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BEST Japanese & Korean Sunscreen for Black Skin? (Mineral Combo)

Is combo mineral Korean & Japanese sunscreen better for black skin? I’m testing MORE Korean and Japanese sunscreen options—these are said to have amazing UVA coverage, but how’s the white cast? FIND OUT!

Listen mineral sunscreens they they just go mineral sunscreen you know does the zinc be zinc in the titanium dioxide be titanium dioxide and what we gonna do some are better than others of course but the bad ones either they gonna make you look like ghost face killer or like you fried a slab of bacon just like all up in your face but sometimes when you go outside of

These shores of the united states of america you come across new age uv filters these uv filters that aren’t available here in the us not because they’re bad but because you know our fda beyond schlobah when it comes to approving them but are these actually better than the american mineral sunscreen so i got a couple of korean and japanese mineral well these are

Combo because they combine both mineral and chemical uv filters so keep watching if you are someone who finds yourself having allergic reactions to chemical sunscreens although these do also contain chemical uv filters in them they might work out for you but as always when you’re trying something new please do a patch test we do not just throw things on our faces

And hope for them to work out we are smart people and we do patch tests before we try new things so let’s get on with it so first up the biore uv light up essence spf 50 plus with apa of four pluses now if you’re unfamiliar with the pa rating it’s not something that we use here in the us some brands use it but it’s not like you know universal but the pa rating

Indicates the amount of uva coverage and it’s denoted by the amount of stars with four being the highest and four denoting very high uva coverage the filters in here titanium dioxide octanoxide tuna sorbet s juvenile t juvenile a plus so of course the tinosaur s juvenile t and juvenile a plus are filters that aren’t available here in the u.s if you want to read

More about them i will leave a link in the description box or be sure to check out my homie glow by ramone’s channel he talks about a lot of the new age filter’s obedience just say hey raval i was that full when i looked at this i thought this was going to be like a very lightweight essence similar to the other biore product which i reviewed in a previous video

So check that out however this was not quite like it so what i failed to also see was the light up part now although the cast was casting i did think that this was a nice formula for oily skin you know a lot of mineral sunscreens tend to be very heavy and oily because you know they put some emollients and oils in them to kind of help the titanium dioxide and the

Zinc oxide spread a little bit more remember zinc and titanium dioxide are white pigments so you know they got to do their best to try to get that to look somewhat decent on the skin the white cast also kind of gets stuck up in the edges and in my eyebrows if you have facial hair you can expect this to be something where it may be a little bit difficult to kind

Of rub into your facial hair but if you’re someone who does not mind wearing makeup and you love a mineral sunscreen this might not be so bad for you just no flash photo because the flash photo will tell on you like right away be like boom there’s a cast have you tried this would you try this let me know in the comments next up the sun cut uv mild care milky gel

This is spf 50 plus with a pa of four pluses so this brand also makes a sunscreen that i really like a straight up chemical sunscreen the perfect milk i absolutely love that for my oily skin in the summer time so i was like let me try something else from sun cook the filters in here zinc oxide octanoxide and tuna sorb s i like that this had a lightweight creamy

Texture so although it’s creamy it did feel very lightweight on the skin it’s gonna leave a little bit of a cast not gonna lie to you it’s gonna be a little it’s gonna be a little cast but it’s not that bad so if you’re someone with oily skin and you have a deeper complexion the only caveat here was is that you know you may need to put a little makeup a little

Foundation little powder or something over it to kind of mitigate the cast but otherwise the texture and formula is pretty nice for oily skin don’t be reapplying with this or the last one either if you reapply i feel like the cast is just gonna keep on casting what i like to do when i reapply sunscreen over makeup is i use a mineral powder sunscreen the one from

Super goop is really nice now the thing with the mineral powder sunscreens is that there aren’t a ton of them peter thomas ruth had one but i don’t know it’s still missing i don’t know what happened to it but i have tried others that are at lower price points and the packaging sucked so i think the reason why a lot of these mineral powder sunscreens are a little

Bit more expensive is to accommodate for you know the the good packaging anyway let me know in the comments if you have tried that if you have mineral powder sunscreens that you enjoy leave that you know get all chili cheddar in the comments so next up the can make mermaid skin gel uv this is an spf 50 plus with a pa of four pluses the filters in here octanoxy

Titanium dioxide zinc oxide juvenile a plus and dinosaur s this is a creamy formula but it’s thankfully very lightweight it does leave a sheen on the face so you’re gonna have a little bit of a shine but it doesn’t feel heavy which is if you have oily skin this might be a good thing but i personally don’t love the extra shine in any of my skincare products because

By the time i put my makeup and stuff on i already have a little extra shine so i’m just gonna be extra shiny not my favorite but you know if you’re not wearing makeup that might not be a huge deal breaker for you the cast the cast is very slight with this if you apply it in thin layers if you take a big glop and then try to put it on it’s probably going to be a

Little bit harder for you to manage that cast but you put it you apply it in thin layers until you have the adequate amount you know two milligrams per centimeter square if you apply this in thin layers then the cast is like oh like oh this is kind of oh this is nice you know i’ve had a couple of requests for me to review this sunscreen and i’ve seen a couple of

Comments where you guys like on my community board say that you like this sunscreen and i can see how so if you’re looking for something that it has zinc in it it has titanium dioxide but it also combines some of the new age chemical organic filters so let me know in the comments if you would try this or nah so next up another can make sunscreen this is the can

Make mermaid skin gel uv spf 50 plus with a pa of four pluses one thing i just realized on both of these bottles it says for face and body um i would hope that they would have a bigger bottle so that you could use this on your body i could see this being really nice on the body as well but i’m gonna need a bigger bottle for that this has the same filters as the

Previous can make sunscreen so it’s got titanium dioxide zinc oxide octanoxy juvenile a plus tuna sorba s now the cast on this one was quite funny so when you first put it on and again you’re gonna do thin layers until you have the adequate amount two milligrams two milligrams per centimeter square of skin you put it on in thin layers and you’re like okay this

Just i see it cast it’s not that bad i see it but you know it’s it’s not going to worry me too much then you go on and you do some other things and a few minutes pass you look in the mirror and you’re like oh snap that that escalated quickly so the cast does tend to like build up i don’t know what it what is about it that makes the cast like build up slowly but

It’s a slow build on the cast here still not the worst white cast i’ve ever seen but i would definitely say that the um previous one the 01 is better with the cast than the second one the o2 this one is also a nice finish on oily skin so it’s creamy but it’s very lightweight and it doesn’t feel heavy have you tried it would you try it let me know your thoughts in

The comments so next up the eco earth face and body waterproof sun cream this is an spf 50 plus with a pa of four pluses filters in here zinc oxide homosalate octa saline titanium dioxide and juvenile a plus so this is gonna give you a satin matte finish you’re gonna have a slight cast just just a little bit of a cast it’s not bad if you wear makeup whether you

Put on like a liquid or cream foundation or you just put a powder foundation on top of that just to kind of like bring down the cast a little bit that that might work out for you the cast wasn’t too bad and the finish wasn’t the worst because i don’t love things that are very shiny it was it had a bit of a sheen to it but what was what i didn’t like about this

Sunscreen was that it felt balmy like it didn’t feel heavy but like if you like touch your skin you can feel like a little bit of balminess from the product or like still in your face even you know after it’s been settled you did get a you know more product in this one than you do in some of the others which you know is great because it says it’s a face and body

Sunscreen the only thing though i don’t love this on the body it’s not the worst kind of like white cast on the body but it definitely does bring down the radiance in your skin so it can make your skin look not as glowy and radiant and look a little dull it says it’s waterproof to my understanding no sunscreen is waterproof but let’s see maybe the the way that

They’re able to describe things elsewhere is different than here i guess like with the way that it makes your skin look it wouldn’t be so bad like if you’re going hiking or you’re doing a lot of outdoor activity or what have you whatever you’re doing outside and your skin is showing where you may not care as much that it’s you know taking away the radiance of

Your skin so anyway would you try this have you tried this let me know in the comments last but not least pureedo daily go to sunscreen spf 50 plus with a pa of four pluses now um unless you were living underneath the rock last year or was that earlier this year i don’t know the time in during these trying times just kind of blends into one but purita was in a bit

Of a scandal for their sunscreens not measuring up to the spf listed on the label purito took all their sunscreens off the market and you know started fresh i guess and i don’t really follow them too closely on instagram but when i looked on their instagram page it looked as if that they were being very transparent about the process of this new sunscreen coming

Out so you know you let me know your thoughts on whether or not you will try any pareto sunscreens so the filters in here titanium dioxide juvenile t and juvenile a plus and again i will leave some links in the description box so that you can learn more about the filters that aren’t available here in the us of a this has a creamy texture it doesn’t feel heavy on

The skin but it does leave a sheen i did i was kind of shining shine and shining with this but thankfully it doesn’t feel heavy i didn’t see a cast like i i didn’t see a cat because some people like oh this sunscreen gave me a cast and i’m like how i’m thinking that maybe something in your skincare routine uh maybe the step before you do your sunscreen you’re not

Letting that dry down and then that’s causing the zinc and the titanium dioxide to be all zinky and titanium dioxide i don’t know if you notice a cast where i’m saying i don’t notice one maybe let the the step before your sunscreen maybe give it a couple of minutes before you put your sunscreen on and then see what how it goes also bear in mind the two milligrams

Per centimeter square of sunscreen is for your face neck and ears some people are putting that just on the face and it’s for the face neck and ears you know anyway i wouldn’t mind this as a fall slash winter sunscreen for my oily skin i think if you have dry skin this might be something that’s a nice like maybe a warmer summer spring kind of sunscreen for you and

Certain times of the year if you have dry skin you probably still may need to put a moisturizer on underneath and then this now i normally don’t reapply well i don’t wear mineral sunscreens i you know i test them here for the viewers out here like yourselves who need to wear them and you know i’m very much an advocate for sunscreen protection amongst us all um but

If i were to wear mineral sunscreen i would not reapply with a mineral sunscreen because some of them can be a little you know it can be a little much even if the cast is very slight upon first application that that re-application is just going to push it over the edge but this actually was really nice for reapplication the thing that i did not like when i reapplied

It is that it added more sheen to my skin so i’m like for me it was the sheen the bumping up of the sheen that i didn’t like but i like to reapply my sunscreen using a mineral powder sunscreen which makes it so much easier especially on days when i’m wearing makeup makes it so much easier to just you know get my reapplication in and and go on with my life without a

Whole bunch of cast or cakiness on my face have you tried any of these sunscreens would you try any of these sunscreens again information on where you can find out more about some of the new age filters that aren’t available here and again they’re not available here not because they’re bad or they’re toxic or anything like that it’s just that you know fda a little

Bit on the slope up you know they’re on the slow but that’s okay well actually it’s not okay because then we could be getting more of a variety of sunscreens you know you guys who have sensitive skin and you want to wear mineral sunscreen wouldn’t have to go through the whole song and dance with the zinc and titanium dioxide formulas that we have here now not all

The ones mineral sunscreens we have here are bad as a matter of fact if you want to see a running list of mineral sunscreens that i have tried that are better than the rest make sure you check out the description box because i will link you to my blog post but you can see that follow me on social links will be in the description box and i’ll see you find folks in my next video bye guys

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BEST Japanese & Korean Sunscreen for Black Skin? (Mineral Combo) By The Style and Beauty Doctor