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Alex Spa Hair Chalk Salon

Shimnering look!

Now with only a few colored streaks and i wanted to tell you that for that the iron has a loose but it is to illustrate the hair but it would be to show how it looks and stuff but you have to have it tied because if it goes just like me i struck out crisis from any place, well, you’re going to go because they’re a good little powder and for that my mother is going to be

Helping on the grass plus hello with some games that i’m going to do here well no, well guys, let’s go through that part of friends this beautiful now let’s go to this one and come in here after we look and safe with the rest good guys it already deserves these three editions and then pick up my hair now i do well guys seven colors friend has put this on me well boy it’s a

Little hard but a girl i was able to open better and friends, ah, look and explain the steps to put it on, but it is true that it is not necessary to spend money for the designs, yes for the designs. but i’m going to open this little bag here to take out the food that needs to be put in, you have to pass the dish that you pass one but look, i have many colors here i have a

Yellow and i like it because here is this to see better and pass here i have a pink 1 would be violet or purple and a mint green that i love and these are bright colors that also come without shine those pieces and here i have if i want to wear something they say and also go through my hair allows i hardly want to go to and the colors are very difficult but i am going to

Use those colors these are the ones you see that she uses and of these colors that have to be shown here these are my favorite colors and mine would already be this violet in elemental pink in blue and yellow those are my favorites well mommy how do they wear these you have to have a little fun it works like this seriously wow there is no feeling anymore that i explained

That something is happening a little shine lie the painting appears i like it guys i can’t tell you this m i like it guys because it doesn’t have as much shine with the other goods give me the purple it’s worth this time for heat chambers it ‘s like glitter not so much color but it has a little bit without much shine it has a little bit not many and your mom the humidity

Space to be able to put them other colors i also want to put it in mind close to dover guys i love you i had passed those colors that i wanted to pass me well give me a space for the others their colors yes asthma here also does not look better because with this people you have it first in a mirror you can look at how it is appreciated better because the hair is dry

With a lot of shine and blue that the front is wet as serious as it is almost invisible, that is, with what you are telling me in that part this one has color a little more color plus a scale and correct brightness we can try the same colors behind that the hair is dry yellow good guys here the color is better appreciated a pink yellow purple and a bit of blue it would

Be better to try it with some braids or something like that but as my mom has told me to be dry because it will be appreciated as power so to be a bit the suit screams that i have a lot with it but the boys’ suit bye

Transcribed from video
Alex Spa Hair Chalk Salon By Los Juguetes de Lizbeth