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Benefits of Silk on Natural Hair and Skin Ft LILYSILK

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Hello welcome back to my channel it’s your girl churchill if you are new and if you’re a tennis subscriber hi welcome back so in today’s video guys um i’m going to be partnering on this day sponsored by lily silk okay i’m pretty sure i guess i’ve heard about these circuits everywhere online okay so before they reached out to me i’ve been like the silk bed sheets

Silk pillowcase silk everything else to do everything is like still marks okay because i have like extremely sensitive skin so i try i say it’s like normal marks right and then it breaks me up so i have to switch to silk and my hair the natural fussy hair my face and all that so when they reached out to me and they were going to send me like a silk pillowcase i was

Like amazing amazing right so yeah i’m going to show you guys what they gave me i’m going to just talk about it okay so i noticed a different setting you know from the usual but i’m trying to show you guys what is going on here okay i don’t know i’m acting funny but this isn’t for us this is a pillowcase the scent okay oh my god this feels extremely extremely

Soft and i have used silk pillowcase before but this is luxury affordable luxury okay so this is the pillowcase the scent okay i got it in black because i wanted to match my whole bed thing going on here but yeah this is it so this is the 19 okay i can’t pronounce this but it’s called mommy ask for envelope love serious pillowcase okay envelope because it

Covers right all right so this is it it can never be talked about enough how important yolk is for your face and your hair guys if i find a picture of my face like last year first i using silk liquids and all that on my face i’ll just insert it for you guys to see okay i had the most terrible face breakout and acne and i was using all the skin care products that

I was using then i was still using it digging i’m just i’m seasoning it right now but like i wasn’t seeing much difference because i was doing like a cutting pillowcase right so when i sleep i have fun while i sleep in the cage i don’t want it to want it on and then if i wake up in the morning because of your cutting is a little bit hard so it kind of rubs on

Your face and it gives me more acne and more breakers i see everything i was using wasn’t working or everything i’m using wasn’t working but it was just that when i go to bed everything wipes off and all that but my feeling has made an incredible improvement and i’m going to show you guys okay somewhere around it and yeah so yeah this is hundred percent mulberry

Silk i pronounce the rice mulberry silk this is hundred percent more realistic and this is soft guys i am not exaggerating i’m not trying to hi different benefits of this silk this silk pillowcase first of all the first thing which i’m going to talk about that is so so important to me is that it’s um most of wear that i just yeah the what i was looking for

Is temperature regulation that’s the word guys we are in summer or we are about to let you technically in summer if you are in australia so you understand when i say this is temperature regulating because when you come into your room it is so hot and i’m trying to get a good night’s sleep but i’m looking for the side of the pillow that is less hot so i can put

Your head on it because everywhere just crazy hot okay this will just cool you down ah guys this will literally just cool you down so you don’t need to find the part that is a bit cold by to put your head and when it’s also very cold it doesn’t get too good as well it’s still like comfortable because i like my face feeling chilled when i’m trying to sleep okay

So yeah this is temperature regulating it’s breathable it doesn’t make you feel like you’re about to suffocate right just imagine you’re putting your face i mean nobody sleeps like that but just say you sleep like that you put your face inside your pillow and you sleep like this with a cutting pillow you’re gonna suffocate so but this is really brilliant honestly

And it’s amazing okay it’s amazing and it’s skin friendly which i have been talking about for the past 10 minutes it is skin friendly it is hair friendly it reduces like the deep this is not my hair though but it really is like um split ends for me that’s transl transitioning to like natural hair this has been amazing because i’m not sleeping my way so this has

Been amazing on my hair and then i forget to mention that it retains moisture right when i do my skincare so i have a weird skin okay it’s sensitive it’s oily and sometimes it’s dry okay so it’s more like combination skin right so when i did my skincare routine and i started like put on oil at night kind of sealing the moisture and then i still wake up glowing

I mean not like this because i have makeup on but i glow i glow because the oil all my products are still intact nothing is rubbing up anywhere nothing is disappearing into my pillow and all that it’s okay for sensitive skin okay for all skin diagnose but it’s also okay for those that have sensitive skin all right guys so i jumped into studying about the pillowcase

Okay i was just waiting to be excited to tell you guys and show you guys but this is the case that it came in okay um this is how it looks like it’s a white case that has a fine flowers and the back is this color and yeah that’s it and it also comes with like a pamphlet okay in case i didn’t mention to you guys they sell so many things on their website and

It’s not just pillowcase and what i’m going to show you guys next they sell like silk marks okay they have sensitive skin they’re very much now okay this is the best time to get a silk mask i mean what i do though is i put on the silk marks and then i put on like you know you know i’m max cause silk is just like it’s just my face not like it’s protecting you but

Just my face right but that that’s the ideal think but it’s a lot of things like here you can see from this picture in this thing they sell like uh silk uh nightwears they sell silk tops and silk dresses silk everything you can think of and it says here that live light is lighter sweater smooth as milk silk makes you feel nothing but confidence okay and be

Way too dramatic but i’m happy right so yeah this is the things they have okay let me same they have like silk scrunchies for your hair they have like silk bonnet silk sleeping marks like eye masks and all that so yeah there’s just so many things on their website and as well they start like silk by sheet and still duvet in case you’re interested and like it

Says on this pamphlet okay it says um it’s the finest grade sis a mulberry silk and the prices guys the prices are really really affordable because you know that silk is luxury right so this is like um affordable luxury and i’m going to say this because i’m saying this because you guys know my last video about um studying in australia how expensive it is i’m

Not about like starting money away you know i’m buying expensive things but this is really really worth it and the prices are not so crazy and it’s something that’s going to last me it’s not like a one-off thing something that would last me for a very long time so i’m willing to invest in this and it’s not really affordable so even though a student or trying to

Save money and still look and feel luxury i feel luxurious and feel luxurious jump into the next thing they sent me which is something i don’t typically use but like oh my god how was i not using this before so they sent me a wash pad and a towel and washed over can you guys see this yeah this is what it looks like so this place is like 100 cotton this is pure

Cutting and this other side is swelled and silk so it’s sweat and silk mixed together and this is just a wash pad okay it’s a sweater as well so yeah um i’m going to just show you guys how i’ve used this okay so now typical wash pad for your face right so usually what i use like my oil cleanser first and then i you know it’s a bit difficult to take it away right

Because i just use water and then i’ll wash it off i use my number cleanser but then i’ll still feel the oil just there small right but this is amazing because when i use my oil cleanser right i just wet this just wet this and dry it and then you know do it on your face and clean and just soften up the oil so you can be able to wash your face and that’s not the

Only thing they do they’re basically like the same thing actually i use this to wipe my face when i abused about my face and the good thing is that it’s not so hard on the skin because it’s still but it has like it’s also silk and sweat so it dries your face but it’s not harsh on your face isn’t that amazing all right so for this thing you can actually use this

One as a wash cloth too but i just figured i was just done drying my face but they’re basically the same thing and because it’s silk it is okay for sensitive skin because it’s not hard actually like really really soft it feels extremely soft so it’s not hard on your skin you it doesn’t feel like you’re like scrubbing off your face okay it just feels like a soft

Foam on your face that’s the feeling you get from from this all right so this also helps you to like exfoliate your skin like i said me i barely i don’t i don’t even use physical exfoliators like you know those ones i have like scrubs and all that because guys if something scratches my face no matter how tiny it is game over for me and this is amazing because

The easiest actually wash your face and while washing your face it’s kind of exfoliating your face but it’s not spiky it’s extremely soft so yeah this is amazing it’s environmental friendly because it’s reasonable you don’t have to try it away it’s yeah this is it for this video guys i’m going to leave a link of your website in the description box you can get

Anything from there anything soup they have so many things for your hair for your body for your bed anything it’s there and they are really really affordable i’m going to leave the link to their website in the description box so you guys can go check it out and just buy one or two things okay it’s really available for like everybody okay it cuts across everybody

And every class so you still feel luxurious and bougie or the budget which is me literally my name bhuji on a budget okay yeah i hope you guys enjoyed watching this video if you did don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and give me a thumbs up and i’ll see you guys in my next video bye

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Benefits of Silk on Natural Hair and Skin Ft LILYSILK By CheChe Okoye