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Are Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Set Worth it?

Are you in search for the best Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Set to use at home or office to get your workout for the day? Check out the video to find out if this product is for you!

Hey g’s wow welcome back to an episode of is it worth it so today’s episode we have this cool amazing part right here in my hand and basically what this is is a 66 pound dumbbell that’s adjustable they have a 88 pound as well but this one that we have right here is a 66 pound so let’s open up first and show you guys what she looks like i’m gonna put it down the

Ground first before opening up because there’s no way for me to hold up and show you guys all right so basically once we open up the product itself this is basically what it looks like right here if you can see so it has a total of 66 pounds if you guys add everything together so the total of four of these are 1.5 kilograms right here so there’s a total of eight

Of these 2.5 kilograms right here and then right here they provide you guys accessory that has been put on the side of the bar itself to lock it in so it won’t fall off so i’m assuming this is the middle part of the bar and these are the extender if you guys want to stand more of the bars to the side right here and right here that’s why there’s two more right

Here so that’s basically everything that’s in the packaging itself so for this middle bar right here we have attached other two bar that i showed you guys right here to the side but if you guys just want to use the two bar separately like this one they basically attach the waist on both sides right here and this side right here and same thing for the other side

You just start using like this if you guys want to so basically i should use it as a dumbbell which is pretty cool so basically this whole set is pretty cool because they provide you guys a adjustable uh dumbbell or you can use it as a adjustable barbell as well as i can use it as a benching option which is pretty cool so i just want to put some of the weights

On here so i’ll probably put one on each side for now just to show you guys how it works did you want to screw this part on here like this all the way in so make sure it’s secured fit and everything now i wanna do the same thing on the other side right here so now we have a dumbbell version right here so if i want to do a waist like this i can as well or i can

Go like this which is pretty cool but this is basically what it looks like you guys want to use one of them if you guys want to use two of them you just want to do the same thing for the other one as well however if you guys do want to use a purple option you guys can attach it onto here like this and screw it on screw it all the way in make sure it’s secure and

Then you just want to attach the other side on here as well so let me do all of that first and show you what he looks like at the end all right so once we have it on you guys can see this is basically what it looks like for the actual barbell itself you guys set up correctly so you guys can actually hold the grip right here if you guys want to or you guys want to

Hold in the middle as well you definitely can as well so it’s definitely a really cool awesome product itself you guys definitely feel the quality on the bar itself feels really really nice it is pretty high quality as well i definitely love the functionality of how you guys can adjust it to make either a dumbbell or bar dolls that’s definitely really nice and

Really easy to use it definitely has a very nice and secure fit to it as long as you guys tighten it enough so like for the bar itself you guys just twist it and turn it eventually it will just lock in place and actually will get secure same thing for the accessories for the actual locking mess number right here as well once you guys turn it enough it actually

Will lock in place and it won’t fall off or anything if you guys are wondering what kind of material that they use for the actual bar itself is actual real steel so definitely is a high quality material and for the actual bar itself if you guys don’t want to use the padding right here or right here yes and use the actual part right here because of the way how

They built the bar right here it is anti-slip and also thread resistant as well so it’s definitely really nice same thing for the side of the bars right here as well it definitely has a anti-slip material and also thread resistant material as well so obviously you guys don’t want to add all the weights onto one side right here so you have to want to add all of

Them right here and same thing for the other side you want to spread it out from here and also from this part here that’s why there’s so much room right here so you want to put it here and there and that’s also the reason why they provide you guys four of these so i always use it for the dumbbell option right here or you can just lock in place right here so it

Won’t keep sliding back and forth so that’s basically everything that’s on the product itself not even unboxing and testing the price itself now the answer question of whether or not it’s actually worth or not so for me honestly i definitely have to say that this is worth it if you guys want what i need warranties especially if you guys want both a barbell and

Also a dumbbell option just basically give you guys both of that and actually saves a lot of space my only recommendation is that if you guys do get any kind of barbells or dumbbells that are like this or anything similar to this i highly recommend getting like the padding for the floor so that way if you guys do end up dropping like the barbells the waist or

Whatever on the ground it won’t damage your flooring but definitely if i’m just trying out the product itself it is pretty cool and super easy to use i definitely love the feature of how you guys can use it as a barbell or a dumbbell that’s super adjustable which is pretty awesome but then obviously for those guys who don’t want one or don’t need one or have

This one of these then obviously don’t buy one and save your money for something else to actually do need but other than that that’s not just for unboxing and testing about itself i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did give me subscribe like and comment down below and if you guys like this video make sure to smash that like button in the bottom and

It’ll definitely help this channel out and help this video out as well and if you guys like this video and you guys want to see more then make sure to click on that notification in the bottom to be notified of new videos that will be coming up in the future but as always make sure to stay positive be you and i’ll see you guys in the next episode of is it worth it peace you

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