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Awesome Hemp Tofu Scramble!

In this hilarious, informative and entertaining vegan recipe video, celebrity chef and Cooking Channel TV host Jason Wrobel shows you how to whip your breakfast, brunch, or brinner (that’s breakfast for dinner) into shape with a soy free tofu scrambler. Soy free tofu? How is that possible? J-Wro will put you in the know with hemp tofu. It’s rich in protein and made from hemp seeds. Yum! Start with a skillet or frying pan. Add to it a dollop of coconut oil or a drizzle if it’s warm where you live. You use that to sauté your onion and garlic for a few minutes. Make em sweat, releasing all their glorious scents and flavors! Add in your organic veggies. Jason goes with diced baby red potatoes, red bell peppers, and mushrooms. Now comes the hemp tofu. Chunk it up and crumble it in. Flavor it with some spices: turmeric, smoked paprika, crushed red pepper flakes, ground black pepper, and some smoked sea salt (but use unsmoked if that’s what you have in your pantry). Wait, you’re not done! You need some halved cherry tomatoes, minced scallions, Italian parsley, and Liquid Light for an extra dose of minerals to really make this meal as fantastic as it can be. Serve it over toast, eat it straight, roll it in a vegan tortilla, or however else you enjoy your scramblers. Top it with salsa and/or guacamole. Plenty of protein, minerals, and a few good carbs, but it tastes so great, you’ll forget how nutritious it really is. Want to mix it up? Try olives, different tomato varieties, more mushrooms, chunked avocado, and anything else you think will work out. Enjoy!

Hey there it’s jason wrobel here on the j row show top of the morning to you or it may be any time of day depending on where you live i’m not going to assume it’s morning time although many people do watch me in the morning if it is morning where you live you’re gonna love this recipe it’s not often that i do breakfast recipes here on the show but today i’ve got an

Awesome soy free take on a vegan tofu scramble you’re like wait a second soy free tofu scramble how is this even possible well today i’m gonna be using an awesome new product called a hemp tofu completely soy free super high in protein made from hemp seeds and i think it’s gonna go great in our delicious and hearty tofu breakfast scramble so let’s begin with one

Of my classic vegan recipes let’s begin the recipe by getting your largest skillet because we’re gonna have a whole lot of ingredients today and i want you to add around a tablespoon of organic extra virgin coconut oil and then bring your skillet up to a medium heat now we’re gonna start with a half of an organic yellow onion that’s been diced and then two cloves

Of organic minced garlic go ahead and sweat your onions and your garlic for about three to four minutes until they get just a little bit golden brown on the edges and i want you to go ahead and add your next ingredients i have some baby red heirloom potatoes we’ve got two and a quarter cup and four not only a dynamic color but also a great mouthfeel and snap to our

Tofu scramble i’ve got 1 cup of diced red bell pepper since our potatoes and our red bell pepper are much more fibrous than the onions and the garlic we want to cook these a little bit longer until they start to soften up and break down and to help facilitate that i’m gonna be adding another teaspoon or so of our coconut oil just to make sure these guys have enough

Juice to cook on down cook these guys down for five to eight minutes and then we’re moving on to the next step continuing onward comes in the form of some baby bella mushrooms and to that and we’ve got about a cup and a quarter here the moment you’ve been waiting for the star of our recipe that my friends is hemp tofu yes non soy made out of omega and protein-rich

Hemp seeds it’s gonna crumble in there like a regular tofu would and i’m interested to see how it performs in the recipe so let’s do it so i like to just take the whole block like this and just kind of you know chunk it up roughly in my fingers as you would with a regular soy tofu scramble now it cooks down pretty quickly i find that no more than say three to five

Minutes of cook time is needed with the hemp tofu all right no give everything a nice stir and at this point it’s okay to start adding your spices to the mix which is gonna really help to round out all these flavors so i’m gonna be adding some organic turmeric so one teaspoon of turmeric right in there next up i’m adding one teaspoon of smoked hungarian paprika a

Big pinch of crushed red pepper flakes a quarter teaspoon of ground black pepper and a healthy big pinch of smoked sea salt flakes about eight minutes later we have a nice golden color thanks to the turmeric nice and spicy great flavor the potatoes are getting soft so i want you to add your last round of ingredients so i have here about a cup or so of halved cherry

Tomatoes a tablespoon and a half of minced scallions and a heaping third cup of flat-leaf italian parsley now i also want to add a capful of some warriors liquid light fulvic acid it’s gonna add extra minerals which aid in detoxification in bone building it’s really neutral tasting too so we just need to add a splash which is gonna help everything cook down too now

That our fresh herbs and our tomatoes and our scallions are in there we don’t want to cook it too much longer so maybe just one to three minutes and you’d be good on this scramble and i think we’re they’re gonna serve this over some toast today does that sound good to you yeah sounds good to me too take a nice heaping spoonful and top my toast now as a finishing

Touch what i love to do flavor-wise and for an awesome color is to add some organic salsa over the top we’re gonna take this to the face i am that’s as close to the og as i think we can get without using soy y’all it’s delicious so well-balanced tons of protein minerals amino acids and omega-3 fatty acids super nutritious and a great start to your morning so this

Is jason wrobel aka j row giving you guys delicious vegan recipes and vibrant living tips for your mouth and yo hips i hope you enjoyed my vegan soy free hemp tofu scramble here in the show today if you haven’t done so yet please subscribe here to my channel for weekly wednesday recipe videos and awesome vlogs on how to live your best life and i want to thank the

Sun warrior tribe for hooking this up with the liquid light fulvic acid subscribe to their channel as well and get hooked up with awesome workout tips and healthy living strategies to be your best i’m out of here guys i’m gonna enjoy the rest of this tofu scramble even though it’s um it’s definitely not morning around these parts in la but you can enjoy this any

Time of day if you want to i’m out of here and i’ll catch you soon peaches if you guys have any other questions always feel free to reach out and connect with me helping you be vegan and healthy and awesome catch you soon wait no no escape no escape from the t-rex mouth

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Awesome Hemp Tofu Scramble! By Jason Wrobel