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B-Day , (Play Day Mega Camel Pool Toy ) OMG And Travel Trailer

Just a little update on things. I am still around!!!

Yeah i haven’t been on here in a while today is my daughter’s birthday i’m just showing you showing you some of the decorations i got from the 99-cent store i also picked up a cake that she wanted from whole foods some ice cream some gifts that she wanted my daughter really don’t want to do anything for a birthday i also did custom m&ms with her picture on it

And a little sin happy birthday brianna at 15 we won again anyway we bout to reach the hundred over the 100 mark as far as degrees here in california i bought this mega camel float from walmart let’s fill the seat to people the reviews are good and the reviews were bad but i bought it anyway and this how big inflate holes are no big i’m so glad that i kept this

Ol air pump will fall easy attachments that i had bought maybe in 2001 by the great land outdoors almost got rid of it just think i got rid of it i will be able to blow this up look how big that bow is it comes with all these attachments anyway i’m gonna get this blown up and see what it looks like okay well anyway it’s all blown up it’s eight it’s eight and a

Half feet eight point five feet long it’s real big this is not for no small pool it’s for a big in i mean big a big in-ground pool and that’s what i suggest no above pull one of those humongous pools because this is a big item do not blow it up inside the house you might not be able to get it out your door i used again the air pump for air mattress for camping

Air mattress i’m glad i kept it because the valves here are so big is two of them that’s about it so i’m gonna transport this thing and move on okay everybody i’m at my travel trailer camper it’s um a road ranger x free and it’s um he’s like 29 feet long model 22 no 222 and what i did was usc i this wooden the right here he open it the screen was out so i did fix

That screen i had a person take the screen out and had it rescreen and i was i lift up the front of it and started trying to clean some of the windows and i cleaned up the inside and started packing some other things up that was out this is inside i still need to do some painting clean up the balances take these out and everything and paint these walls paint the

Bottom face i’m gonna lighten it up and the cushions i have a slipcover one that was made and i need to take this this right here off and we do that but that’s going to take time and let’s see i cleaned up the kitchen pack the things up doesn’t have that much space everything that’s in the cabinet is packed up everything that needs to come out now what i did was

Used smart tiles on the back of the kitchen that took a while oh god you gotta have patience for that it’s easy but then again it could be difficult when one is when you’re trying to line up things i painted the rolls here in here is my microwave everything’s put back my stove just though works the oven works oh this is storage underneath your here drawers things

Packed up in here stove clean thing works the bathroom i do the same thing with the bathroom had real oh yeah this is what the oh looks like in the bathroom i forgot that part so i need to do that i used the small tiles in the bathroom how to take the window had to unscrew this to get the smart tiles behind there the bathroom is packed up for storage well this is

What i call storage and this is the tub shower it’s a tub in here know if you can see and my bathroom is clean only now pa my toilet and that’s about it after that i’m thinking about not even having that in there i’m i can’t clean the more poop you know sometimes i have to take it and drain it i have like a portable blueboy dumping in my main line i’m not doing

It no more there’s a company that comes out and that can service your rv toilets i think it’s like $75 every time you come out which ain’t bad if you live in there if you live in your rv i say maybe didn’t come out once a month to keep from dump or you can um pull it on your car and go dump it i can’t pull it back and forth just backing it up to the hitch is hard

Enough for me and this is the rest room lots of space and um shower-curtain always tie it up pin it back the guy that um my fan i’m kind of set because when he sealed my roof he cracked my case into my fan now i got to replace that this is what it looks like with the bathroom door this is the hallway frigerator that’s cleaned out so much cleaned out some things

I leave in and this is the – this is the bedroom – months what i do i have cushions that go over the cushions and make them nice and comfortable and then i have mattress pads with cushion in them and then i have real good pillows they’re all in plastic then i have the down comforters all the sheets are clean steamed and then after that steam press them and then

I put them into plastic bags i do the same thing with the towels everything is tacked up for the next time we use the camper it has a second door on it i know i’m gonna use it lots of closet space some other storage in here extra pillows decorations there’s and i have has a little pullout table here for the bedroom underneath here right here is a lot of storage

Goes way back way back you can put actually you can store a lot in there let’s see what’s in here sand buckets oh train station a train a train like a thomas train thinking they heard also tv ironing board window and this is what it looks like from the bedroom view and pretty much that’s it still need to paint and change out my batteries i did turn on the air

Conditioner to see if it works it does work but i don’t use it because i’m scared i’m gonna blow a fuse in my you know or my line as far as hooking it up to the house i just don’t feel confident enough to use it i still keep the old radio because i like eight cassette players i got more storage up here movies tools lights bunch of batteries got more storage anything

Here storage and then it has like a double facing that’s about it it gets plenty of air because this travel trailer has a lot of windows i think it’s like a 1990 and 1990 i got it from one of one owner who never used it they only use it to go hunting everything was spotless only found gun shells in here lots of them and this is the travel trailer i’m gonna post

Some pictures of the travel trailer what it looks like when everything is made up and ready to go you well anyway i’m taking this thing back to walmart this thing belongs on a lake it does not belong in any pool okay is humongous so this is for a lake this is dangerous

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B-Day , (Play Day Mega Camel Pool Toy ) "OMG" And Travel Trailer By Bree Tee \u0026 Boo Boo Family Adventures