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Best Beard Brushes: Boars Hair? 2020

In this Video i go over some boar hair bristle brushes and the way they can help you

Welcome on into the faithful studio everybody i am tyson with and if you are in the beard game or new to the beard game been around for a while chances are that you’ve heard the term ore bristle brush or hairs bristle brush say that three times fast go ahead try it try it out let me know how it turns out in the comments bore bears bristle

Brush four hairs bristle brush yeah see it can become a tongue twister but today i’m going to go through some boar hair bristle brushes and what the benefits are and why they’re important in the beard industry and we’re going to do that right after this all right so first let’s start with what is a bohr hairs bristle brush and basically what it is is a lot of

Times you will find a brush that looks like this so you got the boar’s hair and the reason that they use bore hair is it is the closest in protein makeup texture to the human hair so a lot of times you have a wood handle or a plastic handle brush you got the boar’s hair coming out of it and you will find some different lengths of the boar’s hair and so you see

This one is just a tad bit longer on the bores here you can find even longer ones like this so there’s different types different styles they all feel a little bit different but the purpose of abort oars hair bristle brush is multi-faceted in the in the industry so first and foremost it has the closest texture and protein makeup to the human hair second of all

It is pretty soft it can you can find harder ones but it is made to be able to go through the hair over the skin without agitating your skin and then we talk about the oils so your your face your your hair your pores they produce sebum oil and you could have excess sebum oil you could have under producing glands and you could find your beard to be a little bit

Dry so the purpose of the boar’s hair bristle brush is multifaceted if you have extra oil in your beard whether it be beard oil or sebum oil this is gonna get down in there and your hair is gonna go through these bristles and it’s gonna help spread that oil all the way through your hair from your skin all the way down through your hair and it’s gonna get you

A nice even coat now these will also soak up oil so if you have excess oil too much for what your hair needs to utilize this is going to help pull some of that off so you’re not over oiling your beard opposite side of that is you don’t produce enough and you’re throughout the day your beer gets a little itchy and you have a hard time keeping your beard oiled

Throughout the day this is gonna stimulate those those pores on your skin it’s going to grab that oil and it’s going to pull it down through over your hair shaft and get to the tips of your hair this is also good for styling because your hair going through these bristles creates tension and friction which is good for styling in your hair now you could also style

With with heat right so you you have tension because your hair is going through here you have friction and tension and heat you’re going to be able to help style that the way that you prefer it’s going to hold it and set it in style i mean who ain’t got want a little bit of style now one of the perks if you follow along on the porosity series if you haven’t i

Recommend going and checking out the three videos on porosity i have a prostate series you got low medium and high porosities now a hair makeup has cuticles on it they’re either closed or they’re open so if you have a high porosity beard even some medium what this will do is when you brush it through it’ll help actually close down those cuticles a little bit so

Your beard will take longer to soak up the oil now some some people love that their beard soaks up oils quickly some people don’t because a lot of times they have to apply more beard oil throughout the day so if you have a medium to high porosity beard and you want to try this out and go over it it’ll help close down those cuticles a little bit and you’ll be

Able to last longer or hair will be able to last longer with the oil so that’s a little bit about bore hair bristles brushes you can find some different softnesses with them and i think a lot of it comes to how far apart they spread them you see this one’s a lot closer in a bunch together more than this one here but then you get into like one like this these

Are really close together compared to this one this is super soft these are a little bit longer as well so the longer they get and the closer bunch they are together a little bit softer it feels that’s my experience with buying the boar horsehair bristle brushes is the more and the longer the the softer it is now i prefer a medium type one like this so i this

Is made by bass is the name and this is kind of my go-to it’s on i got a handle on it here i can style i can go down like that i can come over here uh for some reason i’m not a big fan of these i don’t know it’s just nice having a handle for some reason i guess but this just happens to be my favorite one i think it feels the best uh some of the the stiffer

Ones feel a little rough against my face now that’s good for for um stimulating your your hair uh vocals but then you have something like this where they’re kind of curved on the bottom to fit your palm and feel good in the hand curved handle but it’s long like this is super this is what i would think of if i was like trimming up my hair and what the barber would

Use that really soft like bristles on you so for when you get into like beard hair and longer beards and coarser beers it doesn’t really seem to affect the same way so that’s about what i got write down in the comments below do you guys use a boar hair bristle brushes is it something that i mean i know we’ve all heard about it is something that you’ve used and

Experimented with or is it something that maybe you’ll dive into i know for me personally as part of my everyday routine and not necessarily for the styling effect but it helps get the oil spread throughout your beard and i’ve noticed a difference with my beard as well so let me know if you use one down below give this video a thumbs up and a like and until i

Talk to you guys again soon be bearded eu and god bless thank you for watching this video from faithfully bearded don’t forget to hit the subscribe button the thumbs up click the bell and turn on all notifications so you’re notified of all new content you can also become a member of the channel and get perks for the tiers that you join you can share this out with

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