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A TikToker Chugged 8 Scoops PreWorkout Supplement. This Is What Happened To His Brain.

Patient JA portrayed by Marcus Ellison Jr.

Ja is a 25 year old man, presenting to the emergency room, unconscious. you see, ja was a fitness tiktoker who was just trying to make it. this was a hot new trend where people would an effort to “bypass the water and allow clearly, this was nonsense intended to sensationalize he was going to dry scoop preworkout for a after putting 2 scoops of pre workout directly he

Felt the powder immediately coat his tongue and everything became dry. the video he posted gained him so many likes he was going to do 4 scoops next, and have immediately after putting 4 scoops of preworkout he knew he was going to choke on it and if mixed in with water, as he washed everything the preworkout he took was loaded with caffeine, he started sweating before

He even started touching the weights. he knew he was wired, but it was hard to actually get anything done. he posted his video online, but didnt follow at home now, ja wasn’t sure exactly what was happening as he stumbled around. floor as she calls for 911, and he’s brought at examination, no one knew that ja had chugged even if they knew, they’d have no idea

What what they did know, was that he was unconscious and unresponsive. when they tried to do it manually, the measurement that of normal, and so high that the blood in a previously healthy 25 year old man, one but a screen didn’t return anything for they looked at his heart rhythm and noticed all of these together could mean that this is a problem with just his heart,

But something’s when doctors looked at his pupils, they noticed and the heart doesn’t control the eyes, the brain does. the images suggest that parts of his brain have been bleeding. the bleed, isn’t going to magically stop it’s just going to keep going, and keep the skull, until the blood vessels start to is there a way doctors can temporarily shrink ja’s brain

To stop this? body water is a little salty, meaning that it has some sodium in it. in this small science experiment, i dissolve i submerge the tube in a pool of water that has no salt dissolved in it. if the brain is swelling, then a temporary the brain to relieve the pressure because it’s expanding quickly. doctors still don’t know that ja had chugged anything in

That supplement that anyone in a hospital would test for. she showed the doctors, and while it gives their main priority is to see if there’s looking at the ingredients of the pre workout a single scoop, has 200 milligrams of caffeine, the recommended daily maximum for caffeine is 400 milligrams. content he took was equal to chugging 17 cups caffeine is a stimulant,

It increases adrenaline it increases blood pressure, which if high point of rupturing the walls of those blood vessels, causing a bleed. on the ingredients list was another listing named beta phenyl ethyl amine. you may have heard of something called alpha maintainer, to help promote mood, alertness, in the brain, beta phenyl ethyl amine gets it stays in, and the body

Needs to wait to clear it out. when the signal is done, the synapse needs this means those chemicals that send the signals it keeps forcing more chemical out, sending but beta phenyl ethyl amine, the chemical to get broken down in the brain quickly, that’s but, when ja chugged and instantly swallowed have been simply too much of it, for parts this is a problem because

That signal from huge amounts of beta phenyl ethyl amine probably the signals aggressively push in to the heart, but it’s not just the heart doing this, and when they constrict as the heart is beating the combination of huge amounts of caffeine preworkout swallowed at once with heavy lifting, blood pressure so high that it caused his the dysfunction of the brain, caused

Dysfunction doctors, as they were trying to figure out exactly what was going wrong. surgeons removed parts of his skull, to relieve but, the images showed that he didn’t have his past medical history also didn’t show despite the doctors and surgeons at this point by his brain bleed, the reality is, despite and beta phenyl ethyl amine are documented to cause hemorrhagic

Strokes when taken inappropriately, you can’t set up an experiment to test on things and waiting until their brains start people, and you might not be able to fix the that, which brings us to the final problem of ja’s case. and the reason why you’re probably gonna some of the brands might change the ingredients these “complexes” and “blends” might and some

Of these might be based off herbal and cause problems when actual medicines you this is coming from someone who is in medicine, and when i was competing, pre workouts like this were just becoming a thing. there’s such thing as bypassing the liver, being absorbed in to your blood through your you’re voluntarily creating a choking hazard for yourself by doing this.

If dry scooping is somehow a convenience for yourself thinking that taking it that way is doing something special. focus on training, because this is a non-essential supplement. but the label of the preworkout also says improve, likely thanks to the fact that he was younger and previously healthy.

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A TikToker Chugged 8 Scoops PreWorkout Supplement. This Is What Happened To His Brain. By Chubbyemu