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Best Air Purifiers in India *TESTED LIVE*

Philips Air Purifier AC2887 –

So daily air pollution now here have a look this room was closed overnight and this machine will accurately tell you the pm 2.5 level inside the house and 794 799 800 now 50 is what is breathable air and 100 is possible as per who but this this is eight times air quality so you can only imagine now you can’t see it through the camera but maybe with your eyes but

The air quality in delhi ncr is literally lethal but but but unlike new channels we are not here to selfie rather we are looking for a solution so as you would have seen winters have come and so is the pollution in delhi and all of the northern state it’s sad but just like work from home it’s the new normal so if you’re looking to buy an air purifier the question

That has to be asked is foremost should you buy an air purifier or if yes which air purifier should you buy and what are all the gimmicks a customer should know before buying an air purifier well we’ll see all of that and we have bought a bunch of air purifiers like this is the sharp air purifier then you have the phillips ac2887 this is kobe air purifier and

We have me a purifier 3 and this small car air purifier we wanted to test this now we had to buy all of these air purifiers so that you guys don’t end up buying the wrong one so if you have to make a purchase make sure to use our affiliate links in the description if you do so we get a small portion of the purchase that helps us to make more unbiased videos like

This and it’s no extra cost to you and also subscribe deal it’s a fair deal right hit the bell icon as well now before we check these air purifiers we are doing a really interesting test but before we get to that there are some basic things you need to know while buying an air purifier kosher has done a dedicated video on it in hindi do check it out but i’ll

Just quickly get some things out of the way the number one thing to check is the true hepa filter not hepa like or hepa type but true hepa filter and this is really important because this is the heart of the air purifier this is responsible to clean all the harmful pm 2.5 particles pm10 and even pm 0.2 particles number two which most people ignore is the filter

Cost like this is a very common mistake people buy an air purifier thinking that’s the only cost you’ll pay but filters they need to be changed in two to three months depending on the usage like here we have a philips hepa filter which is almost black now and we’ll have to get it replaced in a month or so by the way imagine this on your lungs scary right so these

Hepa filters come in different shapes like xiaomi true hepa costs around 2199 the philips one costs like 3500 to 4000. now the third most important thing is cadr clean air delivery rate now basically just think of it it means how much clean air a air purifier can make in one r if you’re confused just remember the larger the value the better it is manufacturers also

Throw in jargon like antivirus alexa support google assistant smart air purifiers all of that is good to have not must have now we did a fantastic experiment we opened the doors of the room and we let pollutants in wow and we bought this kytra egg worth 10 000 to accurately measure the pm 2.5 value in the room so the pm 2.5 value in the room as per the kytera egg

Is 456.58 and if you check online it’s around 408 so quite in sync with what the online reading is and we close the room and let each purifier clean the air now this tells us which air purifier is the most efficient and no way this is scientific but this is how you will use the air purifier in your own room so now the pm 2.5 index is around 450 so first up let’s

Take the sharp air purifier see all air purifiers have vents across they pull in the air through this and then clean the air inside it and throw out through the fan you also get an air quality indicator now the phillips and me air purifier have a screen to show the exact number on cova and sharp you have a light so red means higher pollution yellow means medium

And green means clean air generally green is below 100 aqi and then you have a timer to run it for one hour two hour or four hours just like your ac if your room has really good isolation you can run it two to three hours although i would recommend let it run for the entire night pm 2.5 is very small particles and our houses don’t have good isolation now let’s

Run this thing for 40 more minutes and we’ll set a timer and we’ll come back and check how much it is oh it’s almost 40 minutes and if you see the kaitira egg shows around 143 144 whereas this thing it’s fluctuating between green and yellow green means basically the aqi is below 100 which in no way is what the current aqi is right now now it is good but can be

Better and about the aqi sensor on these things we’ll come to that in just a moment meanwhile let’s open the room and make it ready for philips ac2887 now the thing with air purifier is you will have it in the bedroom so noise level is also important but in my personal experience and all of us at techwizer at auto level see the noise level is about around 60

61 decibel and if you put it at highest level the noise level would be around 70 to 73 decibel and it’s the same with every air purifier we have tried 10 to 12 of them and it’s mostly the same you can run them on silent mode but then you have to live with not so good air quality which defeats the purpose of having an air purifier in the first place and now the

Aqi meter shows around 400 402 it’s afternoon the position level is quite low at this time and the aqi on the philips one shows 139 138 and that’s the thing with air quality measurement on all of these air purifiers they are highly inaccurate like i haven’t seen the philips one go above 200 like ever so this meter whether digital or color coded just doesn’t matter

Because it is inaccurate and now we’ll let the philips air purifier run for the exact same 40 minutes duration and then we’ll check on the aqi so now we’ve let the philips air purifier run for the same exact 40 minute duration as you can see and the aqi is well below 100. now you might say well the philips one started at 400 420 aqi while the sharp one started

At 450. i agree on that with you but we have tested the philips air purifier previously as well and it is very efficient and it was always able to bring the aqi below 100. the kowa air purifier now kowai in terms of looks looks the most minimalistic plus you have a 5-year warranty on it which no one else in this list offers but let’s see what thing this can do we

Repeat the same process and then again wait for 40 minutes well it’s just two minute shots of the 40 minute mark and it was able to bring it down to almost 66 69 now a couple of things to note here is it has the largest vent over here to pull in air so it’s faster and efficient also the filter is available on their website and costs about 3000 rupees so next up we

Have the most hyped air purifier the me air purifier 3 with 360 degree air intake and an oled digital air quality indicator now there’s a small difference between this air quality indicator and the philips one first of all it is touch next laser detection of air quality instead of ir on the philips one now the laser air detection does one thing better i’ve seen

This go around 400 450ish whereas the philips one maxes out at 250. also the me air purifier 3 can be controlled via an app so you can turn it off or turn it on through the me home app also you can ask alexa to do the same but then again the question is how good or how efficient is the me air purifier 3 well we’ll do the same test the aqr is around 400 now and

We’ll let it run for 40 minutes on auto mode and see how much it can clean the air so we are about to complete the 40 minutes and our kytrax is the aqi is 71 whereas the me air purifier says it’s so you can consider this to be in the range of philips air purifier but better than the sharp air purifier so we are inside a car fair car air purifier obviously and

This looks like a water bottle but the design is pretty simple you have a hepa filter inside this and it sucks in air from all the direction and there’s a small fan inside this which pumps up clean air from the top so the air purifier has three basic mode number one is the sleep mode which is supposed to be silent then you have a comfort mode which is a bit more

Powerful and then you have the spray mode which is supposed to be the most powerful and will let it run at the spray mode so currently the aqua inside the car is around 343 it’s rising slowly but you can consider it to be 340ish we have all the windows closed so it’s neatly isolated and then we’ll let the repair car europe air purifier run for 40 more minutes and

We’ll see how the eq is how good of a job this thing does now every car ac also has a filter as you can see here it’s behind the dashboard but this is not hepa filter this is a normal filter also you have to regularly clean this filter it shouldn’t be this brown it should be mostly white so it can do a better cleaning job so there’s still 15 minutes pending that’s

About half an hour 30 minutes so i guess most of you commute for on an average 30 minutes and the air purifier was able to bring down the aqi to 75 or maybe 80 around which is clean air as per who the refa air purifier costs 2 500 rupees and if you’re someone who drives the car regularly for about half an hour i think it’s a good one so to summarize all of this

The sharp air purifier was the least efficient in our testing so not recommended from our end the cova air purifier was the only one that could bring down the aqi below 50 so super recommended from our end also you get 5 years of warranty if you need an air purifier with a digital aqi indicator the philips air purifier is a good choice however do remember the

Filter cost replacement is 3500 rupees if you want a cheaper alternative for that the me air purifier 3 is a good one if you have a commute of 30 minutes daily and you need something for your car the reefer ax 30 car air purifier is also a good one and all of this cost us like four days of shoot to get all of this done we also had to reshoot because the footage

Got deleted so a like would seriously make me happy and on that note this is daddy signing off see you pretty soon

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Best Air Purifiers in India *TESTED LIVE* By TechWiser