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Hi guys all good i’m back with another video here on the channel and not today’s video guys i want to tell you how good it is to get home after a tiring day that today was very tiring for me and getting home in comfort was here from my home right having the blankets watching a movie being here calm with the family right is the best thing we are the best thing feel comfortable

Right and comfort i understand and people look at this covered that is super comfortable right speaking of comfort that i’m using it and it’s a cooling blanket for this summer. thin thin thin very light very light and it’s perfect for us for all kinds of use ok it’s not just for you to cover at bedtime no you can keep it everywhere it’s super comfortable and it doesn’t

It attacks our skin okay the betty surf brand this blanket is wonderful i’ll even leave the link below so you people don’t miss this opportunity because you won’t see the best thing you have that little stain like that wonderful and not be without covering it but believed talking about blankets comfort blankets i ‘m going to show everyone what you buy these days that

For me it’s essential to have several like this for every moment we have for each thing, right because i like comfort i like aconchego so i showed this one here for you now i’m going to show you another one that is wonderful people i can put it on top of my bed to leave a luxury a touch more wonderful yes you know a more cute touch and look what a wonderful thing look

At these details look at this perfect people material discovered here it is fifty percent bamboo and fifty percent alpha wave look, this is perfect too, right to put it like this on top of the bed to stay close that more refined air you know so its material is more natural so that this ninety percent bamboo and fifty percent cotton doesn’t harm the skin it’s also super

Soft super light it’s pretty, right guys it doesn’t absorb moisture ok and it has a design in classic fabric, not refined, that more chic, more luxurious, more glamorous thing, this one is wonderful, so each covered with an occasion, something that we want to put on. this later to show you now your sofa can also have a blanket people look i have this one here which is a

Blanket that i use on the sofa and i also use it like this at the foot of the bed it is more for decoration decoration only you can use it for several things and look how wonderful people look at this fabric it has a super elegant mesh design but to decorate the house just like i told you it is versatile it is perfect for you to use anywhere people you can use it on the

Sofa for decoration you can use it on your bed you can take it on a trip because it is light too you can take it on a trip to have a picnic you can create and in your head whatever you want because it looks wonderful super comfortable it’s warm alright guys and very luxurious too i’ll also show you at the end how i’m going to leave it on my bed it ‘s because my sofa is

Yet to arrive we moved house so our sofa hasn’t arrived yet so i’ll show it to mine leaves him on the bed and the last one for us but not least my woolen blanket, what a delight for a blanket look at this wonderful fabric, it is versatile, it also has several colors and sizes, this one here is king, look at the color it is wonderful to have been amazing it’s super soft

I also think it’s very luxurious it’s breathable and it’s very light and i’m going to compare it here to show you i have this one from another brand okay but look at this look at it this fabric was compared to this look the difference this one is much better much more wonderful so be careful when buying because sometimes they buy brands that are not of good quality the

Quality is wonderful i’ll leave the link there too of all these blankets you are buying because it is very worthwhile for us when it comes to comfort, right about health, for us it has to be something worthwhile and look at this people how light and soft it even makes you want to sleep is very good and i highly recommend all of them are from the brand besser a and now

I’m going to fix my bed here and i’m going to show you so wait a moment hi guys i came back today to show you this one arrived today so i couldn’t show you how i was recording look at this one fabric look at the use guys this is the other blanket that arrived for me look at this amazing it’s amazing it’s also soft it feels in the fabric itself the quality is wonderful the

Material its is 100 percent cotton its weaving design is a classy waffle and it also has several colors available guys i like these lighter colors that match the environment here at my house but the perfect sun it is also breathable and versatile guys oh beautiful it was amazing that it was wonderful you can see that it’s an incredible quality so i ‘m going to leave the

Link to all of them below for you to be acquiring so you know a little better i hope i explained it very well to you and that’s it good people this was the video talking of my blankets today for you comfort and quality so i hope you enjoyed this video a lot for my followers who are here in the united states i will leave the links down there on amazon so you can buy them,

Which is super worth it for us i know i have a lot of americans who follow me here i still don’t speak english very well but i always leave the subtitles there so you can watch my videos and follow everything i can i hope you enjoyed it a lot don’t forget to go down there in the registration box so you can consult the blankets in the links that i’ll leave ok and i have

The discount bread for you a kiss and see you the next video

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