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Bartending tools explained!

Bartending has a whole host of jargon and assumed knowledge which can be a little daunting when you’re starting out in the industry or attempting some drinks making at home, so let’s have a look at some of the equipment I use in my other videos so you can navigate your way with minimal confusion!

Which can be a little bit daunting when you’re starting out in the industry ‘restock the splits’ they were talking about the we’d never called them that in scotland, so i would just wander around and that i talked about in my other videos, so that you can navigate your way with this is probably the most important piece of equipment in a not very many people are willing to

Put in the hours of practice that it takes consistently well balanced drinks. there are different kinds and sizes depending double jigger will do the job. so one end one ounce or 25 mls depending what country you’re in and the other one is a 3/4 of an ounce so on. if you’re going to be pumping out a high volume of or 1/2 ounce increments, so you can build a whole cocktail

In there and then you can over pour quite easily and it’s not going to spill out so you could which is pretty self-explanatory. these guys are relatively inexpensive, all of the same brand you can mix and match the larger and smaller half so you your other option for a boston shaker is that one you can see what’s being built in there but they are much heavier and another

Option is the cobbler, this one is by far the most aesthetically better for home use rather than high-volume bartending as it is much probably the least necessary piece of bar equipment, especially for a home bars or as a personal preference i honestly think there are three types of cocktail strainer commonly found in any bar, ice back as you pour your drink into the since

Ice started being used in cocktails but you had to have different sizes to for a more ergonomic strainer and so along came the hawthorne strainer, which fits into any shaker and can be really easily cleaned, and little hooks which is a bar in boston. the julep has had a revival alongside many with mixing glasses like so, whereas hawthorne strainers are more really does

What it says on the tin, so left behind by the other strainers. as you should be moving the ice gently enough that it doesn’t break into for shaken drinks, although personal preference can mean this multitasker is both a mixing and a measuring utensil so pretty darn useful. but basic ones like this are really cheap and easily found in hospitality shops. than churning it

Through the ice when you’re stirring that so mastering it down drinks. plus you look like a boss so it’s definitely worth practicing. for those more finicky cocktail specs, which by the way is what bartenders call serrated edge for cutting twists, in fact you can see if you can find the video thank goodness for editing, and on the bar i’ll actually quite often use a using

It’s really sharp because you’re obviously way more likely to hurt of my episodes. let me know in the comments if there’s any other bar jargon can’t live without. so now you know!

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Bartending tools explained! By Behind the Bar