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BAERSkin TACTICAL Hoodie – Is it worth the price?

Why am I reviewing a hoodie? Because the BAERSkin Hoodie is a TACTICAL hoodie. My thoughts: good and not so good.

Why am i reviewing a hoodie well it’s a tactical hoodie at least that’s what the bearskin website says stay with me welcome to writer’s range first thing i want to do is make it real clear that this is not a paid promotion it’s not a product placement or anything like that i paid a regular price uh discounted right now we’ll get to that in a minute on the

Manufacturer’s website for this hoodie they don’t even know that i’ve got it certainly not for this kind of review so again why am i reviewing a tactical hoodie well tactical must have something to do with firearms right um okay you guys have seen enough of my channel to know that i am not a tactical guy uh i don’t have a beard i don’t have tattoo sleeves i was

Never on the swat team uh the seabees were a construction unit in vietnam not a a tactical warfare unit i don’t wear body armor i don’t wear a chest rig i’m not a tactical guy but yet um this tactical hoodie for some reason got my attention when i saw the original advertisement for it now the ad had this at sixty percent off so okay that sounds like a pretty good

Deal it was still 69.95 with the 60 off we’re going to cover that again here in just a minute too anyway it looked attractive enough so that i dug into it a little bit i looked at the manufacturer’s website and everything i saw looked attractive it looked like it had some of the stuff that i want for either a fall spring outer layer or just a a layer for winter use

So it took a couple of weeks to get this hoodie but it arrived in good condition and initially i liked what i saw there are some caveats however but very first thing i want to get to the things that i do like about this hoodie now it is a 100 polyester medium weight all of the website builds it has polar fleece mixed with polyester fibers i’m not sure if that makes

A whole difference or not but the tag does say that it is 100 polyester and that should work pretty well for again for a layered look or even outerwear in in transition type weather supposed to be windproof and even water repellent so again it looked attractive and it looks like from the website it comes all of it i didn’t find where it specifically said but the

Pictures on the website look like it come in four different colors charcoal black there is a little bit of difference between those two green and tan now since it’s tactical the green has to be od green and the tan really should be called flat dark earth i mean after all it’s tactical right the the sizing was accurate it fits nicely it’s not too bulky it fits over

A another fleece vest again for layering if it’s under a heavier winter jacket and again sizing was relatively accurate i kind of vary between a large and extra large depending and i’m glad i went with just a large uh i certainly would not have wanted to go with an extra large for this so sizes do run relatively true now i like the fact that the sleeves aren’t

Elasticized i like that they are long enough to basically cover my hands they do have thumb holes i’m not a a thumb hole guy and but it does help keep the sleeves down over the wrist if you need it of course certainly a problem this is one of the drawbacks the thumb hole really if i’m trying to hold the the sleeve with the thumb hole really messes up my grip so

I certainly wouldn’t want to handle a firearm by the way this case you can’t tell this is not a real gun this is a strictly a training plastic gun that’s for the youtube manual reviewers of course so i really wouldn’t uh use the thumb holes but again they’re handy for keeping the sleeves down if you really need to work it that way plenty of zippers um and we’ll

Talk about one caveat on the the zipper here in a minute but plenty of zippered pockets and the the zippers certainly on the uh lower pockets work so that i can unzip with a uh with a glove if i need to so it has a variety of mostly useful pockets that has the zipper on the front goes all the way up better than some hoodies and it does keep my neck protected

I certainly like that and it does have an elasticized drawstring down here in the waist and it’s uh actually the the catch on each side is fairly well captured so you don’t lose that you don’t have a lot hanging down again another relatively nice feature and i do like the the velcro patches on it because i do like wearing a flag on at least one sleeve and uh

Again that’s what makes it tactical right being able to wear a flag on the sleeve of course and for the 69.95 i paid that of course that includes shipping and handling so that was my total out the door price 69.95 i okay it’s pretty much comparable with some other mid-weight outerwear that i’ve purchased in the past so i really can’t complain about this because

69.95 now there are some some knits nits and gripes about this particular hoodie and when we get to the end it comes to the question would i buy it again first thing there’s no labeling on the brand i can’t really see it i’m not going to take it off to show it but the tag in the back simply says the size in united states european and a third type in there uh

There’s no branding on it in any way shape or form they ought at least have their name in there one would think and the uh the care tag on it just see if i can get a wrap around that fur there it is it has the washing instructions and here’s where it says made in china if i had known that it was made in china would i have bought it i’m i’m not quite so sure

I couldn’t find anything on the manufacturer’s website that said that it was made in china so i took a chance on it here it is of course what these days is not made in china but i’m trying to buy american as much as i can now the this hoodie does not uh look just like the one that’s on the bearskin website the the pockets are different on that one and uh i got

A little concerned did i really get the real thing uh so i looked at the packaging and everything that came with it and yeah it’s from bearskin so uh their website has a chat feature on it i got on there actually got a response from uh from somebody on the chat and i said it doesn’t look like the the one that uh that i got matches the website and they said well

They’ve changed it well you’d think they’d also change the pictures on their website although i maybe it cost too much to to redo the website at that point now i wore this the other day i had to go out and plow snow so sitting on the tractor for uh an hour so while i’m plowing the driveway in the road um with the hood up and of course uh zipped up i had had this

Layered under my carhartt jacket and unfortunately there’s no way to tighten down this hood so uh when i was having my back to the wind no big deal when i was facing into the wind then this thing is just catching all of it and uh i had to go back inside and get something at least to cover my ears if i could have cinched it down i would have been fine but nope

It’s acting almost like a sail so um it does have a nice kind of a brim on the hood that good coverage just no way to cinch the thing down and as i’m pulling the zipper down that brings up another interesting point this zipper is backwards i’m a right-handed guy almost in fact all of my jackets the zipper pull is on the right so when i put it together i have a

Certain way i’m used to doing it without looking i noticed that on my wife’s clothing uh anything she’s got with a zipper the zipper pull is on the left um on the other hand this thing is made in europe maybe that’s how they do it over there i don’t know but it’s backwards for me and just not a deal breaker but certainly a knit because i’m not used to it that way

Now it has pockets on the sleeves and these pockets are relatively useful i can slip my phone into a sleeve pocket if i want that works out okay but here’s another knit about the the pockets i like the fact it has a chest pocket on it but the pocket if it’s on the left side is oriented for a right-handed person problem is two things actually one the the pocket

Goes to the right of the zipper not the left so it really is not conducive for right hand use and it just barely fits my iphone and it’s only an iphone 12 so it’s not all that huge i can get it in and it is snug but one thing that that really turns me off on this particular pocket design is i like to occasionally when i’m wearing a vest or a jacket i carry a little

Micro pistol in the chest pocket i can easily grab it particularly when i’m seated i’ve got the safety bill down in the car i can easily grab the pistol in a an appropriate holster of course and therefore i need the pocket to go to the left of the zipper here it’s to the right of the zipper so i certainly can’t carry a little micro pistol in that pocket now this

Hoodie doesn’t have the the lower sleeve pocket like is shown on the the website again not a deal breaker i kind of like to tuck my car keys in there occasionally again not a big deal however a couple of problems on these pockets one is the pocket material is a fairly thin mesh i really have to wonder how well this pocket is going to hold up and the second thing

Is on the right hand pocket it came unfinished so i could carry gloves in here comfortably but i’m not about to carry car keys or anything in that right hand pocket a left hand pocket works fine right hand not so much manufacturing flaw and also what appears to be pockets on the inside really aren’t pockets the pocket material is really just the uh the inside

Pocket and uh or excuse me the the waist pocket but there’s no pocket there so i when i looked at this i thought cool it’s got some inside pockets too i could stash something down there but um not going to happen so that’s rather deceiving and it has a rear pocket that can be accessed from either side not very conveniently of course but it is there and it’s

Access on right end left side of it you can see it there and this pocket goes all the way through i have absolutely no idea what i would carry in the rear pocket on this but again it shows that it has they say two more pockets it’s really one pocket with two different zippers for access and finally the price on this the website says it’s a hundred and seventy five

Dollars now i got a sixty percent off so 69.95 or at least they say was 68 i never did the actual math on it but 69.95 delivered all right i can deal with that is this 175 dollar hoodie absolutely no way is it a 69.95 hoodie yeah maybe 175 now if they’d give me three of them of course there’s three colors i don’t have yet right if they would give me three for 175

Would i buy it again and my answer to that is probably not knowing what i uh what i know now the the origin made in china is can i find american-made products i don’t know i don’t know if i can find an american made a hoodie or not um the fact that it’s made in china is not a turn on by any means and i’m certainly going to knock it down just because of that i’d

Like to see in fact i’d gladly pay 69.95 for another one if they would uh correct the flaws and make it in the united states i’d pay more than 69.95 if they would make this garment in america and uh correct some of the flaws the the backward zipper the uh the thin mesh on the pockets the the no string on the hoodie i would consider buying another one at a higher

Price so again that’s it that’s the bearskin tactical hoodie here on rider’s range and again i can make it a firearms related product because it has the word tactical in it and gee it is flat dark earth all right thanks for sticking with me here on writer’s range

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BAERSkin TACTICAL Hoodie – Is it worth the price? By Rider’s-Range