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Best electric toothbrushes of 2020

The best electric toothbrush overall: Oral-B Pro 1000

The best electric toothbrushes of 2020 the best oral vpro 1000 why you should buy this the oral-b pro 1000 is one of the most effective no-frills electric toothbrushes on the market who it’s for anyone looking to improve their oral health will likely see this as a better way to brush why we picked oral-b pro 1000 this electric toothbrush is nothing fancy but it gets

The job done very effectively it’s a no frills solution that will clean even the hardest to reach spots in your mouth the brush also comes with some interesting and helpful features it will buzz gently every 30 seconds to remind you that you’re ready to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth for a total of two minutes brushing time additionally the toothbrush

Will stop rotating if you press down too hard as brushing too vigorously can irritate the gums simply relieve the pressure to begin brushing again the oral-b pro 1000 is compatible with nine different brush heads depending on what your oral health concerns are you can choose a brush to maximize whitening extra gum cleaning orthodontics care and more the best flossing

Solution waterpik complete care 9.0 sonic electric toothbrush plus water flosser why you should buy this the waterpik complete care 9.0 sonic electric toothbrush plus water flosser will cover both your brushing and flossing needs who it’s for if you’re finding that flossing with string just doesn’t cut it try water flossing and you’ll never go back why we picked

Water pik complete care water pick incorporated both brushing and flossing into one product the toothbrush has three modes for cleaning your teeth clean whiten massage whiten while the flosser cleans the crevices between your teeth and under your gum line the flosser comes with five different tips instead of using traditional strength the water flosser blasts a

Small powerful stream of water that easily gets rid of plaque food particles and bacteria from all the nooks and crannies of your chompers plus this is one of the more affordable systems available and it won’t take up too much room in your through best for sensitive teeth bright-line sonic toothbrush with adjustable intensity why you should buy this the bright-line

Tackles all major dental woes like plaque and bad breath but with a gentle err touch whoo it’s for those with sensitive teeth and gums that need to control the intensity of their brush heads why we picked bright-line sonic toothbrush it has those of us with more sensitive mouths in mind when you’re ready to clean your pearly whites the power on/off button on this

Brush also functions as an intensity control choose between five modes of pulsation power and the bright line will store this setting for all your future brushings unless you change it again the curved brush head bristles are another great add-on allowing for a deeper cleaning of your mouse harder to reach spots the bright lines rechargeable battery can keep going

For up to 25 days on a single charge and comes with a charging base and two brush heads which also makes the bright line a great travel option bright line is not only committed to incredible features but also to reasonable cost as the adjustable intensity model can typically be purchased for under $35 the best brush for tech oral-b genius pro 8000 why you should

Buy this the oral-b genius pro 8,000 pairs with your smartphone to offer the most advanced cleaning options and sensitivity modes who’s it for anyone that wants a toothbrush loaded with easy to use smart features why we picked oral-b genius pro 8000 the genius pro uses bluetooth in the oral-b app for the best in smart brushing through amazing position detection

And facial mapping brushes are given real-time advice on what spots to brush next and which teeth they’ve already cleaned the multicolor smart ring shares feedback from the timer pressure sensors and app to monitor and enhance brushing methods over time the brush will get to know your cleaning habits and will actively guide you to brush your teeth the way dentists

Recommend 6 cleaning modes and a rounded brush head that oscillates pulsates and rotates will get you the deepest and most customizable clean possible we also love the provided smart travel case that can charges the brush during travel and the suction cup phone mount that makes looking at the oral-b app while brushing way easier the best for the price fara will

507 electric toothbrush why you should buy this the fara will 507 mimics the high-end features of more advanced electric toothbrushes while boasting impressive battery life and an 80 a certified rounded brush design who’s it for folks that don’t want to break the bank but still want a solid toothbrush why we picked farah we’ll 507 electric toothbrush the new kid

On the block farah will is still the underdog next two decades old champs like phillips and oral-b this time around though the odds should be watching their backs the 507 lineup available in black white and pink rocks a slew of impressive features and comfortable brush design all at super affordable prices farah wills rapid-fire micro brushing technology delivers

A month’s worth of manual brushstrokes in under two minutes giving you an ad a approved cleaning like you get at the dentist speaking of month’s worth the 507 s long-lasting battery will last an entire 30 days on just one for our charge which makes it an easy bet for traveling or for those of us who forget to plug our brushes in round it out by five different

Brushing modes and an ultra light design the fara will makes for one of the most affordable options out there for great performance at unbeatable prices the kid-friendly option philips soni care for kids why you should buy this instead of struggling to get your children to brush their teeth you might find them start to enjoy it with phillips soni care for kids who

It’s for your little ones will get a kick out of teeth brushing with this kid-friendly brush why we picked phillips soni care for kids if you’re a parent you’ve likely experienced the struggle of convincing your reluctant child to brush his or her teeth twice a day phillips soni care for kids just might change everything as it turns the act of toothbrushing into

A game that encourages positive brushing techniques simply download the free bluetooth-compatible app in which your child can adopt a cute creature called sparkly that gives tips as your child brushes the creatures teeth the app even tracks performance to help you reward good hygiene habits the built-in timer will help your child keep brushing for the designated

Time of two minutes and a buzz every 30 seconds will remind him or her to move on to the next of the four quadrants your child will love experimenting with the two-speed settings and customizing the handle with one of eight included stickers you might find your child will actually start looking forward to brushing twice a day the pet friendly option hiker ultrasonic

Toothbrush for pets why you should buy this the iker altro sonic will break down even the toughest of gunk build ups in your pets mouth who’s it for our furry companions that require a little more dental care than most cats and dogs why we picked ikura ultrasonic toothbrush for pets it’s never the easiest experience when it comes time to take your friend to the

Vet if your cat or dog is having issues with tartar and calculus build-up the iker ultrasonic is designed to treat most of your pets dental troubles without a visit to the vet the brush comes with three heads scraper probe and silicone for getting into the nooks and crannies of your pets pearl’s true to its name the iker also uses powerful ultrasonic vibrations to

Shake up some of the more severe tartar piles in your dog’s mouth ultrasonic also means ultra quiet which means your furry friend won’t be freaked out when you power the brush on while definitely on the more expensive sides for electric brushes the iker can be a big money saver if your pet has to regularly have their teeth cleaned at the vet or groomer

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