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Bar set for 0 is it worth it?

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When a minute video about professional bartending set for less than $100 a lot of you guys commented and send me a message that you could find ba reset for much much cheaper just a clarification there is actually quite a difference between professional board tools for bartenders and cheap bar tools that you could use at home purchase to absolutely at most affordable bar

Sets in china on aliexpress they cost ten thirty nine and ten eighty nine. so and i wanted to show you the difference between professional bar tools this one says seventeen but the problem is when i looked at the picture, i found only 14 and but i think person who wrote this have no idea was premium bar said mean and if you still asking why this one cause the same if it’s

Only nine pieces is probably because of this wouldn’t think so that’s the price difference and we’re going to compare with our professional partying tools the quality of the shaker is actually pretty decent so i totally would work and then also i thought muddler is not bad and spoon is a right so it’s like it probably would last but the rest i’m not even sure look at this

Jigger, for example i tried to measure it and bore a full jigger and then it’s definitely way off prior the other side their full jigger, and it’s also a little off it’s not exactly 3/4. so it’s like little below line. they put two metal straw which not really a bar tool but whatever they just put it there super low quality wine opener. it feels really cheap in your hand so

They put little i scoop and tongue opener and citrus peeler trainer it actually fits pretty good in this bar set. actually you get also pretty bad the jigger. let’s measure this one completely fool okay, this one’s supposed to be a half ounce also right below the line right below the line almost the same muddler cure they put three cheese cobbler shaker absolutely identical

Strainer. oh, okay. yeah just a little better opener because this one is really bad. come on. it’s not bad at all and there is pretty significant difference when it comes to almost every item. you could see the professional bar tools they they look better so they definitely higher quality then let’s say this strainer. so this is the difference and as you could see they

Much more accurate than than this jigger, so like even if you use this type of jigger or the japanese jigger, so they definitely worth it but right now you’re probably asking should we still buy it if it cost only ten dollars and my answer would be probably known because you end up having so many useless tools that you’re probably not even gonna use i would start thinking

Start with a drink what kind of drink you will be using this for if you just maybe start in and want to make drink it can make simple like can you grow on it? and what would you need? you don’t want to go and buy a first thing is a cheap bar set so you want to start with for example glass? where do you get first high-quality glassware? and then what next you need a high

Quality ice. maybe you get ice molds for clear ice and after that what so like besides spirit, of course it’s great if she’s gonna laugh really long time or if you will be mixing it in the mixing glass so now we have everything phony groaning or if you prefer to make for example at gin tonics and just drinking wine all you need to do just shop separately for like a really

High-quality for limes to realize it’s tempting to get a par set for only ten dollars you just will end up with useless nail art tools or even straws that they just put here. it doesn’t make sense or this i don’t know or a jigger that doesn’t measure accurately so let know guys in the comments if you prefer to get cheap bar tools or if you would like to invest and get high

Quality. i really would love to hear your opinion so thank you so much for staying until the end. don’t forget to hit like button like

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Bar set for $10 is it worth it? By Vlad SlickBartender