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Avid Love Sleepwear and Lingerie Try On Haul

Reviewing AvidLove lingerie for you today.

Hi guys welcome back to my channel it’s valentina victoria here back with another triangle for you so today’s channel is going to be from avid love again they sent me a few items so a lot of those items are going to be sleepwear and i do have two bikinis from them to show you guys and since they sent me quite a few items i’m just gonna jump straight into modeling

The items for you guys and of course before we start don’t forget to smash that like button and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t done so already i also have a second channel here on youtube which i will make you guys a link for in description box down below so if you want to see more videos from me this is the place to go i upload there every single week and

Of course check me out on all my social media my only dance in my kitchen and without any further ado let’s go ahead and get started all right so here is the first item that i’m gonna model for you guys it’s actually a pajama set as you can see so it has a top and a matching bottom so the bottoms are high-waisted and they have elastic band and there’s ties so you

Can tie around your waist however it fits you and then here’s the matching top so it kind of covers the bottoms as you can see and then it has this lace detail here on top and also around the bottom in the front and then here is from the back this is what it looks like so this is definitely like pajama flash launcher outside because it is very very comfortable

Made out of this very soft material i feel like everything that they make that’s sleepwear related it’s very very soft and nice and fuzzy to the touch which is you know understandable because if you’re going to be lounging around in it or sleeping in it you have to be comfortable so all right so here’s our second set it’s also a pajama set as you guys can

Tell this is a very nice satin material so here is the top so it ties here on each side like this and then here are the matching bottoms it’s a very very nice smooth flowy satin material this is what the bottoms look like from the back so it’s definitely also a pajama set lingerie set i guess as well i actually like these bottoms they’re very girly very

Feminine very cute all right so here is the next item guys it is also a pajama set with the top and the bottom so when i’m standing kind of far from the camera then you might almost think that this is a nightgown but it is a top and a bottom so the top has lace trim here and here the straps are adjustable and then here are the bottoms same thing they have very

Soft elastic band and they’re high-waisted they also have lace trim on both sides this is what they look like from the back and then the top cover kind of covers the bottom and it’s very important as you can tell which i really like all right so here’s our next piece this is a baby doll flashlight gown i really really like it it’s actually really really pretty

So it makes it so pretty is this white contrast embroidery and also it goes here around the trim also very form fitting as you can tell made out of very very nice soft material so this is a very very pretty nightgown like i said i really like it i think it’s very very flattering on the figure and comfortable at the same time and then it has a crisscross back and

It fits really well also in the back which i also really like and it does come with matching panties this is what they look like they’re just a simple black panty and it is a fun which i cannot show the back off here on youtube all right so here’s our next item guys this is a lingerie set it is dark green as you can tell so this is a three piece so it has a

Bra garter belt that you can attach your stockings to and then the bottoms this is what it looks like i really like it this is full blaze this is what it looks like up close really pretty also the bottoms fit very nice and they’re very comfortable and the garter it doesn’t have any closures or anything so it’s just elastic band it’s high waisted so just put

It on and then the brow has adjustable straps hook and eye closure in the back so all right so here we have our next item which is a bathing suit so it’s a set it’s matching it has a green banana leaf pattern as you guys can see so this tie you can completely untie if you want to and then this is what it’s going to look like without it but i think it’s

Cuter with it so i’m just going to tie it again around here like this i like it better like this but obviously personal preference there’s no right or wrong and then here are the bottoms this is made out of the fragrant bathing suit material so the bottoms are full coverage and they are high-waisted all right and this is gonna be our last item for today guys

This is also a bathing suit so it has this top so this part is not detachable so this top is whole and then it has matching bottoms this is a very pleasant beautiful turquoise color this is also made out of the bbc material this is what the top looks like up close the straps are adjustable so here it is so the top completely covers the bottoms from the front

And then here what it looks like from the back so the bottoms are also high-waisted and they are also full coverage as you can see i really like how it looks from the front it’s really cute so okay guys i hope you enjoyed this video if you did and you have done so already don’t forget to smash the like button subscribe to my channel check out my second

Channel all of my social media linked down below and i will see you in the future videos you

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Avid Love Sleepwear and Lingerie Try On Haul By Valentina Victoria