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Are Eye Creams worth using? | Budget, Mid-range and High-End Tested


Hey guys welcome to the channel if you new here don’t forget to hit subscribe for new videos every single week now under eye creams are one of those weird products where some people swear by them some people think they’re a ripoff because they’re usually quite expensive or a small amount of product and some people just don’t see any results from them no matter which

Ones they try and i often get asked do you use an under eye cream particularly as an older guy obviously i’m starting to get lines under my eyes and puffiness and that sort of thing associated with my age do it using under-eye cream which one do i use because they can be hellishly expensive so what i’ve done over the last three months is i’ve been trying four

Different under eye products those are the ordinaries caffeine solution 5% plus egcg and if you wonder what the egcg is it’s basically tea tree oil tea tree extract or beg your pardon i’ve been using the dermalogica stress active eyelift if you’ve watched my channel for any length of time you know that i’m quite a fan of dermalogica with i’m not a fan of paying

Their prices we’ve got the loreal men’s expert vital lift and then finally from our korean friends we have the ms on snail repair eye cream which is no winners as foul or disgusting as it sounds being a snail cream reason i’ve chosen those four products is there’s quite a range of prices well basically we’re talking about products that go from a fiver to 42 pounds

For those tiny tubes i’ve just shown you i’ll go through now each one in turn what i think of them the pros and cons and we’ll come back here and i’ll go with my final recommendations of what i think will be useful for you guys to try one of the things you need to bear in mind with under-eye cream is that there are three main areas of issues under the eye first

Is puffiness second is dark circles and third is wrinkles you tend to need different products or different builds of products for those dip three different areas there are products that say they do all three there are products that are specifically targeted to one or more so what you put look at is what is it you’re looking to achieve so for instance the ordinary

Product the caffeine’s solution for me didn’t have much of an effect on the dark circles didn’t touch the wrinkles at all but what it did do was a fantastic job of removing the under-eye bags so have a think of what are these you’re looking to achieve and what i’ll do is as we go through the products as i’m using them i explained to you what i recommend them to

Be used for if i recommend them at all so let’s go it is brilliant at reducing the puffiness under your eyes i noticed a difference actually the first morning after i’d used it the night before and certainly within a few days it was noticeable this is a very good product for under-eye bags is not going to do much for your wrinkles it’s not going to do an awful lot

These dark circles but if you have puffiness under your eyes dabbing this on in the morning or the night before will get you excellent results the loreal vital lift product is another one of their very quickly expanding range for men i’ve use a number of their different products and generally speaking up and quite impressed with them particularly how cheap they are

This tube is actually 11 pounds 16 which is quite a lot of money compared to their other product does it work a little bit i noticed a little bit more firming in the under eye area would i recommend it specifically at 12 pounds no i wouldn’t i love dermalogica apart from the price this tube is 42 pounds for 25 mils of product you’d expect it to be made from caviar

Based at that sort of price however it works and it works very very well i love this special applicator it’s got a metal end to it which you push a small amount of product onto dab it underneath your eyes and then rotate underneath the eyes it that rotational movement rub that around circularly with very gentle pressure underneath the eyes it helps dispel some of

The fluid that’s build up there out of all of them it’s probably the best product for what it does the worst product for how much it cost so if you can afford 42 pounds by all means go for it but because it’s so high i can’t recommend it because of the price and finally for our korean addition to the list which is the meson snail repair eye cream snail serum or

Snail extract or whatever you want to call it it does have great repairing properties for pound 57 pence from ear style calm which is crazy crazy cheap for an under eye cream it works it works very well certainly worked well with my wrinkles underneath the eyes definitely reduce them slightly it helped with the puffiness dark circles there was a reduction slight

Reduction in the dark circles but bear in mind that dark circles can be hereditary it can be a buildup of toxins it can be an allergic reaction which won’t necessarily be fixed by a cream but this price definitely worth it guys can’t recommend it enough give it a go so guys like i said an extreme difference in price dermalogica love their products 42 quid hell no

I bought this out of my own money as i do with everything everything i’m reviewing here i bought bought out my own money it’s not sponsored i don’t get any freebies unfortunately it is a great product it definitely does the job but i wouldn’t purchase it again because i just can’t i can’t justify 42 pounds just for an under eye treatment it’s just just too much the

Ordinary is one of those products which is ridiculously cheap it does exactly what you wanted to do if you’re looking to get rid of puffiness under the eyes i would certainly recommend you get it guys even if you don’t use it very often get it put it into your your skin care collection use it whenever you need it you won’t be disappointed with the with the effect

And you certainly won’t be disappointed with the price i’ll put a link in the description section below for the products i’m mentioning today the l’oreal i’m very disappointed with very little difference and as i say 12 pounds is too much when you’re not really seeing any return to it and i’m very disappointed because the other l’oreal budget range that i’ve used

I’ve been very impressed with and the real winner here is the meson 5 pounds for two bodies you can get larger sizes larger pop sizes but i just got this because i wanted to give you a sample i will continue using this my recommendations to you guys to wrap this all together is to buy the meson andrea eye cream from your style calm and to get the ordinary product

For the as of when when you need to get the puffiness down so under eye creams do you use them if so what do you use leave a comment down below it’s always appreciated talking about appreciated it’s really appreciated if you can give me a thumbs up on this i don’t get any money at all from youtube it’s not sponsored i paid for all the products myself that’s not

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Are Eye Creams worth using? | Budget, Mid-range and High-End Tested By Mens Grooming Advice