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Aldi clearance price drop a walkthrough for you guys today yeah guys and thank you so much for watching my videos if you’re new to my channel welcome please consider hitting that like subscribe and notification bell so you never miss an episode so i’m inside one of my favorite aldi’s we’re gonna take a look around oh my gosh there’s a ton of clearance and i’m super

Excited to find some awesome deals and some hidden gems let’s get started these are adorable guys okay so the stargazing succulents the sort of varieties 4.99 on clearance for 99 cents look at how pretty these are well i guess i’m buying that one only me so i’m getting this one i’m actually gonna buy some anyways but oh my gosh i can’t believe i just did that and

I broke it i’m sorry i’m still gonna buy it it’s fine and i made a little mess i’ll let the girls know i’m gonna probably get a green one i’m gonna get some for amanda she loves this kind of stuff so let me pick some of these and we’ll continue on a bad deal on the pet arm well the calling it a pet it’s the huntington home love seat or arm chair cover now these

At one time were 14.99 they have been marked down to 7.49 which is not a bad deal so if you need it i was actually thinking about oh they have it in gray but i need like the arm chair because my dogs pull up oops love to rest on the couch and i think this would be good to put on it so they don’t mess up my husband’s man cave couch because he’ll be super upset

But they only have like the big one i need two of these armchairs and this would not match okay well let’s go ahead and keep on looking and this is not a bad deal for the gel bead neck wrap it’s a hot cold therapy stress relief muscle relief it was 9.99 it’s been marked down to 4.99 i mean this would be a really nice gift you know somebody that you know suffers

From neck pain or knee pain look at they have the knee one too as well for 4.99 it’s not a bad deal not a bad deal for the huntington home embossed microfiber sheet set 1349 marked down to 8.99 the fits mattresses up to 17 inches deep it’s 100 microfiber polyester this is a great deal on the huntington home velvet plus sherpa throw guys these were um 9.99 they

Didn’t mark them down to 4.99 so i am buying five so i got two in the black and white buffalo check one in the christmas isn’t that cute and i’m also getting one with the christmas trees and one in burgundy so i already know who i’m giving these to so it’s a cheap and expensive gift for me i’m going to shrink wrap it and put a candle and call it good and they do

Have the crofton cast iron skillet it’s pretty big it’s a nice size 5.99 down to only four dollars and 19 cents so guys i’ve been waiting for this to drop the glass pitcher rattan wrap um it was 8.99 they marked it down to 449 so i’m definitely gonna grab one it’s a hand blown glass with woven rattan accent great for all types of cool beverages 4.49 and then they

Also marked down the cast iron skillet it was 11.99 it got marked down to 9 9.99 so that’s not too bad i actually got one of these and i will say that i actually really really like it um 24.99 marked down to 12.49 for the rectangle storage ottoman it’s half off um they are very sturdy and they work really really good so if you’re looking for one they have a few

Left here in the cream it looks like they have a blue one as well for 12.49 and they do have a great deal on the plastic storage bins guys so they were 4.99 they are marked down to 2.49 not a bad deal especially for this little four pack of small ones that is not a bad deal at all for 249 and then they have the men’s or ladies touch screen gloves now these were um

7.99 they have been marked down to 5.99 and this is also another pretty cool gift to give to somebody especially you know somebody that likes the couturity board or couture i can never say that but these are half off these are 14.99 they have been marked down to only 7.49 that’s not a bad deal and a really nice christmas gift especially if you know somebody that

Loves to do that i actually do um and the stoneware canisters these are 13.99 really nice marked down to 10.49 and not a bad deal for the huntington mom coffee candle guys um they were 7.99 they didn’t mark them down to 5.99 which is not too bad great little christmas gift as well and then these look like a pretty easy deal too or a nice gift uh easy home box or

Sheep cool mist humidifier now these were 39.99 they have been marked down to 19.99 and up here this isn’t a bad deal for the fragrance warmer it’s the accent fragrance warmer it i don’t know what the original price was but they’re only 3.79 no flame no smoke no suit and it’s included with an incandescent bulb for 379 so easy quick gift for like a co-worker or

Somebody else that loves the wax melts and the wax warmers you can even do like a five dollar gift so this is 379 and look at the wax melts are on clearance right now for a dollar 49 as well so that’d be like a quick easy little co-worker gift that’s not a bad deal they do have some great candles like they have the golden maple and pecan number 17 a luxury two wick

Candles um these are 4.99 they’re on clearance for 3.79 they have a lime basil and mandarin and yeah it looks like the only one they have i wonder if this one’s included vanilla bourbon 379. and this is not a bad deal on the honda towel wash cloth set soft and thick extra absorbent um these were 7.99 this is a nice little gift as well 5.99 so they have this print

They also have it in a gray kitchen towels and they also have the inner red as well and then over here they have these it includes these oven mitts um the silicone up to 500 degrees these were 7.99 these have been marked down to 5.99 and this is a great deal on the pet flotation aid like my dog does not like the water like that it has to be on her terms so she

Probably wouldn’t be super mad at me if i got this for her but this is so cute you can put them in the water it was 16.99 it’s down to a dollar seventy which is a really good deal 4.70 i would definitely pick it up if my dog was a summer like that but she’s totally not okay they still have the mini griddles how cute are these though they’re so sticking cute they

Were 5.99 down to 449 and then over here they have the speckled um tableware it was 12 and 99 that’s not a bad deal it’s down to 6.49 which would make it half off it’s a pretty decent deal and then look at this assortment to go eight piece durable food storage okay that’s not that one that one’s 8.99 they’re talking about the crofton one which is this little one

Right here it is eight pieces it was 4.99 it’s been marked down to three dollars and 79 cents so not a bad deal on the mini wreaths they were 8.99 they are half off at 449 you don’t necessarily have to do the fall look they have regular green foliage available for 449 that’s half off that is not bad as well and then i definitely wanted to show you these look if

You need a fire extinguisher they are actually on a clearance right now at one time they were 16.99 you can pick it up for 9.99 so this is a great deal on the two-piece towel set they are they’re 4.99 they marked these down to a dollar twenty four they have pumpkin hello pumpkin and they also have a hello fall 4.24 i mean it’s not a bad deal to hold on to let’s

See and then they have this one so i have these two prints not a lot left but still great deal and this is a great deal for the ladies six pack bikini underwear these were 9.99 they have been marked down to two dollars and 49 cents they do have various sizes available and styles for 2.99 that’s not a bad deal at all and let’s see ladies cardigan wrap it’s down a

Dollar to 9.99 so it’s this one it’s not bad for 9.99 for that and then they have the ladies fall jacket i’m not 100 sure on that one here’s the ladies cardigan once again 10.99 down 2 and 9.99 great deal on the ladies socks the two pair of socks boot socks were 4.99 they’re down to 3.79 i think these are right here so they look like this nope yes these are 3.79

Down from 4.99 they also have the ladies the sarah ladies cozy leggings these are 7.99 down to 5.99 which isn’t too bad they do look really cozy great little christmas gift but i thought this was actually a really great deal this is half off the sarah loungewear ladies booty slippers um 9.99 down to 4.99 great christmas gift so definitely start thinking ahead guys

Christmas will be here before we know it you can save a little bit of money on some gifts that is always a great and not a bad deal on the men’s winter boots these are thin since thinsulated insulated isolent these were 27.99 these have been marked down to 13.99 and the same with the women’s snow boots so if you plan on going to the snow be a good time to pick some

Up super cheap and great deal on the children’s winter gloves or mittens they were 5.99 they have been marked down to 2.99 they also have the children’s snow or sea ski socks they were 4.99 they’ve been marked down to 379 so these ones are 3.79 that’s not too too bad of a deal and then up here they do have the lily and dan children’s warm lined clogs these were

7.99 they have a variety to pick and choose from they’ve been marked down to 3.99 great little christmas gift for the kiddos bad deal for the lily and dan children’s snow jackets and pants now the children’s snow jackets were 16.99 they have been marked down to 12.79 that’s not too too bad for these guys look they do have the lily and dan um three-piece pajama

Set these were 9.99 they’ve been marked down to 7.49 which is not a bad deal for a three-piece great christmas gift for the kiddos so really great deal on that not a bad deal on the huntington home six piece bed set so you get a reusable laundry bag comforter sham sheet fitted sheet and two pillowcases it was 22.99 it’s been marked down to 14.99 so that’s not bad

And the lady two pack boot socks these are on clearance for 3.79 which is not a bad deal and then they have the cotton sheets these were 17.99 that’s that’s incorrect but they are on clearance now for um 11.99 that’s not too bad okay these are super cute and you can also give them out as little christmas gifts like little onesies for them to wear as pjs so they

Have the union suit children in 3t extra small they have different ones oh my gosh look at how cute this one is these are really cute little onesies so these were 16.99 they are down to 4.29 which actually is a pretty awesome deal and guys i definitely wanted to give you a friendly reminder i do have several giveaways going on in my channel right now so you’ve not

Checked those out i highly recommend you do in my dollar tree haul for the wig oh my gosh i held some amazing stuff and i also hauled my all day clearance as well as my bath and body works fine so we’re having some flash sales and some amazing deals so check that video out in that video is an amazing giveaway with a dollar tree gift card and some really nice bonus

Prices also don’t forget to check back for my dollar tree walkthrough if it’s not up already it will be up today um today is wednesday and in that walkthrough will be another amazing oh my gosh the giveaway is really really nice you guys aren’t going to want to miss it it includes a dollar tree gift card and a ton of bonus prizes in that video as well and finally

You still have a little bit of time to enter to win for my subscriber appreciation giveaway over 275 dollars an amazing prizes so please feel free to check that video out and guys you don’t have to click out of this video that video is going to be linked at the end of this video it’s going to be pinned in the comments and it’ll be in the description box please feel

Free to enter to win why not it is super easy and it’s completely free okay let’s go ahead and continue this is a great deal on the copy this is the caramel or apple crisp ground coffee it was 459 they marked it down to two dollars and 30 cents which makes it half off for some ground coffee it’s not a bad deal always check your aldi meat because this is actually

A really great deal on the fiesta taco kit it is 50 off so it’d make it five dollars and 25 cents you can make up to 16 tacos with that you get carne asada paulo asada and pork pastor my husband would love this not a bad deal for five or 25. i also have 50 off the seasoned boneless chicken thigh so this is 12 18 to be six dollars at the register which isn’t a bad

Deal well guys that is everything that i see marked down at aldi i am super excited i think i scored this week now don’t forget to check out my amazing giveaways and check out my dollar tree walkthrough for the week there’s going to be an amazing giveaway in that video as well i hope you guys are having a fabulous blessed day thank you so much for taking the time

Out of your day to watch my videos and remember if you like these videos please remember to like subscribe hit that notification bell so you never miss an episode and i i’m going to be talking to you guys real real soon thank you so much for watching and your love and support and yeah i’ll be talking to you soon bye

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