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Best Air Purifiers of 2022-2023 [dont buy one before watching this]

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The best air purifiers can transform the quality of your indoor air protecting you from harmful particles dust mold and even certain respiratory viruses they can also be a game changer for those who suffer from asthma or lung problems and in our increasingly polluted environment air purifiers can protect our respiratory health and help us breathe better but which

Models are best suited to your needs and preferences we have listed the top 5 air purifiers and their key features plus the things you need to consider to help you choose the best one for you links to all products mentioned in the video are in the description below you could also find a more detailed analysis and a comparison tool on our website foreign

Ap1512 hh go away ap1512 is known as a standout air purifier due to its excellent value and high quality performance it may not be as stylish as other air purifiers in our roundup but our testing found it to do a remarkable job of removing particles in just 30 minutes for an initial cost of under 300 this air purifier can offer you a 4 stage filtration system a

Hepa filter and coverage of up to 361 square feet the air purifier itself is packaged in a neat sleek design and available in two different colors black and white this air purifier excels when it comes to dust and eradicating odors with a pre-filter and authorization filter for reducing contaminants in the air it’s also inconspicuous when it comes to noise making

It a suitable addition to any bedroom when paired with its smaller size the kobe ap1512 hh air purifier also benefits from a built-in particle sensor that means you can get an idea of the air quality in your home from the color coding system on the top of the device it’ll show a blue light when the air is clean purple to flag pollution and red for high pollution

Another clever feature of the go away ap1512 hh is the sensors that can adjust the fan speed to keep the air clean we particularly like the eco mode on the go away av1512h which worked well to power down the air purifier when pollution was slow saving energy and money we also found the auto mode worked well to toggle between fan settings depending on the indoor air

Quality the koi ap1512 hh is an air purifier suited to small spaces of rooms up to 361 square feet making it suitable for smaller spaces and bedrooms if you need something for a larger room then you might want to look elsewhere while bearing in mind that this is a fantastic choice for smaller spaces number four honeywell hba 300 the honeywell hba 300 is a bulky

Piece of a device that offers good value for money considering its impressive performance it’s a large oval air purifier with slats all around making it look like it belongs in the office of a dystopian future it’s also pretty heavy at 17 pounds so this is the kind of air purifier you won’t want to move around once you set it down a truly powerful device the hpa

300 scored second to the blue air blue pure 211 plus auto on the cadr test with its three different filters able to remove most of the pollutants in a large size room of 465 square feet with an average cadr score of 306 it did perform slightly better on dust versus pollen and smoke we found it pretty simple to set up all you need to do is open the front panel

And take the plastic off the included filters nicely hidden near the top control panel is also a quick reference guide so you don’t have to go searching for the manual that inevitably goes missing after just a few days it doesn’t have a wide range of settings and features but it does offer a timer as well as a dimmer for nighttime use however there’s no auto mode

Which is a shame the replacement filters are very reasonably priced and only need to be swapped out every 12 months it’s noisier and has a higher energy output compared to the others on the list but the purifying capabilities make this easy to overlook that’s why we feel it’s one of the best air purifiers number three blue air blue pure 211 plus auto throughout

Our testing one cube-shaped air purifier stood out above the rest the blue air blue pure211 plus auto dominated the competition it has the ability to clean the air in a large size room while using minimal power and creating very little noise it might not be as flashy as its more expensive cousin the health protect the 7470i but it doesn’t need the extra expense to

Get the job done designed for large spaces its average clean air delivery rate of 360 for smoke dust and pollen was the highest of all we tested that means it’s both fast and efficient and removing pollutants from the air one of the five reasons you need an air purifier it’s also one of the best looking air purifiers with a unique top grade and sleek pre-filter

Skirt that takes away a lot of the technological intrusion that other devices have the white shell also helps it disappear into your decor devilishly simple to set up and use it features only one button to cycle through all four of his modes the auto mode is truly supreme able to pick up speed and power within seconds of detecting something in the air one of its

Only d-mares is its night mode which slows the fan down so much that it doesn’t work nearly as well as its lowest daytime setting that said we feel there really isn’t a better air purifier out there number two allen 75i air purifier since so many homes have open floor plans designs matter when it comes to choosing the best air purifier with its sleek front

Panel available in eight colors the allen is one of the best looking air purifiers we have seen more than just a pretty face the unit packs massive cleaning power across a massive 1300 square feet coverage area thanks to its powerful fan speed which can move up to 350 cubic feet of air per minute its true hepa filters captures 99.9 of particles greater than 0.1

Microns we want to point out that the allen has an optional ionization setting designed to combat even more pollutants but we don’t recommend this feature on any air purifier since it can produce ozone which is in longer attempt but even without the use of the ionization setting the allen should capture plenty of dust pollen smoke and more while looking good in

The process though the allen is a super bear purifier we want you to know the steep upfront cost as well as the fact filter replacements cost are several times that of other models make sure you’re ready for the ongoing operating costs number one lavoid 400s air purifier for home large room between its overall efficiency quiet operation feature pack design and

Smart home capability the lavoid air purifier for home large room is the topic among all the air purifiers we tested this purifier relies on an h13 true hepa filter which is part of its three-stage filtration system a pre-filter focuses on filtering larger debris such as lint and pet hair the h13’s true hepa filter is capable of targeting 99.9 of bacteria and

Viruses and filters a minimum of 99.97 of air particles it is 0.3 micron size such as pollen finally the carbon filter filters pollutants such as smoke vocs and various odors we appreciated that this model came already assembled only requiring the removal of the plastic cover from the filter and that it was easy to connect the air purifier to the app by scanning

A qr code you can access plenty of features via the digital display but the app also has user-friendly controls and offers access to even more features such as setting timers and schedules and if you prefer to use voice commands or pressing buttons this purifier is compatible with alexa and google assistant the different control options make this one one of the

More accessible options on our list after using this air purifier in a home for one month our friend said that she loves how the air smells cleaner in her own before we had a damp smell in our entryway and now it seems to have disappeared she said i’ve moved the air purifier from room to room and i can tell a difference when it’s all in a room versus when it’s not

I feel like i’m breathing clean air this purifier also has a sleep mode for quiet operation while you rest but we found it’s still incredibly quiet on low mode however the high mode can be significantly louder you also needn’t worry about it being an eyesore since it has a sleek silhouette and a futuristic design let us know in the comments down below which air

Purifier you’re going to choose thanks for watching and that’s all for this video if you like this video and it helped you in any way please get this video a like and if you don’t want to miss out on any future videos subscribe to the channel hope to see you in the next video till next time see you guys later thank you foreign

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