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Benefits Of Using A Humidifier For Your Baby + How to Select A Humidifier

Keeping your baby healthy + safe are your top priorities these days. You want to do everything to make sure your little one is A-okay at all times! That’s why dry winter skin & runny noises are not anywhere in your mom radar for baby to have. So to combat all that invest in a good humidifier 🙂 Learn all about the benefits + how to select the best one in this video!

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel today’s video is gonna be all about the benefits of having a humidifier in your home for your baby fires literally help with so much people think like they’re just a superficial thing i’m like it just helps with your skin which obviously yes it’s gonna help with your skin in drier month but it also helps babies to alleviate

Symptoms of any cold to help with eczema rashes that they might be experiencing dry skin which babies are really prone to because their skin is super sensitive so it has a lot of benefits on your home for your little one we decided to get a humidifier pers eye because he started breaking out with a little bit of baby eczema and i got excellent since i was 11 so

I already know like what to do for asthma i’m like okay i need to get this humidifier i used to have one in college and it was just like a basic one from walgreens but with my son i definitely wanted to make sure that i had the best humidifier possible so i did a lot of research and i just wanted to share a few the reasons behind the humidifier we select it and

Then also talked about just like the benefits behind a humidifier for your baby so the one that we have is from the brand air care and they make beautiful humidifiers they have so many different sizes and shapes and selections you can choose from and the one that we selected goes perfectly with like our interior aesthetic over home it’s like really modern and

Sleek and just really minimal and cool so we like the finish of it it’s like this cool wood looking finish it’s really simple and it’s easy to like move from room to room they also make some really big ones that you can put in your like main room like a living room or whatever and they can like completely off of the humidifying benefits to your whole house or

Apartment without having to move a humidifier everywhere but the one we have is perfect for us we have a pretty normal new york sized apartment like it’s not like a big house and text or something so the one we have is easy just to move from our room to the living room it’s like super easy yeah so some of the benefits behind humidifiers as i mentioned they help

Out with your skin so with babies their skin tends to get really dry especially in the winter months and that’s what happened when zai so if you notice your little one has really dry skin and nothing’s really helping like extra moisturizer extra moisturizing isn’t helping a humidifier would definitely be something to add into their nursery or to your co shared

Room however you guys are doing it and just to have a humidifier throughout your house it’ll really help with adding moisture back to their skin that they’re losing in the air in the drier winter months and really calm down any irritation that their skin is experiencing and any dryness that their skin is having as far as with having a cold it doesn’t help prevent

Cold but it helps to alleviate any like cold cold symptoms that come with the cold so like stuffy nose runny nose it can help with you know like congestion and their throat as well so a humidifier like near their crib going to sleep would be amazing just keeping it in your room if your co sharing clothes with maybe but not like directly by their crib because you

Don’t want it to fall on them or you know safety reasons but we have our position like on our dresser which is in a room like near the crib near our bed and it just goes all over the whole room so it’s perfect so there’s two kind of humidifiers you can get to there’s going to be a warm mist humidifier and a cool mist humidifier and when researching humidifiers

I was really confused on which once again but it’s recommended for babies to always get a cool mist humidifier in case of it getting in contact with the baby you do not want hot water on your baby you know hurting them and burning them so a cool mist humidifier is definitely recommended it’s just offering a cool mist won’t harm them at all if god forbid it were

To fall near by them it’s just cold water so it’s not going to harm them or do any damage to them so cool mist humidifier is always what you look for when you’re looking for a humidifier to add to your nursery or to your home with your little with your baby with your little ones with whether it’s taller or you have an infant even with you have kids it’s just

Suggested just to always get cool mist in favor so i’m gonna read to you off my phone some more of the benefits that you can get for humidifiers as i mentioned i mean from humidifiers as i mentioned it helps with their breathing so baby’s lungs especially if the preemie is it staying here that their their lungs are going to be even more sensitive and the dry air

Can irritate their their nose and their airways causing more difficulty in breathing so especially if you have a creamy a humidifier would be so great for you um for your little one um and as i mentioned especially when a baby has cold it helps alleviate stuffy nose and coughed and just helped everyone at home just be more restful and less stressed you know that

Your baby is breathing in like nice humidified air and they’re getting the moisture that they need to the scan to their lungs it’s helping their nasal passages everything all around like just a plus with getting a humidifier also when we were looking for one we were looking for one that was like really easy to clean because having a baby where you have so much going

On we didn’t want to get one that was like really difficult to clean so that’s something to look for and a humidifier – the one we have from air care is so simple to clean like it’s really easy you just clean it after every use like you dump out the water make sure you’re adding fresh water every time and to do a deep clean once a week you do two tablespoons of

Vinegar mixed with half a cup of water in the filter depending on your filter you can figure out how to clean it but ours came with instructions on what to do so that’s how we deep clean our filter and then we take it says to scrub it inside we take an old toothbrush that we have and we are not an old one but a toothbrush that we just designated to just clean our

Filter and we just scrub inside and clean it and we do that once a week just to make sure that you don’t get any mold buildup because if you don’t properly drain out the water after each use and then do a deep clean once a week you can develop more in your filter and then it completely defeats the purpose of getting a humidifier because it’s just you know mold

It’s not good to be breathing that in and nor is it healthy for you so definitely finding one that’s easy to clean is a must and the one we have like i mentioned is really cool it’s like a sleek minimal vibe and it’s intended for adults and families like just for everyone to use like an all-in-one humidifier if you think of it that way but they do make humidifiers

That are specifically geared towards infants toddlers and kids so those are just like it has all the thing but if it’s a regular adult humidifier but it’s just more fun looking so it might my light up might project images on the wall at night or playing music like whatever coming fun shapes and sizes so you can decide like what you want do you want a specific

Humidifier for your baby or doing just get one for your home and for everybody just to use drought so that’s totally up to you but we chose just to get this the singular one because we just feel like why would i get two different ones is sleeping in our room with us so it just didn’t make sense to get him a step or humidifier for us but for you for your family

If that’s what you want to do and totally go ahead and do that and it’s totally fine it’s the same benefits as a regular adult humidifier just a little cuter that’s all it is but his humidifier the humidifier we have now has really helped his skin vastly in combination with some new skincare products we got for him his skin has changed so much she’s eczema is

Literally gone he just has a few like little patches on his neck and they’re not even patches it’s just like little rough skin so but the humidifier has helped so much with his skin he’s not as itchy anymore i can tell he’s not as uncomfortable he did have like a cold a few days ago from getting some vaccines for six months back seems he had some like congestion

Whatever and it’s helped that clear up really fast i noticed that he’s not as congested as much and i just feel better knowing that my baby is you know hydrated in you know his skin is hydrated his lungs are getting the moisture that they need everything is good for him so humidifiers are so amazing and i highly recommend to any new mom to go ahead and get this

For your newborn baby for your little one that you have at home just in a great addition just to add to helping their overall health and well-being on top of helping your family and their well-being so i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you have any questions about humidifiers drop them in the comments below i’m gonna link the link for the humidifier that we

Have in case you’re interested in checking that one out and like i mentioned air care also has a ton of other humidifiers that you can select from based on like your whole vibe and your aesthetic of your home or whatever size you’re looking for so hope you guys enjoyed this video and i’ll see you in the next one subscribe and don’t forget to follow me on ig and i’ll see you later bye

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Benefits Of Using A Humidifier For Your Baby + How to Select A Humidifier By Alexis Kristiana