seen super trainer rize this project is super trainer rinne why this project ? aside from that, when the inter-group competition athletic meet was held across the days of the week , and as was the case with the ceramic industry project so far, it was probably a luxurious reward project for the winning group, so it became a music video , right?

In short, everyone has come with my own power, but i want to create a second form. so you mean there’s a training menu? it’s a beautiful body i’d like to start with muscle strength at first, but i’m going to do push-ups while holding the members. wait here, is this this? is it right? i want to go to the next lower body training . mr. wang is going to show me a book .

It ‘s okay to say it’s impossible, but in the first place , what is this and what is it about human beings? on the other hand, if you take 2 steps, turn around and come here for 3. 4 minutes . isn’t it rock ? and here’s what i’m going to use to experience it . the first 3 people in the 5th time are amazing. this may not be possible for me, no, i was still trying to do

It 10 times at first . it’s a 1.5 liter pet bottle thigh lift, and it’s tough again. i’d like you to do something like this here please measure this for 10 seconds and raise it until it ‘s parallel to the floor. it’s gone ok by doing this , the oasis collapsed on the floor. it’s completely different with this, isn’t it? well then, thank you very much, everyone. i’m not

Looking at it, it’s like a lie, yes, it’s the last event, hourly wage power, but i heard that mr. banana is a bit of a human training. move in 10 seconds and then do this 4 times. it’s really easy how to suddenly get fired up shut up first of all , there’s a side step . music] that rhythm is high, so next is a perfect primer then, at the end, heel squat jump touch heel

To jump touch heel to jump touch takashi to jump please do this for 20 seconds . when a bond is born, i would like everyone to take their bond poses in front of this camera and proceed with this program . yes, i’m doing my best. yes, i’m doing my best . start bappy-chan

With your thighs on your stomach, hurry up and row for

10 more seconds, do your best 321 it’s okay, rest and squat jump touch others and skirt jump now 22 please deliver

I think we’ve created a bond so let’s face that camera and do a

Bond pose so kizuna i’ve gained confidence in this project i feel like that even if it becomes a reincarnation so let’s wrap up then let’s meet again it was the seven night village

Transcribed from video
7 MEN 侍【ジャニーズエクササイズ】お家で出来る!?琳寧フィットネス By ジャニーズJr.チャンネル