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All New Fire HD 8 Tablet 8 HD Display 32 GB

interested buying the All-new Fire HD 8 tablet, 8″ HD display, 32 GB follow the link provided below.

Hey you guys so i thought i’d do another quick unboxing with you guys and this is the fire hd8 this is a new uh 8-inch tablet they come out with this year and uh basically this one here is a 32 gig version and they’re pretty straightforward they’re they have their own software inside there uh i’ve used actually use a tablet for a little while and i found it

Was quite responsive worked really good i love the tablet the only thing was hard to get used to was i used samsung for many many many years and the way the software and stuff was on this one uh it took a little time to figure it out you know i understand how they do their amazon downloads and stuff there’s their apps and stuff like that even the youtube had

A different uh diff this looks different so um really not much to talk about this is an 8 inch model um it’s fast responsive with the hd display vibrant 8 inch display 128 by 800. i’m sorry did i say 1280 by 800 and powerful quad core processor with two gigs of ram to improve streaming and gaming long lasting battery that’s another thing too i notice it’s

Also type c this here battery and this lasts all day my little girl hasn’t she leaves it on when she goes and plays and the battery is really good so i’d say yes the battery life and this is a win display is also a win it works good type c charge cable uh charging receives is a usb c for easy charging in up to one tb of expandable storage for offline viewing

Whatever that means i don’t know so yeah this tablet it’s really a good tablet from my experience using it for a little while but i’m going to do a review video on this tablet eventually an in-depth review i’ll just say right now that i like the tablet i’m quite uh amazed what the tablet how for the money i paid for how well the tablets performed the batteries

Last so let’s get out of the packaging so as you can see now inside the package you can see how they package their products up basically a box slides down in tablets kind of cold it just lifts out and it’s quite a you know it’s not real heavy but it does feel premium for 800 are sorry for 100 bucks i mean you can’t go wrong you can get this tablet here i got it

For 89.99 and here is just your instructions as you can see says hello bonjour fire hd just walks through what the tablet’s all about and then this is important information just information tablets and this does have type c and small it’s not fast charge you guys although i don’t take that long to charge out see what this is oh it was the matrix pad s8 i did

An unboxing of that tablet but i haven’t did a review about it um i was in a hurry to get rid of it and get the uh fire hd8 because it was on sale so i will do a review on the matrix pad uh s8 and did you know about the tablet i mean it there was some good things and there’s a lot of bad things i didn’t like about it um the tablet value that was safe it was 60

Or something like that it’d be worth it uh 60 70 bucks but other than that i found the screen uh was a little scratchy i mean anything scratched the screen on that so i’ll get in depth with that the fire hd8 did not have that quite type of quality i’ve used it for a week so far and i found that the screen was really good so i also have a screen protector that

I purchased for this and a case which will be a whole new video so anyways you guys i’m going to get in depth with this tablet i’m going to set it up and i’ll let you know all the good and all the bad about this this uh tablet the fire hd8 i know some people’s had some complaints about the um the older models of the seven inch i do know they have a 10 inch in

This model and it works really well too also so i will get into that as well later on because i will have one here probably eventually um but the camera quality it’s okay uh does what you need to do but it’s just not perfect i will get in depth with that too as well eventually but i love the fact that it’s got type c charge i don’t want to take it out of the

Package and get all dirty because i got a screen protector put on this so okay you guys so i’ll do a review video very very very shortly here and uh let you know the good bad of this tablet so thanks for watching this is just quick unboxing i hope you enjoyed there’s really not much to it it’s just a simplified hd8 tablet and uh yeah so thanks for watching

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All New Fire HD 8 Tablet 8" HD Display 32 GB By Maxim HD Entertainment