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Application of IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream

I’ve already reviewed this, but now I’m doing a video on how to apply it. If you like this video, give me a thumbs up and subscribe!

Hey guys today we are doing something a little bit different i’ve already done a review on this it cosmetics foundation or cc cream i should say and then i had someone coming how do you properly apply it and i didn’t even think about that i did the review and all of that and i you know thought to myself after she had said that i should have done that i should have

Gone through and been like hey this is how you apply it but i didn’t so separate video time so when you’re first doing it you need a primer on so i used the smashbox primer and just kind of rub it on your face it keeps your skin hydrated and kind of creates a barrier between your skin and the foundation so we’ll start and what i’m gonna do is do one half my face

With a brush in the other half with a beauty blender because you can do both and then you know you can kind of make your decision on which one you prefer because everybody has a preference and you know wants to do something that works for them you all right so we will do this half with the beautyblender and this half with a brush so i will start with the brush

And you just kind of want to drag it blend it just kind of do small strokes hey make sure it’s getting into her skin off and you can kind of see you know you don’t want it to be streaky and with the brush i think it’s a little bit more full coverage then with a beauty blender it’s your decision on what you like what you’re looking for everybody’s different and

Has different preferences i prefer a brush i think it’s kind of get in their betters but like i said just thank you okay so i don’t know if you can kind of see that half of it you know and you want to kind of get it down so you’re not having like a huge line okay so i don’t know if you can kind of see that it looks super super natural i kind of see how it blends

In you can see it alright so then this side is for the beauty blender make sure to dan if it’s dry it’s not gonna work soaking wet it’s not working better yeah so you’re just kind of want to dab it in and you know press it into your skin you can i eat this is it for is it for people to eat i know it’s definitely not edible all right you can’t eat it oh what is

It for there’s a box i don’t know what that is honestly so don’t put it in your mouth okay so i don’t know if you can see a visible difference i don’t see a difference at all the only difference is the meaning is the blender takes a little bit longer to do than the brush does that’s the only difference like a blender i think that’s the only difference i can see so

You’re gonna want to spread the foundation on your face and then just kind of dab it into your skin like that and just kind of go around like that but yeah i really i really don’t see a difference in the sides they look about exactly the same so it depends on like i said it’s a preference thing can either prefer a beauty blender or you prefer a brush and personally

I prefer a brush so you’re gonna when you do it a flat-headed brush for best results and i’m gonna either put it on your face like that or you can squirt it onto your brush and then just kind of like dab it around like this and then kind of blend like that and then with a beauty blender the same thing you can either put the foundation on the beauty blender and kind

Of work from there or you can dab it on to your face and then work it in so it’s all a preference thing like i said i usually put it on my brush and then dab it around the only reason i did it different today was that so you could kind of see where i was putting it in what i was doing and a lot of people they’re not really in to the 45-minute makeup routine you

Know you watch these these videos on facebook or youtube and it’s really really involved and takes a long time to do and you know when your mom you don’t always have that time to put into your makeup you know throw some foundation or maybe some lip color is some mascara eyeliner whatever super quick so tip that i have to keep your foundation from melting off is to

Use a setting powder on top of that if you’re not really into not really into the whole into gaming just kind of set it so you’re just gonna kind of take i have that kat von d see that yeah and then it comes with this little nifty thing right there and so what you’ll do is you’ll just kind of go out and pat it into your skin and that kind of sets it and keeps it

From smearing and whatnot so that’s what you’re gonna want to do after you do that and then you can also do setting spray which will kind of keep things in place and it doesn’t take long yeah those things so oh like i said it’s all a preference thing but that’s how you would apply it yeah i post videos on youtube first so subscribe to my channel at a mom’s point

Of view and you can get the videos before anybody else and then i usually post the facebook i normally don’t do instagram but i will put it i do have a link to my youtube channel on instagram and you can follow me there at a mom’s point of view thank you for watching you say bye reglan bye bye

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Application of IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream By A Mom’s Point Of View