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How did i get here hi guys and welcome back to my channel if you are new welcome my name is hannah and in today’s video we are discussing the best practices for gearing up for decorating for the holiday season so if this is something you’re interested in watching just keep on watching and if you aren’t already following me on instagram i would love to have you

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Video without further ado let’s get into this video all right now we’re going to be talking about the tips that i take when it comes to best preparing for holiday decorating now i definitely take some steps when it comes to decorating my home for the holiday season that i would love to share with you guys so let’s start with tip number one tip number one is getting

Down your existing holiday decor i’ve made this mistake before in the past where we obviously are starting to go into stores and seeing a lot of christmas stuff i get excited i buy things but then i don’t really know what i have from the previous year sometimes i will over buy in some sometimes i even on myself buying the same thing that i purchased from last year

Just a little bit different so i definitely think get your boxes down go through them see what you have and see what can work for the next year so that’s tip number one tip number two is picking your color scheme now i like to switch it up every year i like to do a different color scheme that way things feel a little bit fresh so my suggestion is head on over to

Pinterest start pinning some ideas get some inspiration figure out what color scheme you wanted for the year and then also see if the items that you have from the previous year can then transition into new decor for the current year so i definitely think go to pinterest and start getting some inspiration on what it is that you want to do for your holiday season

To get a little bit of inspiration before purchasing tip number three is to create yourself a list after you have gone through all of your holiday boxes and you have determined what it is that you’re going to use you can write yourself a list of the things that you want to purchase for the current year this is going to be really beneficial i would just keep it

In my wallet keep it in your purse so that way when you are shopping you know exactly what it is that you are on the hunt for we are all guilty of going in a target needing toothpaste and walking out with everything but toothpaste so this is that same kind of concept is just to keep yourself on track give yourself a list so you know exactly what you need to buy

Whether that’s zoo stockings for the mantel you’re looking for new garland for the christmas tree this is just going to keep you organized this is going to prevent you from overspending and buying things you really just don’t need so create yourself a list now tip number four you guys might think i’m super extra but i actually create myself a vision board using

Can canva is free to the public to use and it is a way to kind of create yourself these vision boards it’s the things that i use in order to put lookbooks together it’s super user friendly so i always go over to canva to just create myself a vision board of what i want my holiday season to look like i’m a visual person so i love seeing it on paper i love seeing it

Visually laid out that way i have a good color story and everything flows and makes sense now if you are not a tech person head over to pinterest print your pictures out and put together an old school vision board on a piece of paper this has helped me tremendously when it comes to making purchases and making sure that my idea for my home makes sense full circle so

Again i’m visual it helps me when it comes to preparing for my holiday season or at least if i’m redoing a room canva has helped me a ton on making good purchases and making sure everything feels authentic and flows nicely so that is tip number four tip number five is there anything from your fall decor that can transition into your holiday decor i think we are at

A time now where it’s not just a traditional red and green christmas people are getting really creative on making their holiday season feel whatever they want it to feel like so is there anything from your fall decor that can transition into your winter and holiday christmas decor for example i bought some really beautiful vintage cowbells that i actually used in

My fall decorate with me that i plan to use for my winter and holiday christmas decor as well i also have some really beautiful burgundy stems that i’m going to be transitioning into my winter decor so are there things that you can take away from your fall decor that can be transitioned into your winter decor get creative again there is really no right or wrong way

You don’t have to be in this box for decorating for the season it is whatever you make of it and holidays whatever you want it to feel like so is there things that you can take away from your fall decor and put it into winter decor so that’s tip number five tip number six take advantage of sales this is the time to buy your black friday your cyber monday your shop

Small saturday those sales are the time to stock up on things for example i would really recommend taking advantage of those sales if you are buying a faux tree that is actually the time that i purchased my tree last year was during that black friday sale because you’re going to get the best price during those times especially for holiday weekend i would definitely

Recommend taking advantage of it if you can kind of scope out what they’re going to be on sale or what items are going to be on sale get yourself a game plan and figure out what it is that you want to purchase but definitely take advantage of those sales to save yourself a little bit of money so the next tip on my ways to gear up for decorating is if you can make

It do it if you see something that you like maybe you found some inspiration maybe it’s ornaments or some garland if you can replicate it and make it yourself i would highly recommend doing that you guys will see my example i saw some inspiration on pinterest of these beautiful ornaments so ryder and i actually went to my goals picked out some material and created

Our own ornaments and it turned out really beautiful and i’m excited to decorate it with them but if there are things that you see that you can possibly recreate yourself i would highly recommend doing that nine times out of ten you’re gonna save yourself a little bit of money doing that and it’s going to be fun and it’s going to make for a really great experience

For your holiday season so again if you can replicate it if you can do it yourself do it all right the last and final tip on this getting ready to decorate for the holiday season is if you can buy items that are going to give you longevity this could be a new vase this could be transitional pillow covers things that you can use year round but you can still trickle

It into your holiday season and make it feel like the season but i really love being intentional with my purchases i love being able to get things that get more use than it just being a one month period i purchase a few vases for the fall season and i pop some stems fall stems in them but i can also use that vase from january to december that’s not just a december

Thing or just a november thing so i definitely think being intentional with your purchases buying things that will be multi-purpose things that you’re going to be able to use long term instead of it just being a 31 day item so that is the last and final tip on gearing up for the holiday decorating season all right you guys and that is it for today’s video i hope

You enjoyed this kind of gearing up for the holiday season and best practices on decorating for them but before you go please be sure to like comment and subscribe you know to hit that bell button for every time i upload a video and again i want to thank lily silk for sponsoring today’s video everything will be linked down in the description box for discount codes

If you wish to purchase for the holiday season and take advantage of that holiday sale but until next time you guys i love you so much and we’ll see you then peace thank you

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