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Baby Comfy Nose vs. Nose Frida

Baby Comfy Nose vs. Nose Frida

Today i’m comparing the nosefrida nasal aspirator to the baby comfy nose nasal aspirator what do we have here first of all oh a big price difference so nose free debt is $19.99 the baby comfy nose is $12.99 first thing i like to look at is doctor look there’s no filter in the baby company nose box aha it says use tissue as a filter i’m like that i can’t imagine

That the nosefrida filters really catches the bacteria they are porous foam plastic the thing i like about tissue is it’s always available it’s free it’s a better putter why should i spend an extra for a filter that’s that’s not good so here’s hmm piece of toilet paper that i can use that as a filter i think i couldn’t here’s a big difference let’s look at the

Nose tip openings this is really huge you know what i like here these are squishy this is the baby comfy nose there’s a newborn nose tip and then this is for the older baby so these are nice and soft don’t of it now on the nose frita it’s really this is hard plastic hmm okay i have to say so far the baby comfy nose has a lot of advantages of her nose drita i even

Like the way that’s feels in my hand the ergonomics of holding it it’s like holding an egg and the nosefrida is like holding a penny and last but not least it comes with this mesh bag i so love this thing because i can take everything apart put it in the mesh bag put it in the dishwasher and then take it out dry it let it dry and then put it in the diaper bag oh

Hi i’m back well wouldn’t you know it right after finishing the comparison video my three-year-old got a bad snotty cold which turns out to be a great opportunity to compare the effectiveness of the two aspirators i used both aspirators alternately over the past three or four days and what i found is that it all comes down to the nose tip the nose freedom nose tip

Just doesn’t seal very well at the nostril opening both because it’s too big even for a three-year-old and because it’s hard plastic it doesn’t conform to the shape of the nostril the result being that it doesn’t have the suction of the baby comfy i cannot imagine how the nose freedom would work on a newborn have you ever seen newborn nostrils they’re tiny the

Baby comfy nose tips are just a better design and of course the newborn nose tip is a must for smaller babies so to summarize all the features baby comfy is specifically designed to use tissue as a filter the soft smaller nose tips work better the handy dishwasher pouch is great and the three color options is a nice feature not to mention the significantly lower

Retail price and baby comfy nose is the clear winner and if you will excuse me i have to go suck out my daughter’s nose you

Transcribed from video
Baby Comfy Nose vs. Nose Frida By Zoe Samuelson