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About The Fitbit Inspire 2 App

Hey guys tech life here today i’m going to be showing you how to use your fitbit inspire 2 app on the fitbit if you go to fitbit we’ll start off here and you’ll start off with zone mins and miles and calories and steps and if you click the x’s you can delete one except i’m not gonna delete one and you also have tracked your mindfulness and you have your sleep

Tracking and your exercise tracking your bpm which you can also see on your watch and your exercise to see like like setting something to get you moving and to um tell you to stop and take a break you also have weight goal minus 68 lbs 270. i also lock some water what i did i did um 8 cups per day and you can also log your food over here and if you go over

To the fitbit app you have to click your profile photo and then click inspire to you can go over here you’ll have silent alarms notification and reminders and if you go to your fitbit inspire 2 you’ll notice that on alarms it says it says do add alarms on fitbit app so if you want to do that you go to silent alarms and you can just set a new alarm over here

And then it’ll maybe load a little and then it’ll come on your watch and then for clock faces click clock faces it’s at the very top it might take a while you go to all clocks and you have all these options and right now i have um this one’s that’s heavy and i can show you an example of one like this one how to download it you just go over there click on one

And then click select and then it’ll load a little and then at some point it’ll download like that and then when it’s done it should buzz it should um buzz your inspire too once you’re done with that you can just click back and then once you’re done with that like i said you can click back and then you can also see how to use apps the fitbit inspire 2 on it you

Can’t download apps except you can see all your apps you can see what apps you have and you can just leave and then you have calorie burns as main goal i choose calorie burns you can do steps distance activities zone minutes and calorie burns you can also do exercise shortcuts and bring your watch here it it’s well it will start sinking it it’s sinking right

There and yeah and there’s also this uh these options account settings activity and wellness app settings help and supports license and legal and all that and if you want to go back here you can just click back and yeah we’re back here see you later guys

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About The Fitbit Inspire 2 App By Tech Life