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Arduino Digital Pet toy with a white OLED Display (Tamagotchi Clone)

With over 76 million units sold worldwide Tamagotchi was one of the most popular toys of the 90s. In this video we are going to build our own digital pet using Arduino, an Arduino Tamagotchi clone. There is a lot to cover so let’s get started!

In this video we are going to build our own digital pet using arduino. projects with arduino, raspberry pi, esp8266 and other popular boards. using the meters, like the hunger meter, the we can feed the dinosaur, play with it, visit it is a very addictive toy, i remember playing this project is developed by alojz, a friend from serbia. the code, the schematic diagram,

Even a 3d printed enclosure for it. alojz is a very skilled developer so you are going to learn a lot from his code. you will find a link for the project in description of the video below. just use and arduino uno an i2c oled display, some buttons and a buzzer. you can see all the connections in this schematic diagram. • a lipo battary charging board • a 150mah

Lipo battery i used this small 7x5cm prototyping board it was the first time i was using a prototyping i first arranged all the parts on the prototyping it was then time to load the code to the arduino pro mini. i used this small lipo charging board that the default charging current that the board provides to the battery is 1000ma. so we have to remove this resistor here

And replace it with a 10k one. even though i really like the enclosure that it was the first time i was building something also, i really love 3d design so i would love to design my own enclosure. it consists of 5 parts, the base, the top cover and 3 buttons. you can find links for the files of both the i used formfutura’s easywood coconut and birch filaments. you can

Find links for the filaments in the description of the video. i really love the texture and the color of wood filaments. then it was time to sand them using fine sand after the sanding process was over i applied process, it will make your projects look impressive. i first glued the prototyping board in place i attached the battery to the board using some standard glue.

The next step was to solder the output pins then i glued the buttons, and lastly it was with the 150mah battery inside the project can run on batteries for over 7h! you can download the code from the project website. need to use any external resistor to make the project work. you can find links for the libraries in the description below. if we need to expand the code

Of the project we are going to need to use another microcontroller as i final thought i think that this is a great project. it took alojz, the developer of the code about open software and hardware enable us to do building this project was a great learning experience for me. also, i designed this enclosure from scratch to be honest i am not satisfied with enclosure,

That’s why i am thinking to replace this i would like this project to evolve into an arduino game console. also consider subscribing to the channel and if you are going to be shopping for parts that’s it for today guys, thanks you very

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