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BEST CYCLING WATER BOTTLE | Elite Fly Lightweight Bottle (2022)

In this video I go over what I think is the best water bottle for cycling. Here’s why the Elite Fly water bottle is the best choice. I’ve used this bottle extensively for road cycling, gyming and day to day hydration.

Could this be the best cycling water bowl on the market the elite fly water bottle now there’s so many things i love about this water bottle and i know it’s just a bottle but if you’re cycling a lot or you’re training a lot it’s something that gets used all of the time and although they aren’t the most expensive pieces of kit if you’re using it all the time you

Might as well have the best one or the best few i’ve got two of 550ml bottles and one a 750ml bottle and i often opt for the clear ones just because you can see exactly how much water you have in there or how much liquid you have in there and it makes it much more obvious when you’re coming to clean it as well but i do think the red one looks pretty sick and it

Matches my bike now the first thing that’s awesome about this water bowl is it’s lightweight and that’s actually great for a couple of different reasons when you first get one of these you can’t imagine how much lighter it can be than just a plain normal water bottle because they’re pretty light anyway but as soon as you pick this up you can actually tell a massive

Difference it’s crazy light although once you’ve filled it you can’t really tell the difference between this one and a normal bottle it’s pretty insignificant compared to the total weight once you’ve filled it up but i guess if you’re saving a few grams that’s always good cycling uphill but the second reason why it’s so good is that it’s really easy to handle it’s

Soft and it’s really easy to squeeze so with just a little bit of pressure you can get a lot of water out of it and it feels really nice to use and handle getting in and out the bottle cage is all pretty seamless and it just works better than any other water bottle that i’ve had the mouthpiece is pretty large it’s soft and it moves up and down really easily this

Allows for a lot of water flow and there isn’t any other bottle that i’ve tried before that’s provided me with as much water flow as this one even compared to the camelbak type water bottles with that jet valve and i think this is because it’s easy to squeeze and it has that large mouthpiece so it just makes the water fly out but in a good way the mouthpiece is

Also really easy to clean you can just take it off it’s one piece and you can access all of the areas of it which i think is important particularly if you’re having carb mixes and stuff inside it one of my biggest bug bears is having something that’s so complicated it’s hard to keep clean and eventually it gets manky and it doesn’t take long for that to happen if

You’re putting carb mix inside there’s so many water bottles out there that have super fancy mouthpieces with loads of different parts but it just makes it much more complicated and it makes it much harder to maintain which just isn’t the case with these and i find myself throwing those ones away a lot more often if they’re super complicated and just difficult to

Deal with the opening where you fill the bottle up is super wide which is often something i forget about but if you want to put in carb mix having a wide opening is just much easier and you don’t have to start kind of funneling powder in and just getting powder absolutely everywhere that’s an absolute nightmare obviously something little but a good thing to have

And especially if you’re out on the road trying to pour a sachet in you don’t want to lose half of it because it’s hard to get inside the bottle you don’t have to take around a little funnel with you to try and get it in either and again this helps with cleaning because it’s easy to get inside of the bottle having that wide opening lastly i love the design and the

Colors of them they’re super simple and they come in loads of different colors so you can match them up with your bike which is awesome the only thing i would say is after some use they do get pretty scratched up maybe easier than other bottles that i’ve had in the past but to be completely honest any bottle that i’ve had i’ve always found if it’s going in and

Out of the bottle cage they always show signs of scratching and wear which is maybe something to consider and in terms of price they’re in line with other water bottles so i’ll put a couple links in the description below where i got mine from or where i’ve found them cheapest so even though i think these are the best water bottles out there they don’t come in at

A premium price which is nice now if you have one of these bad boys or you have a favorite water bottle that you think might be better than this one then let me know in the comments below be really interested to hear and if you want to see more content like this and you want to support the channel maybe just consider subscribing it really does help obviously it’s

Free to do and until my next one have a really good one and i’ll see you then you

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BEST CYCLING WATER BOTTLE | Elite Fly Lightweight Bottle (2022) By Alex Reader