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A Marine Electricians Tool Kit

Wiring a Boat, Van, Off-Grid Cabin, or other electrical project? I show you the tools and techniques I’ve found that produce neat work, fast. The best cable cutters, strippers, crimp tool, driver, DMM, and a few other choice selections for you folks who want quality tools for doing high quality work.

Okay hey gang welcome back matt here with another bro audio video so today i would love to show you guys my marine electrician’s tool bag as you guys know i’ve been building boats doing marine electrical design and installation for many years and you know i get hired a lot to consult and to help my customers bring their employees up to speed with regards to

Electronics wiring and the tools used to do it so i thought before i move on to new newer greener pastures i would share with you all my selected tools that i’ve sourced over many years and these are the tools that i found to be the most valuable tools when doing wiring like you’ll find in a boat or in a van or in an off-grid cabin so let’s take a look so

Here’s my bag it’s a bag i made you know when you’re working on boats it’s nice to have a soft bag without something scratchy on the bottom or whatever so so i made a bag out of canvas and leather and here is my first tool pick so these are my number one tool these are always in my side pocket in my pants and i keep these close to hand all day and i use them

Constantly and they look a little strange you might wonder what i’m doing with them but i’m going to show you so these are the nippex 9505 140 combination shears and they’re small really sharp scissors designed for cutting cable as you can see they leave the cleanest cuts on multi-strand cable they’re so handy when you’re doing fine detail work wiring panels

Working with labels i use these for all cable cutting duties and they will smoothly cut up to really like a a two or a one gauge no problem and i’ve even gone into the yachts so these are a fantastic tool cannot recommend them enough they are my absolute number one tool they’re incredibly inexpensive uh get yourself a pair if you’re doing any cutting at all

On wires cables so the next tool that i’d like to take a look at the next two i want to show you is my favorite cable stripper the jokari 3140 stripper for stripping flat cable and that’s really crucial because in marine work and in van life and all of those low voltage applications we use a lot of flat multi-strand cable and it can be a pain to strip now if

You’re trying to work fast and do neat work this is one of the biggest time savers and will improve the appearance of your work exponentially it’s such a simple tool but what it does is it allows you to get up under the dash where you might have hundreds of conductors cables coming in and quickly turn them into these very neat stripped cables as opposed to

Struggling with a knife or you know the other various methods that people use to strip flat cables can’t recommend these enough these sped up my workflow immensely like i said especially working with large jobs with hundreds of loads going to panels so you’re sitting there stripping those things all day these will make your life so much easier so those are a

Fantastic tool can’t recommend them enough okay moving on my next favorite tool one that i use all the time is a very similar tool to the jokari and i believe they might actually be made in the same factory but they do have different branding and this one is branded nipix and this is the nipix 169501 ergo strip as they call it and again this is a tool that is

Incredibly useful will speed up your workflow and leave you with a much neater job than you would have had if you did not have this tool now i use this cable for stripping round multi-strand cables again something we run into all the time in marine van life off-grid living those kinds of things will often have these multi-strand cables with a single sheath and

They can be difficult to strip especially if you have to strip them back quite a ways but this tool makes the job really fast really easy it leaves your work incredibly neatly and it does a great job of protecting the cables and doesn’t nick them in my experience so a wonderful tool well worth the price of admission again and i can’t recommend it enough again

If you’re if you’re getting into this work this is the kind of thing that’ll save you a ton of frustration and a ton of time and make you you’ll skip over a lot of the early phases of messy work so as you can see okay the next tool and one of my favorites of all time is my favorite simple manual strippers the klein tools one zero one one multi-purpose wire

Stripper and cutter for 10 to 20 gauge wire now these are a very simple stripper a lot of folks will often gravitate towards the auto auto strippers or other complex tools because they look neat and when you’re new they do often provide a pretty you know neat stripping at consistent length but what they don’t offer is a ton of control and they don’t always work

In all the various different cabling you’ll find in the course of a job so these little manual strippers are my absolute favorite they provide the best control they’re incredibly quick to work with they handle all the wires you run into generally uh in your handwork and i just love them now these are a little bit smaller the klein has a few brands but these are

My choice they offer the sort of most ergonomic shape to my hand and i really love their small size they’re just convenient i can slip them in a pocket i’ve always got them with me and they’re inexpensive and easily replaced now you will go through these they do dull after you know a certain amount of use if you’re not working professionally you probably

You know you may never wear them out but i would go through these once a year so and absolutely love them can’t recommend them highly enough so the next tool i want to show you is my very favorite little screwdriver and it might seem like a funny little thing but i can’t tell you how handy this is for doing detailed electrical work so this little fella is a

Tiny little weira craft form 813 r screwdriver you can get this in magnetic or non-magnetic i prefer the non-magnetic since i’m typically working with stainless in a marine environment but what i love about this tool is its small size that allows me to really manipulate the fasteners using one hand in small tight areas so again i’m usually working over my

Head underneath the dash on an electrical panel and this little driver has bit locking and bit holding features so i can change the bits but most importantly it’s got these amazing weird tips that offer so much hold they give you a ton of power and of course you wouldn’t use this little driver if you’re really trying to get something really tight or trying to

Loosen a really tight screw but once the screws are broken it’s so handy because you can see you can set it against the ball of your hand there and you can turn it quickly and easily and then most importantly because it’s so small with the same hand you can reach out and hold the fastener to the driver allowing you to work quickly and in small tight spots doing

Detailed work without dropping your fasteners and playing around trying to get them in or out of small places so i can’t again i can’t tell you you know what i’m trying to show you guys is tools that saved me time and made me do better work this little driver will save you so much time i can’t even begin to tell you again typically working on panels where i’ve

Got hundreds of connections up behind a dash and this little fella will absolutely make your life so much easier so can’t recommend it enough the weira esd813r bit holding screwdriver it’s just a wonderful tool it’s so simple it looks like it wouldn’t add much to your kit but i promise you it is really a game changer so and i think of all of them this one well

They’re all pretty good but this one and the the flat cable strippers will really speed up your work so the next thing i’d like to show you is my crimping set now when you’re looking for crimpers you are looking for some specific characteristics or at least i am i want the jaws to close parallel to each other when the jaws come together like scissors on an angle

You end up having crimps that are uneven another thing about crimpers that i like is i really like crimper frames that use lugs so i can have one set of crimpers for a multitude of cables and cable ends on the bow so the weha porter crimp set is a really really versatile set the jaws close parallel providing excellent crimps they do manufacture a multitude of

Dies and my favorite feature is that they do make a die for marine heat shrink terminal so as you can see this is a marine heat shrink crimp terminal they have that heat shrink body over the crimp barrel so you need to use special crimpers so you don’t cut that heat shrink covering and damage it allowing moisture into the crimp so these crimps crimp tools are

Fantastic they crimp well they’re light they’re small they’re easy to get in small spaces behind a panel i cannot recommend them enough they come with a whole host or excuse me they’re they’re they’re available with a whole host of dies so you can get these heat shrink dies i’ll leave links in the description for standard cable sizes you can get your coax and

Communications type dies you can get rj45 rj11 other communications type lugs you can get hexagon solar type crimp lugs and you can see there there’s all my crimp plugs there’s small pin lugs for molex and other weather pack type connections all in one crimp tool so really a fantastic tool so my next tool is one of my favorites this is a panduit gs2b tie

Wrap gun now for those who haven’t seen those these tools tighten and trim your plastic tie wraps or zip ties now these guns can be kind of expensive i’m going to link you to the new version of the panduit uh in the description but i’ll tell you they are worth their weight in gold what these do is they allow you to loosely tie up all of your cables with

Zip ties to secure them whether it’s to secure them you know up to some lugs where they’re running or to bundle them up for any of the reasons you would use zip ties and then the nice thing about this tool is it will tighten them to a preset tension so you won’t over tension or under tension and it will trim the tab flush back into the lug on the zip tie such

That there are no sharp protrusions and it just leaves the neatest work now you can see here it’s just a simple mechanism that pulls that tab cuts it off flush and then as you release the handle it will release the tab and you can move on to the next one so it leaves the lug really really clean and here i’m showing you where you can set the tension there’s

Three cam settings for different size zip ties and then within those cam settings you can rotate that lug and there’s a range of adjustability now so here i’m doing a smaller one with lower tension and you can see that it’s going to leave uh on both really clean cuts with no protrusions so if you want your work to look nice and clean and not scratch up the next

Guy get yourself a panduit tie wrap gun you will not regret it and your customers will thank you okay moving on to my next crucial tool in the bag here is my digital multimeter and a digital multimeter for marine or van life or off-grid cabin living needs to be a little bit different than your standard digital multimeter because we’re going to be measuring

Dc and we want to be able to use a clamp meter to measure dc current for any kind of troubleshooting battery testing things like that so this is a small format xtac380941 ac dc mini clamp meter and i just love it because not only does it offer dc clamping uh to relatively high amperages up to 200 amps but it also does has very high resolution with one milliamp

Ac resolution and a little bit broader dc resolution but still more than enough to troubleshoot phantom current and leaks in your system so a really handy tool the small format size the multi-functions and the clamp meter make it invaluable it’s not a cheap meter but it’s not terribly expensive either and at this point i’ve had this tool and used it daily for

Years i think i’ve had this for probably almost a decade now and it has served me incredibly well i can’t recommend it highly enough there’s a whole lot of meters to choose out there but x tech is a very very well respected name in the field and this particular model really is the best one i found that offers everything you might need for this sort of low voltage

Work in a small package that’s high quality so there you go there is my tool bag and my curated selection of the best tools in my bag now there’s obviously quite a few tools in here but not all of them are going to be game changers or you know really change the way you work and the tools i’ve showed you there do in my opinion they they changed how i did my

Job they sped up my work and they really advanced the quality of my work so i hope you enjoyed that i just wanted to share some of what i learned with all you i get asked those questions a lot people always want to check out my bag or get tool recommendations so i thought i’d just throw it up here to share there’s links in the description to all the tools and i

Hope that’s useful to you so as always you guys thanks so much for your support and for your for watching the videos and i’ll be back soon with another one so have a great day thanks everybody see ya you

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A Marine Electricians Tool Kit By broaudio