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Baby Products I Cant Live Without 2016 | Baby FAVORITES

I hope you enjoy this video on my favorite products for baby! These products are great for babies of all ages. I have linked below the items that I mentioned. And I apologize that my voice may be a little hoarse in this video, I am a little under the weather. Thank you for watching, don’t forget to subscribe!

Hey guys i hope that you all had a wonderful thanksgiving i just like flew by so quickly and now here we are a few weeks away from christmas i have my little christmas tree set up back here this is actually my stepdaughters room i had a lot of people asking like for a house tour and things like that because my room was decorated so well and i must say that this is

Not my room this is my stepdaughters room but i did decorate this so i will do a house tour slash decorating video coming up soon i’m excited to do that i’m excited that everyone was requesting that that’s really cool but um today’s video is geared a little bit towards moms and you want expecting a baby or maybe if you have someone on your christmas list that you

Need to buy christmas gifts for that is expecting a baby or has a baby these are great gifts that i would definitely recommend these are things that i reach for a lot for my kids mainly my littlest one he is five months old but these are not only geared to a certain age you can probably use most of these anywhere from like zero to a year old and some of this stuff

I use a lot longer than that so these are just great products and i’m so excited to show them to you so let’s go ahead and get started the first product that can be used for any child of any age as the oil logic stuffy nose and cough vapor bath and i love this stuff because my kids get so stuffy and they get so many colds throughout the cooler months is a blend of

Essential oils so it’s very natural i i usually use the honest company baby wash on my kids but i really like this stuff because it does have more natural ingredients i think that johnson & johnson makes something kind of like this but i’m not a big johnson & johnson fan so this is like six or seven dollars at target i believe it’s kind of a new product a

New line that they’re carrying in the baby section but it works so well for those times when you can’t really do anything for your babies and their stuffy and they have coughs and it just it smells of course i have to smell it yeah it smells a lot like the baby vicks but with a little bit more of like a softer smell to it i use this on him in the bathtub it foams

Up like bubbles within and you could actually smell it and they kind of breathe it in and it helps to like clear their sinuses and love this if i had a coal which i’m kind of coming down with one i think by just the way that i’m talking i’m kind of like i have a little bit of a cough and stuff so i would use this in my own bubble baths i would really recommend this

Stuff for your little ones when they’re sick oh staying along with the same theme of being sick and having colds a lot this product has been a lifesaver and this is the nosefrida the baby freedom nosefrida and oh my goodness if you do not have one of these you need to go out and get one today because they are the easiest thing to get out those little the boogers

And the and the knot and all the gross stuff that kind of builds up and your baby’s nose it’s really hard to get out those little bulb syringes are just terrible the ones that they send you home from the hospital with i hate those things i actually saw an article or if you cut them open they get like moldy and stuff inside it’s just gross and this is great now

If you haven’t seen these before what you do is you just pull this off right here and these right here are just little filters so you pop the filters out of this and you stick one in here and then you put this back on and you can also clean it with just warm water and soap whenever you need to but you stick this up next to your baby’s nose next to their nostril

Like this and you suck out the boogers with this now don’t worry the boogers are not going to go up into your nose they are stopped by this little filter right here in most of the time the boogers kind of get this is gross okay if you’re a mom who you totally understand this but like if you’re if you don’t have kids and you’re just watching this for fun for some

Strange reason this sounds really gross sucking out boogers but anyways they get stuck up in here and so you don’t worry about it coming up here anyways but they’re not gonna go on to your mouth but it is so effective at clearing their noses and they can actually breathe my little one will spend all night trying to breathe out of his he wants to suck his pasty but

He can’t breathe out of his nose because it’s so clogged up and i don’t know what i would do without this thing i believe they’re like 15 dollars or so and they don’t have them at target and also babies r us and definitely go ahead and get one of these they are a lifesaver the next couple of items are some little toys that my son actually uses in plays with when

You have kids you are going to have so many toys that they don’t play with and when they’re a little bit younger you still want something that they can play with but you don’t need a whole lot of toys because they’re still too little to really understand and so these are actually some really inexpensive things that my little boy loves a lot like we constantly have

These in the diaper bag in the car seat that he actually plays with and they weren’t like a total waste of money first one it’s just this little bright starts book and of course you’ve seen these everywhere they’re like five dollars but he loves the sound babies love the sounds of these books and then he can chew on the corners right here and also he chews on

This thing but we take this everywhere and so this would definitely be a toy that i would grab for your little ones that will actually be played with another toy especially for the teething little ones is these little nudie rings right here and these have been around for so long but he loves this thing it’s so easy for him to grab and he can stick all these little

Pieces in his mouth and just chew away and you don’t have to worry about anything falling or breaking this thing is really sturdy but i want to say these are like six or seven dollars it really loves this thing so that is another toy that is definitely worth the money and one last toy that i found like at a specialty shop when me and my husband were out it’s called

Natural baby i don’t know they have a website or not – i’ll link it below but but these are called the munch mit whoever came up with these is just a genius because what they do is you put them on there on your little ones hand so you’re gonna fit it on their hand and then you strap it on and they can chew on this part if you have a little one who’s teething a lot

Of times they chew on their hands so this is genius because it goes on their hand and they can chew on it and they are so cute looking and he loves this he loves to just pick it up and chew on it and a lot of times you know in the car seat he’ll lose his toys throw them over this side you can’t reach him so if this is on his hands he’s not gonna lose it and you can

Just constantly chew on it so they’re definitely worth it a really cute different kind of toy it makes that crunchy noise that babies love so much so this is called the munch mint another product that i love so much is the dom for babies white noise machine and i was on the fence about buying this for so long i just thought well because i have the app on my phone

You know i can use the white noise machine just for my phone or the white noise sound for my phone no that is not even compare the dom is actual like air actually goes through it and so this is not just like a noise and like an artificial noise that air actually moves through this and it makes a white noise it has made such a difference in the way that he sleeps

He sleeps so much better because it blocks out a lot of the noise so let’s say he’s taking a nap and you have other kids running around or you have dogs or something’s going on outside or you need to go in and out of the room this helps to block out the noise and so every little noise is not waking him up it’s almost like a really loud fan kind of but it’s got two

Settings so you can do the highest one or the lowest one and then you can actually turn the top here and you can turn the sides as well which help to kind of change the noise just a little bit i got mine at babies r us i’m not sure where else they sell them but definitely like on amazon or anything like that and i’ll link them below as well okay last but not least

Is a product that i was sent by the company called qt beef and it is a changing pad an adorable changing pad at that i love the gray and the white chevron and they sent this to me and i am not it’s being paid to review this or anything this is my own honest review of this when they first sent it to me i thought you know it’s a little bit bulky to really fit in the

Standard diaper bag it was kind of like wool you know like it’s got a lot of space and everything but what am i gonna do with it because i don’t want to stick this whole thing in my diaper bag but listen to me when i tell you that there will be many many of times where you will change your child’s diaper in the back of your car i almost changed his diaper in the

Back of the car more often then i change it in like a restroom per se sometimes restrooms don’t even have a changing table like t.j.maxx our t.j.maxx does not have a changing table a lot of times i will be at a baseball game with my husband there’s no changing table in there little restrooms that they have there if you are outside at a park there’s no restrooms i

Cannot tell you how many times i have used this now what’s so great about it and what makes it a lot different from the ones that you can buy in this store is that it has a lot of storage in here so what i do is i leave this in the back of my car all the time and i actually took it out yesterday because i knew i was going to be talking about it in this video and i

Needed it yesterday and i was like where is my changing pad like i cannot live without it now i put diapers up here in this little mesh pocket right here and it just kind of velcro is right there and then it velcros down and then i keep wipes in this area right here and i mean you could keep whatever you want there but this is perfect for a white pack and then it

Has another little zipper right here and what i keep in here is an extra change of clothes and he actually had a blowout yesterday when i needed this thing and i had taken it inside so i needed all this stuff and it was i know it’s so upset that i left us here but so i keep a little extra pair of clothes right there now one of my favorite parts about this probably

My favorite part is that look at all the extra space for your child to lay in it’s got a little space for his arms the one that i keep in my diaper bag like fur that just in case you know i lay it down on the changing tables in the store does not it only goes like this it does not have two extra parts for their arms and it has a little extra padding for a pillow

Which is amazing because i always feel so bad laying his head down on that on the hard changing pads no changing pad i have ever had it has an extra little padding for a pillow this is very easy to wipe off you just wipe it off in case something gets on it i really cannot say enough good things about this i honestly would not even review this or talk about it if i

Didn’t use it like on the regular basis but like i said i am thoroughly surprised that this works so well to put in the back of my car and i’ve got everything there i’ve got diapers wipes a change of clothes the whole a changing pad and it’s just it’s like a life saver beautybay it has been nice enough to give me a discount code for any of you who would like to

Purchase this for yourselves or for a new mommy that you know or as a christmas gift i would highly recommend this and the discount code is for 10% off and it will be linked below in the description box alright guys that about wraps up my little baby recommendations slush gift guide just products that i use on the regular that i am just loving and won’t recommend

To anyone who is expecting a baby nose baby anything to do with babies i would definitely recommend any of these products and i just want to say thank you guys so much for watching and i will be back very soon with some really awesome videos i am so excited for the holidays and all that kind of stuff so be on the lookout for some new videos coming up super soon

And don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and to subscribe to my channel and i will see you guys it’s all very soon bye

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Baby Products I Can't Live Without 2016 | Baby FAVORITES By Brittani Boren Leach